Buzz 7.9

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“You going to be okay?” I asked, as Grue zipped up his jacket.  With his t-shirt removed, he was wearing the leather jacket over his bare, freshly stitched skin.  I couldn’t imagine it was remotely comfortable.

“I’ll be fine.  Let’s end this ASAP.  Bitch?  The dogs.”

I winced.  I wasn’t looking forward to riding.  It was too soon after our previous escapade, and I was still sore.

Bitch whistled and pointed, and we headed out the front door of the church.  The moment we were outside, Grue hauled himself up onto Judas’ back, and I could see him hunch over for a moment in pain.

“Seriously, are you going to be-”

“I’m fine, Skitter,” Grue spoke.  He was creating darkness around himself, and his voice had that hollow quality to it.  “Just drop it.”

The ‘drop it’ line hit a little too close to home, echoing what I’d said at the mall after Brian’s rejection, and once or twice after that.  I was made acutely aware of that little rift I’d generated in what had been a fairly easygoing friendship.

Regent and Bitch were climbing onto Brutus, while Tattletale was examining her phone.  That left two dogs to ride.

I looked at where Grue sat, and decided it would be less awkward if I didn’t ride with him.  I approached Angelica, extended my hand for her to sniff, then climbed onto her back.

“Tattletale,” Grue spoke.  “I thought we were in a hurry.”

She put the phone away, then climbed up behind Grue.

“Coil?” I guessed.


“And he’s saying?”

“To be careful.”

Grue gave a hand signal, Bitch whistled to give the dogs the order, and we rode.

Angelica was happy to follow the others, which freed me from the burden of getting her to follow my instructions.  That only left me the task of holding on and ignoring the ache in my leg muscles and stomach.

Tattletale was able to give us a general idea of which direction Purity was, using her power, and it only took us a few minutes to spot the telltale pillar of white in the distance.  Purity’s light, not aiming at a building, but lashing out.

As we got closer, the situation became clearer.  Purity, a flare of white against the backdrop of the gray sky, was surrounded by other figures, easy enough to make out with their predominantly white costumes.  New Wave.

The leader of New Wave had named herself Lady Photon, but in the wake of New Wave’s founding, and the revealing of their secret identities, the media had latched on to the idea of a superheroine mom and dubbed her Photon Mom.  It was apparent to anyone who followed cape news that the name really bugged her.

Lady Photon’s daughter and niece were in the air with her.  Laserdream and Glory Girl.  Mother and daughter shared the same general powers; flight, the ability to raise forcefield bubbles around themselves, and the ability to project lasers from their hands.  As a consequence, their fight with Purity was something of a light show.

Below, it seemed, there was an all-out war.

As she targeted Glory Girl, one of Purity’s blasts of light slammed into the edge of a rooftop.  Debris showered down, but was deflected by a bright blue forcefield.  That would be Shielder’s power at work.  He fought alongside Flashbang and Brandish, and I could identify Krieg, Victor, Othala and Alabaster in their immediate vicinity.  Further away were Night, Fog, Panacea, Vista and Clockblocker.

“Around!” Tattletale pointed over Grue’s shoulder.

Wordlessly, Grue steered Judas into a turn.  Bitch, astride Brutus, a bit ahead of Judas, looked over her shoulder and turned to join them.  Angelica was happy to follow after.  Together, we detoured left to a side street running parallel to the ongoing battle.

“Why?” I called out.

“Safer!” Tattletale replied, without turning to face me.

A crash behind me made me duck.  Manpower, a powerful seven foot tall athletic figure decked out in white and yellow, had been thrown through a brick wall.  Maybe more than one.  He seemed unhurt, but he was a fairly durable guy.  Personal electromagnetic shielding, if I remembered right.  He was still struggling to his feet after we left him behind.

“What’s our plan!?” I shouted, raising my voice to be heard as one of Purity’s blasts crashed down to the street to our right.

“Get her attention!” Grue replied.  He pointed,  “Up!”

Bitch whistled, and Brutus surged forward in our pack.  Brutus turned partway into an alley and leaped.  He latched his claws on one wall of the building, half turned, then leaped across to the neighboring building.  Zig-zagging upward, he ascended to the roof in a span of seconds.

Oh hell no.

Judas followed, and Angelica was only a heartbeat behind.  If I’d thought our travel over the rooftops on our last escapade had been rough, this was sadistic.  Or masochistic.  It depended on where I assigned the blame.

We reached the rooftop just in time to nearly be squashed by a huge chunk of building that dropped from the sky like a meteor.  Angelica lurched under me as she leaped to one side.

New Wave’s fliers and Purity weren’t the only ones in the air.  Aegis was also up there on the side of the good guys, but Purity had backup from Crusader and Rune.

Crusader was flanked by a half dozen translucent replicas of himself, each armed with a ten foot long spear.  He could use his power to generate ethereal simulacrums of himself, a legion of ghosts, if you wanted to be dramatic.  I was more willing to peg them as some sort of semi-sentient forcefield molded in his shape or some telekinetic energy infused with fragments of his ego.  Whatever.  The important thing was that his images could carry him up into the air, letting him fly, and they could pass through walls, armor and other solid barriers to impale you with those spears of theirs.

Rune was the source of the debris that had struck us, which was rising back into the air as I watched.  A teenage girl in the service of Empire Eighty-Eight, Rune was a powerful telekinetic capable of lifting nearly a ton.  Several things weighing up to a ton, judging by what I saw.  She hovered in the air, crouched atop a piece of building as big as a garbage truck, with more similarly sized pieces of rubble orbiting her.  The drawback to her power was that she needed to touch things before she could move them with her mind, but that seemed fairly inconsequential right this moment.

The pair of villains were running interference for Purity, distracting and trapping the heroes to set them up so Purity could blast them out of the sky.  Purity was too high up for us to interfere with, which meant we had to find another way to get her attention.

Regent handled that for us, sweeping his arm to one side.  Rune slipped from her position on her floating piece of balcony.  Another gesture from Regent, and the girl was left hanging from the side.

“Don’t kill her,” I told him.

“Right,” he looked up at the girl.  Seeing her struggle, he shouted, “Better make sure you can land somewhere safe!  I’m dropping you in three seconds!”

The rock drifted in our general direction, and we backed the dogs up.  When Rune was over the rooftop, Regent swept his hand to one side and brought her down to a painful landing.

“Fuckers!” the teenager in the cowl and robe screamed, “I’ll squash you!”

The big pieces of rubble in the sky above drifted our way.  One suddenly stopped levitating and dropped.

We were already kicking the dogs into motion, leaping to the neighboring rooftop, when the debris struck with a series of crashes that suggested the debris had punched through the roof and even the one or two floors below it.

Crusader was apparently too occupied covering for Rune’s sudden absence to come after us.  That meant that all we had to worry about was keeping from being crushed by Sabrina the teenage nazi.

Note to self:  I apparently wasn’t one of those capes that was good at the repartee, banter or name calling.

One piece of debris soared over our heads, then plunged to stab downward through the roof in front of us.  The dogs were agile enough to leap out of the way.

In the heat of the moment, we didn’t anticipate it rising again.

The debris thrust up through the edge of the building’s roof, and the dogs had to skid to a halt to avoid treading on crumbling rooftop.  With the damage the building had sustained, our footing grew unstable.  The ground sloped, Angelica scrabbled for a grip, and then the section of roof beneath us began to slide down toward the street.

Brutus pulled clear easily enough, but the continued drifting of the piece of debris forced Bitch to direct him down toward the alley, off the rooftop.

The rest of us had a harder call to make.  We were sliding off a precipice, and it was a good ten story drop to the street.  The nearest and only available rooftop to leap to was the one we’d just left, which was in ruins.

Judas, I saw, managed to clutch the edge of the sliding raft of rooftop and get the leverage for a jump.  Brian, Tattletale and Judas reached the alley, where they could rebound off the walls until they reached relative safety.

I was about to urge Angelica to do the same, when that drifting debris of Rune’s shifted position to block off the alleyway.  Another of Rune’s pieces of building approached from her direction, promising to smash us if through some miracle, the section of roof Angelica and I were standing on didn’t break free.

But we had another option.  If I could only convince Angelica.

“Go!” I shouted at her, kicking my legs.  She pushed forward, and the movement only accelerated the decay of the fractured rooftop beneath her paws, prompting it to slide and tilt.

Angelica ran toward the building to our right.  To the right of the alley.  She clearly intended to leap to the building face, use her claws to dig into position there… and there would be nowhere to go from there.  Even if she could hang there indefinitely, or scale the wall back to the street, Rune would scrape us off the wall with a levitated piece of rubble.

I grabbed a horn at the side of her head and hauled on it, pulling her left.  She resisted, hauled right, but I tugged again.

“Go!” I shouted at her.

She lunged straight for the floating piece of debris.  Her claws latched on it, and for a moment, we hung there, Angelica in an undignified pose with her upper body hanging onto the thing, back legs dangling.

It drifted downward, slow at first, then faster, as though Rune couldn’t support the weight of us and the chunk of building.  Angelica scrabbled for a grip, pulled her body up and forward, and found the footing to leap.

We reached the alley, Angelica found footing on the wall, and then made her way safely to the ground.

As we landed heavily, I fell from Angelica’s back.  My hands were stiff from the deathgrip I’d just maintained, and my legs were a wreck.

Still, hard to complain.

“You okay?” Tattletale called out.

“Yeah.  You guys?”

“Not so hot,” Grue replied.

He was leaning against a wall, with Tattletale at his side.  Darkness radiated from every part of his body but his chest, and I could see how  he’d unzipped his jacket to investigate the damage.  He was bleeding from the cuts on his chest.

“Fuck, I knew you weren’t good to go!” I struggled to my feet and rushed to his side.  “You pull your stitches already?”

“Other things to worry about!” Regent called out.  “Incoming.”

I looked, and sure enough, Night and Fog were striding into the alleyway.  Night sported high heeled boots that clicked as she walked, and there was the gender difference, but the two were otherwise very similar.  Cloaks, cowls, no logos or other decoration.  Gray for him and black for her.

“Retreat,” Tattletale spoke, “Just don’t turn your backs to them.”

Fog moved forward, his limbs and legs dissolving into a cloud as he advanced on us.  His pace was slow, only a little faster than we moved walking backward.

Bitch had to whistle twice to get a growling Angelica to retreat.  The dog seemed set on protecting her master, attacking this threat, and was slow to obey.

The fog reached her, and we heard a strangled yelp, an unnatural sound from the throat of an unnatural animal.  I saw Bitch start forward.

“No!” I caught her shoulder.

I might have argued, told her why she couldn’t or shouldn’t attack, how useless it would be against a man that turned to a sentient gas.  I didn’t get a chance.

While our attention was on Angelica, Night took the opportunity to blindside Brutus.  He was thrown bodily into our group with enough force to to bowl us and even Judas over.  Night just stood there, standing straight, heels together, one arm outstretched in front of her.  I hurried to my feet, my legs and knees aching, putting one hand on Brutus’ shoulder to steady myself.  It was then that I saw the damage she’d done to him.

A dozen gouges criss-crossed his side, each wider than my handspan.  One of the gouges had even shattered some of the protective bone plating.  Brutus exhaled slowly, shuddering.

She’d done that?

I sent my bugs at the woman, but the delay Night had created had bought time for Fog to get close.  His mist blocked the path to Night, reduced the woman to a faint silhouette, and where the cloud passed, my bugs were crushed alive in midair.  The mist swelled forward, and we backed up as best as we were able.

I checked our escape route.  It was blocked by none other than Night herself.  Had she teleported?  Cloned herself?  No, it wasn’t cloning.  I couldn’t see her silhouette anymore.

“What the fuck is this woman?” I asked, “Tattletale?”

“You know how the Manton effect could maybe be a psychological block that comes parceled with our powers?”

I nodded, once.

“Okay, well, imagine that this woman got powers that let her turn into something so wrong that she’s got some sort of mental block that keeps her from transforming if anyone can see.  Maybe because she’s so ashamed of being seen like that.  When nobody’s looking, though, she’s a monster.  Lightning fast and all sharp.”


“Not even remotely close to the truth,” Tattletale confessed.  “But it’s the best I can offer you.  Don’t take your eyes off her.”


I began massing my bugs.  I was going to need to catch Night off guard, debilitate her enough to take her down before she retreated to safety.  Swarm her, swat her down, then we’d figure out how to deal with Fog.

A bit optimistic, but it was a plan, anyways.

Night reached into her sleeve and retrieved a canister.  I recognized it immediately.

A flashbang grenade.


“I see it,” she murmured her response.  “Grue, we’re going to need you to cover this shit.”

I felt a ton of weight suddenly press heavily against my back.

“Grue!” Tattletale shouted.

Grue had fallen against me, and he slid from that position to staggered to the ground at my side, landing with his hands and knees on the ground.

“Blood loss,” Tattletale intoned.  “Fuck, Grue, pay attention, you’ve-”

Night pulled the pin from the flashbang and threw it high into the air above us.

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57 thoughts on “Buzz 7.9

  1. IMO it doesn’t stand on its own as well as the other chapters, it could stand to have less of a list of the powers. If it’s introducing them so they can be referred to later OK, but … not my favourite chapter.

    • Not my favorite either, to be honest. Chalk it up to poor-ish planning on my part and a distraction IRL. Wound up finishing the draft at something like 4am last night, read it this morning, and had it not been for the distraction, I probably would’ve scrapped and rewritten it today. Wound up having to go with what I had.

      Definitely one I’ll be going back to when I’m doing bigger edits (Say, if I’m prepping to compile this as an ebook).

      I’ve talked it over with someone, I’m thinking I’m going to do a rewrite. I’m just rereading this chapter and it’s really bugging me. Alternate 7.9 coming up sometime soon (No later than one minute after midnight Wednesday, maybe sooner).

  2. Some list of powers was difficult to avoid.
    Of course, too many names and powers to remember all, but it makes the reader a bit confused because the situation is confusing.
    Too many “players” in this game.
    I agree with Taylor, a normal person, even a normal crowd, would be incapacitated by her bugs very fast, but it seems like almost all powered people have powers that protect them from bugs.
    And yet, the bugs are perfect scouts and can exploit all kinds of small mistakes.

  3. Fast re-write, there. This one has some better explanations, but I liked the panicked pacing of the first version better.

    I’m guessing that with the first version, you’d painted yourself into a corner? It looked like Bakuda level insanity, where there was no reasonable way to win, only much worse because there are two unstoppable forces now.

    This time, you don’t really know just how powerful the pair is. You leave open the possibility that Regent can do some damage for once.

    • Problem the first time around was that it was just too many people, too fast. Information overload, with readers having no idea what was going on when the scene was actually relevant/important to the plot, despite the number of rambling explanations I’d crammed in there. I had no less than four readers say stuff along those lines in a matter of hours after the chapter went up. Three of those people said they just plain didn’t like it. I couldn’t help but agree – I didn’t like it either.

      I don’t mind painting myself into a corner. I even enjoy it. I changed events for two reasons. The first is that I know from experience that I get really bored and frustrated if I do sweeping edits and/or rewrite a segment of story with the exact same events. The second will become apparent later – I’m simply having some fun with the mistake.

      There’s no change to actual powers, here. The previous chapter is canon in many respects.

  4. That reads quite a bit better, actually.

    For the editing, “The dogs were agile to leap left or right and circle it.” is probably missing an “enough”.

    • nope,she is a weeping angel…that echanged the number of its species and the fact that their pictures become themselves weeping angels,facts that made weeping angels so much more dangerus than they were,with the ability to move in her own power when looked at…..albeit at only human power.A bad tradeoff on a cosmic level (less spreadability)but a good one in a superhero fighting (ie it would be bad for a species,very good for 1v1)

  5. Is this correct or a mistake?

    Angelica is slow to retreat and the fog reaches her; they hear a yelp.
    Bitch starts forward.
    Brutus comes reeling at them covered in gouges.

    So is Angelica still in the fog (dead or alive), or was it supposed to be Brutus all along?

    • That’s right.

      Angelica is still in the fog, dead or alive. Brutus was thrown into the group by Night, got gouged up in the process. Fell.

      Edit: Added a few words to clarify things (While our attention was on Angelica…)

  6. FYI, guys, I’m away this weekend. Don’t know if I’ll be able to comment or make edits, or if I’ll have a connection. I’ll schedule Saturday’s chapter to go up as usual. If disaster strikes, if the chapter doesn’t go up, if there’s a glaring error in the text, -whatever- don’t assume I’m dead. I’m just away.

    This is, incidentally, why the ‘next chapter’ link at the top/bottom of the post doesn’t go anywhere. Sadly, that’s something that’s not automatic (I manually change it/add it last minute, prior to a post going up), so I’m having to do it well in advance.

  7. What Taylor hasn’t learned yet is that it doesn’t matter if you’re good at banter at all, just that you make it. That bug-eyed, bubble-butted, bug-brain should know by now that it just helps if you’re talking on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about things that annoys those idiots and makes them even less capable of strategic thought in a battle, like white trash Purity. Yeah, she’s pure alright, pure like cocaine her boyfriend snorts off a black stripper’s butt. What, she didn’t realize that the man she recognizes as a sadist might have a thing for all those black women he thinsk about all the time? Just because she calls herself Purity doesn’t mean she can be that naive? I mean, why does she think she wasn’t good enough for the guy even after she had his kid? A guy like that needs something more interesting than vanilla in his life. I mean, geez, Purity, you’re a white woman who shoots white double helixes. If you can’t hold lil Hitler’s attention, maybe you should sieg fuckin’ heil to the idea that he’s just not that into you. But don’t worry, it may be because you’re a bitch instead of because you’re not black. After all, you already got your kid taken away by child protective services just by getting tangled up in this again. Good job hooking up with that train just before it goes off a cliff. Guess we know how you wound up a poor single white mother going to jail and leaving your kid to be raised in a foster home. And who exactly is supposed to have the inferior social values here, saltine? Don’t cry, you’ll get all soggy, cracker. As a white supremacist skinhead, do you ever get mistaken for a cancer survivor, or do you just wish you were? Don’t know how an idiot like you think’s you’re ultimately working for the good of America working for a Nazi. That’s like trying to save America by saying we should serve under the British king. I’d say that maybe the were putting the wrong 5th column into internment camps in the U.S., but you types tend to stick to your own segregated trailer parks anyway. Here, have some Schlitz or Thunderbird, it’ll remind you of your marriage. There he was, camo tux with the torn off sleeves, flowergirl driving up the aisle on a four-wheeler, tossing dandelions behind you because roses are too red and impure for your pure German Aryan, swastika-lovin, goose-steppin, mustache-not-growin’-out-the-full-amountin hubby to buy? This is the age of the internet, Nazi, hasn’t anybody told you people hate campers?

    Feel free to cut some of my wonderful example here if need be.

      • I don’t remember, but I tried not to take too long to think of it all. I’m gonna guess at least 10 minutes. I had visions of R. Lee Ermey and Deadpool running through my head, especially as Deadpool’s banter is known for getting to his enemies and even supposedly messing with Daredevil’s hearing a little. One of Sun Tzu’s lessons was to get your enemy riled up so that they would come after you aggressively in a weaker position. Note: Sun Tzu said this while web-slinging through the Chinese capital of the time, catching villains. He also fought in the ring of honor and used his winnings to purchase two of every animal…

  8. I am actually rather sympathetic towards Purity. She’s dumb though – wouldn’t it have been more effective to simply have minions still unknown to the public locate her kid and then go take her back by force instead of tearing down buildings?

    In other news, I’m trying my hand in superhero storytelling. First chapter is up – can ppl tell me what they think?

    • Assuming she has any such minions.

      Added a link to Darklight and Starfire on Worm’s front page. Thanks for linking to Worm.

      It’s not bad, but there’s definitely stuff that would be caught with a reread or revision (I mean, I’m guilty of such, myself, but I generally spellcheck and/or give it a few readhtroughs). The bit toward the end of the first chapter that starts with ‘metahumans’ and ends with ‘superheroes in particular’ kind of detracts from the flow. A lot of it’s extraneous info that could probably be shared later, rather than crammed into the first chapter.

      You have an update schedule? I’ll follow along.

    • Hey Belial666, I tried over and over to post comments on your story, but I couldn’t get it to work. I hope that wildbow can overlook my using his site to contact you. I’m going to copy-and-paste what I tried to send.

      I didn’t get the reference to C3-PO either. Also, could you translate the text message? Maybe as a mouse-over or just in the comments. Thanks!

      You’ve certainly developed an interesting, eccentric character. Should be fun to read 🙂

      I hope I’m not just spamming you and all previous attempts are going to show up.

  9. I don’t have an update schedule yet – I need to work out a few things first – but I should be posting a chapter every day for several days. My chapters are far smaller than yours, after all.

    • I think there’s much to be said for reliability in one’s web serial. Just as a suggestion, perhaps set a schedule, (two or three times a week) then every chapter you would’ve written can build toward a backlog, ensuring you’ve got stuff to post even on days or weeks when you’re sick or too busy.

      Just speaking for myself – and this is why I tend to try and go the extra mile to get chapters out on time – I known I tend to lose interest in a story after too many updates get missed, or after I check in and see no updates for a given period of time.

  10. That would be Shielder’s power at work. He fought alongside Flashbang and Brandish, and I could identify Krieg, Victor, Othala and Alabaster in their immediate vicinity.


    He -> She, I think.

  11. “Brian, Tattletale and Judas reached the alley, where they could rebound off the walls until they reached relative safety.” I noticed that you used Brian instead of Grue here.

  12. Just a quick note; pretty sure the plural of “simulacrum” is “simulacra”, rather than “simulacrums”. Feel free to double-check that, and it’s obviously your call whether Taylor would know that. This is her narration, but she strikes me as someone who would be aware.

  13. Woah… So I started reading Worm 2 days ago and have made some decent progress. I stop every now and then to let myself process better, but this is the first stop where I’ve wanted to say something. I’m absolutely loving how the most blatantly dangerous abilities are inevitably inferior to those abilities that are “weaker”. I’m also seriously impressed by some of the combinations I’ve seen. People using their powers in tandem has created some very interesting possibilities, but this one really stands out. I don’t know the extent of either Night or Fog’s powers, but just what I’ve seen so far is seriously impressive. When the two of them acted on tv, I had just thought that Fog had caused the cameraman to disintegrate or something along those lines, now the possibilities are much worse. These two are my favorite villains thus far as far as abilities go, (excluding Tattletale). Can’t wait to see how the gang deals with this…

  14. “he slid from that position to staggered to the ground”
    should be
    “he slid from that position AND staggered to the ground”
    “he slid from that position to stagger to the ground”

  15. You’ve got a typo left in this chapter. “to to” in “He was thrown bodily into our group with enough force to to bowl us and even Judas over.” Not a huge deal, but you seem to like people catching your mistakes. I understand that it’s because you rewrote the whole thing, heh.

  16. “Okay, well, imagine that this woman got powers that let her turn into something so wrong that she’s got some sort of mental block that keeps her from transforming if anyone can see. Maybe because she’s so ashamed of being seen like that. When nobody’s looking, though, she’s a monster. Lightning fast and all sharp.”


    “Not even remotely close to the truth,” Tattletale confessed. “But it’s the best I can offer you. Don’t take your eyes off her.”

    Ever been to Wester Drumlins? 😛

  17. I love that all the EEE members’ names have a neo-nazi theme. Subtle enough that you wouldn’t be able to tell if they were on their own, but when you hear them together it shows.

  18. >Brian, Tattletale and Judas reached the alley, where they could rebound off the walls until they reached relative safety.


  19. Second readthrough: now I know why Tattletale called Coil even if he isn’t going to actively help. Nice work there.

    (Nfxvat Pbvy sbe nqivpr tvirf uvz na bccbeghavgl gb gnxr na npgvir ebyr, rira vaqverpgyl. Naq jvgu uvf cbjre, nal fvghngvba jurer ur pna vasyhrapr gur bhgpbzr vf n fvghngvba gung unf n terngre punapr bs fhpprff- vg tvirf uvz gur punapr gb qb qvssrerag guvatf va qvssrerag gvzryvarf naq frr juvpu bar jbexf bhg orggre.)

  20. “While our attention was on Angelica, Night took the opportunity to blindside Brutus. He was thrown bodily into our group with enough force to to bowl us and even Judas over. ”
    There is one to too many.

  21. I know I’m super late to the party, having discovered this amazing story only about a week ago but… what’s the obsession with not killing people who are going to get dozens, maybe hundreds more innocents killed if they are allowed to keep going at it forever ? It’s like if you got an occasion to kill Hitler in 1938… of course you’d take it, right ?
    Maybe it’s something like “standard superhero behavior” ? I’ll admit I usually don’t read or watch stuff about these. (which says a lot about how much I’m enjoying this story actually 🙂 )

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