Cast (In Depth)

Spoiler warning!  If you haven’t yet read the story up to the most current update, this page may give away story elements and surprises.

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Civilian Life

  • Taylor Hebert, Skitter– A 16 year old native of Brockton Bay, Taylor gained the power to control arthropods and other simple lifeforms, sensing what they sense to varying degrees.  With a wide range (spanning nine to fifteen hundred feet around her) and the power to individually control each insect, she relies on versatility and strategic thinking to seize the advantage in battle.Her powers manifested in January 2011, triggered by a bullying campaign by her former best friend and two other girls.  She found a measure of escape with her dream of becoming a superhero, but things didn’t quite work out that way.  She’s now one of the controlling powers in Brockton Bay, a villain warlord in charge of the Boardwalk, with a small contingent of followers working under her, and leader of the Undersiders.
    In civilian guise, she’s skinny to the point of being scrawny, with glasses and long curly hair she maintains as a desperate grasp at a single feminine feature.  Her gawky or nerdy appearance is marked by a wide mouth and large eyes.
    As Skitter, she wears a costume of black spider silk and gray armor panels, a yellow-lensed mask that features a mandible-esque design around her jaw.  Her hair blows free.  Depending on the situation and the state of her costume, she occasionally wears a skirt or shawl of black spider silk with ragged or torn edges, for protection, concealment, and to offer more surface area for her bugs to crawl on.  When battle ready, bugs crawl over every surface of her costume, including her hair and mask.  The carapace-like panel of armor at her back serves as a utility compartment, holding her weapons and various items.
  • Danny Hebert – Taylor’s dad.  A single father, he worked at the Dockworkers association, as head of hiring and Union spokesperson.  Given his positions, had a lesser role as an activist of sort, trying to find some way to revive the docks and promote job growth in the northern and eastern parts of the city.  Has something of a temper, but has been careful not to direct it at his daughter.  This repression may have, combined with her own silence, played a part in their estrangement.  Since she began her career as a villain, a fact Danny is ignorant of, she’s distanced herself and left both home and school.  As of late, they’ve been striving to reconnect.
    Danny is a tall man, the source of his daughter’s thin figure.  Not necessarily attractive, he’s a self-professed nerd, despite his association with the more rough-edged Dockworkers.
  •  Annette Rose Hebert – Taylor’s mom.  Not in the picture, as she died in a car crash six months before Taylor started high school.  She was an English professor at the local college.
  • Emma Barnes – Taylor’s onetime best friend.  Around the time High School started, Emma started hanging out with Sophia Hess and Madison Clements, and began bullying Taylor as a way of distancing herself from a traumatic incident.  An attractive, red haired girl, Emma is an amateur model who does occasional photo shoots for local magazines and department stores.
  • Sophia Hess – Emma’s best friend, a member of the track and field team.  Not liked by many, beyond Emma and Madison, as she’s fairly notorious for being mean spirited.  Taylor mentioned that Sophia’s own brand of bullying tends more towards the physical than any of the other girls – tripping, punching, kicking, shoving, and so on.  Currently in juvenile detention.  Sophia is dark skinned and athletic, owing to her membership on the track and field team.  See Shadow Stalker in the Wards section, below.
  • Madison Clements – One of the more popular girls, a friend of Sophia and Emma.  Petite, described as ‘cute’, somewhat more juvenile than her friends in the ‘pranks’ – such as pouring juice on Taylor and encouraging other girls to vandalize Taylor’s desk or her stuff.
  • Mrs. Knott – Once Taylor’s homeroom and computer sciences teacher, a masculine woman.  She was Taylor’s favorite teacher, mostly due to the fact that she let the advanced stream of the class study on their own.  Proved sympathetic and ultimately unhelpful in relation to Taylor’s bullying situation.
  • Mr. Gladly – Once Taylor’s World Issues teacher.  A popular teacher for the popular students, short and gregarious, ‘Mr. G’ noticed Taylor’s problems in his class, but elected not to act on the bullying after Taylor turned down his offers for help.

The Undersiders

Core Group
The Undersiders themselves have advanced from being a minor (if elusive) group of teenaged villains to the leaders of Brockton Bay’s underworld, first becoming one of the five major players for the city, then either surviving the incidents that removed the other players or removing their adversaries from the area.  Once based under Coil, they turned on him.  Each member now controls a major area of Brockton Bay

  • Skitter, Taylor Hebert – See Taylor, above.  Leader of the Undersiders.
  • Tattletale, Lisa Wilbourn (Also Sarah Livsey) – Controls central Downtown, though she doesn’t show much presence.  Seventeen years old, Tattletale possesses enhanced intuition, with the ability to close gaps in her knowledge or draw natural conclusions from related areas of knowledge.  This renders her a master at obtaining information, cracking encryption and playing head games with her enemies.
    Lisa (Tattletale’s civilian guise) favors a more subdued or traditional style of dress, and makes a habit of having her hair tied back, knotted or hidden in a bun.  Described as fitting somewhere in the middle of the scale between average and pretty, Lisa has straight blond hair, a smattering of freckles across her nose and a perpetual vulpine grin.
    Tattletale wears a black mask around her eyes, covering her freckles and leaves her long blond hair down, in contrast to her civilian self.  Wears a lavender and black costume with thick vertical and horizontal bars of black, with the emblem of a stylized eye on her chest.  Sports a belt with a holstered gun.
  • Grue, Brian Laborn – Controls the West side of the city.  His powers allow him to generate a darkness that consumes or dampens visual and most auditory information, as well as some specific signals.  This serves to blind and nearly deafen those within, confuses the sense of touch, dampens the effects of radiation and weakens the powers of those within (to varying ends).  Since his second trigger event, Grue has the ability to use a single, weaker, less informed version of a power anyone within his darkness possesses.  This second trigger event proved traumatic enough that he’s stepped down from his position as group leader.
    Brian is a handsome, muscular African-American eighteen year old with a strong jaw and a boyish smile.  He is a martial arts hobbyist (if not a dedicated follower of any particular style) more inclined to match his fashion to a particular situation than identifying with any one style.
    As Grue, he wears a fanged demon mask and a costume of thick, porous spider silk that lets the darkness smoulder around his body.  The design of the costume allows the flow of his darkness to frame his mask without obscuring it, so that he may choose to let his opponents can catch glimpses of the face in the midst of the darkness.

  • Bitch, Rachel Lindt (Also Hellhound) – Controls the fringes of Brockton Bay, and the yet-to-be-repaired areas.  Bitch can empower dogs with vastly increased size (in the order of three thousand or more pounds), enhanced strength, durability and agility and an asymmetrical covering of bony plates and spikes, exposed muscle, and calcified flesh.  Aggressive and antisocial, she favors the company of her dogs over people.  With no secret identity, the line between Rachel and Bitch is blurry.  In either case, she retains holdovers of her early adolescence as a homeless person.
    Sixteen, she likes heavy jackets with thick fur collars or hoods, heavy boots and bargain bin clothing.  She’s taken to wearing a dog mask made by Skitter, emulating the appearance of one of her enhanced dogs, but has been known to wear dollar store plastic dog masks in the past.
  • Regent, Alec (Also Jean-Paul Vasil) – Controls the southeast end of Brockton Bay, a shantytown area which suffered badly from the attack.  Sixteen, Alec is fairly amoral, stemming from a childhood spent growing up under the shadow of the emotion controlling supervillain Heartbreaker.  His powers allow him to provoke uncontrolled movements or spasms of particular body parts, but his true abilities come to bear when he can gain long-term access to a victim, decoding their nervous system and gaining complete and total control over their body.
    As Alec (civilian guise) he is described as more pretty than handsome, though undeniably attractive.  Lanky, with European descent and black curly hair, he wears expensive if not particularly attention-grabbing clothing, preferring to buy new clothes rather than wash something and wear it a second time.  Makes a habit of wearing white.As Regent, he wears renaissance-era clothing, with leggings and loose fitting shirts.  His mask is in the style of a Venetian mask, with an attached silver coronet.
  • Imp, Aisha Laborn – Controls the southernmost end of the city, up to the points the urban area ends and Rachel has her claim.  Brian’s younger sister, triggered following Leviathan’s attack on the city, when thugs from one of the roaming gangs attacked her and her father.  Her power renders her unnoticeable, to the point that people she attacks don’t remember she attacked them.
    As Aisha (civilian), she’s a fourteen year old girl with a decidedly trashy and attention-getting fashion sense.
    As Imp, she wears a form-fitting black bodysuit and a gray mask with slanted black lenses for the eyes and two short horns curving back over the top.  Was using a taser for some time, but has taken to carrying a knife.
  • Parian, Sabah – Controls the northern end of the city.  Not an official member of the group, but tied to their alliance.  Once a ‘rogue’, Parian saw many of her friends, family and classmates die when the Slaughterhouse Nine attacked the territory she was protecting.  In the hopes of protecting and supporting others, and perhaps giving  the Undersiders a more moral voice, she has joined their alliance and taken control of a territory of her own.  Parian’s powers allow her fine manipulation of smaller and lighter objects, and can ‘fill’ larger vessels to render them effectively heavy, dense and heavy-hitting.  She has used this to fashion cloth dolls she animates.  Wears a frock as a costume, with a porcelain doll’s face for a mask, and a wig of golden curls.

The Undersiders are supported by several underlings.

  • Forrest – Skitter’s current second in command.  Burly and menacing with a thick black beard, he wears thick framed glasses and tight shirts.  Played a role in both stopping Mannequin and helping out in Skitter’s territory afterward.
  • Sierra Kiley – Skitter’s ex-second in command.  A college student with long red dreadlocks, Sierra joined Skitter and soon became her second in command, after Skitter rescued her brother Bryce Kiley from the Merchants (it was found that he’d joined the group).  Left Skitter’s forces due to moral concerns.
  • Charlotte  – Skitter’s cook and nanny, manages mundane things and looks after the lair.  Charlotte is a dark haired sixteen year old who was was rescued from the Merchants.
  • Bryce Kiley – Tattletale’s underling.  Serves as a scout and errand boy.  Ex-Merchant and brother to Sierra, above.  Red headed and lanky, he lost one hand before leaving the Merchants.
  • Minor, Jaw, Senegal, Pritt, Dmitri, Brooks – Tattletale’s soldiers.  Minor leads, Brooks is a medic.
  • Barker – Bitch’s underling, has powers.  Short of stature, Barker creates a smoky material when he makes vocal noise, and can alter this material into various forms, typically a concussive explosion with size relative to the amount of substance.
  • Biter – Bitch’s underling, has powers.  A brute with a bear-trap jaw plate as part of his mask and spiked gear, he can alter the size of individual body parts.
  • WagTheDog – the online username of an enthusiastic and devoted fan of Bitch, who joined her group in interlude 19.y (Bonus interlude #2 of arc 19).

Superhero Teams of Brockton Bay

The Protectorate
In exchange for government funding and legitimacy, the Protectorate has agreed to follow a special set of laws laid out for capes, to accept bureaucratic oversight and cooperate with local authorities.  Works in conjunction with the PRT, the Parahuman Response Team, a police/emergency response team trained to deal with ‘capes’ and the fallout of their altercations.  Brockton Bay’s team is one of many such teams spread across North America.

  • Miss Militia – Current leader of Brockton Bay’s Protectorate.  Accompanied by a semi-sentient energy that can transform into modern military armaments, including guns, grenades and melee weapons.  A side benefit of her power is that she does not need to sleep.  Is actually a Kurdish refugee who triggered at a young age when Turkish forces attacked her village and abducted the children to use as bait for landmines and traps.  Dark haired and olive skinned, Miss Militia wears a scarf and sash patterned after the American flag, with stylized, fitted army fatigues.
  • Assault – A kinetic energy manipulator, capable of controlling energies of movement, acceleration and motion relative to himself and things he touches.  Was once Madcap, a jailbreak specialist, but was captured by Legend and Battery, and joined the Protectorate.  Eventually married Battery.
    Assault wears body armor with a visor covering the upper half of his face and a streamlined design, a reversal of his madcap costume, which had a grinning mask that covered the lower half of his face and featured bulky, spike-studded padding.
  • Triumph, Rory Christner – Described as having the ability to emit shockwaves from his mouth, punching holes through concrete, rending steel or simply throwing opponents across a room.  Tertiary benefits of his power have rendered him rather strong, with an optimized physique.  The son of ex-mayor Roy Christner, he got his powers from Cauldron.Triumph wears a costume that blends gladiator armor with a lion motif, with a helmet that emulates a roaring lion..
  • Adamant – A durable cape who showed up following the Echidna arc.  Wears a black costume with metal plates chained together.
  • Sere – A cape capable of drawing in moisture with violent force, wears a white robe and hard white mask, wreathed with pale clouds of ambient moisture.

Defunct/Deceased Members:

  • Armsmaster, Colin (Retired) – Once leader of Brockton Bay’s Protectorate chapter, he was ‘retired’ to house arrest after employing a scheme to try and set up a situation where he could fight Leviathan one-on-one, ultimately getting several participants in the fight killed.  His power allows him to condense and interweave technology to create devices that are highly efficient and take up less space than they should.  Armsmaster sported a costume in midnight blue and silver, with a high-tech halberd packed with technology.  See Defiant, below, for his current identity.
  • Battery (Deceased)–  Had the ability to pause to let herself charge up energy, expending it to trade each second of time spent charging for several seconds worth of invulnerability, super strength, super speed and electromagnetic repulsion/attraction.  Acquired her powers from Cauldron, and was ultimately asked to assist the Slaughterhouse Nine as part of her contract with them.  She was going against her orders when she was slain by one of Bonesaw’s spiders.  Battery wore a skintight costume with a ‘circuit board’ style pattern on it that glowed as she charged up.
  • Dauntless (Deceased) –  Armsmaster’s unwitting rival.  Had the ability to empower items with a gradual, cumulative degree of power.  Bore a spear with devastating arcs of electricity, a shield that generated forcefields and boots that let him fly, with other abilities not outlined in the story.
  • Velocity (Deceased) –  Deceased.  Had enhanced speed at the cost of a lowered ability to affect the world.  Slain in the Leviathan arc.

The Wards
If you’re under eighteen, have superpowers and aspirations of being a superhero, odds are good that you’ll apply to the Wards.  Essentially the same operation as the Protectorate, but is specifically for underage superheroes.  Same funding, same requirements, same restrictions, but the young heroes are less likely to be deployed to the truly dangerous missions.  Again, Brockton Bay’s team of Wards is only one of many spread across the United States and Canada.

  • Clockblocker, Dennis – Current leader of the local Wards.  Puts objects and people on ‘pause’ by touching them, freezing them in time for an indeterminate period.  Frozen objects are rendered unable to move or be moved.  Something of a rebel, he picked his name as a way of thumbing his nose at his superiors.  Has struggled with a dad who had leukemia, the shifting leadership structure of the Wards and the local superhero teams as a whole, and his own perception of the teams in general.
    Wears a white costume with clock faces set across it, some animated, and a mask with a flat, opaque white pane.  In his civilian guise, has red hair and blue eyes.
  • Vista, Missy – The youngest member of the local team at thirteen years of age, Vista can bend, stretch, compress and distort non-living matter, effectively warping space.  Missy has been heavily affected by the recent, intense and tragic events to strike the city and the local superhero teams, feeling the loss of her first crush and teammate Gallant in particular.  Vista wears a teal and green costume with a short dress, leggings and panels of body armor, including a breastplate.  Has a green visor across her eyes.
  • Kid Win, Chris – A ‘tinker’, Kid Win has the ability to invent things well beyond current levels of technology.  After a long period spent struggling to find his niche, he discovered his powers didn’t center around laser guns as he’d thought, but around modular equipment.  Initially modeling his outfit and his weaponry on Hero, the first tinker, Kid Win is in the midst of finding his identity.  Wears a costume of red and gold, with red lenses and a characteristic red glow where he uses antigravity gear.  As a tinker, his costume and gear change on a regular basis.
  • Flechette, Lily – A crossbow-wielding cape that originally hailed from New York, joining the Brockton Bay Wards as a temporary member in the wake of recent disasters.  A Japanese-American girl, she wears a deep purple costume with a visor, quiver, and narrow, platinum-white armor panels that flare out at the upper edges and taper at the bottom – mimicking the vague shape of an arrow or darts.  Her power allows her to imbue nonliving material with the ability to ignore select laws of physics, to the point that they can pass through virtually anything, including Endbringers and forcefields, among other defensive powers.  She carries an Arbalest, a large, two-handed crossbow, to launch needles as long as her arm – needles that carry the effects of her power, ignore gravity, and benefit from her secondary power of enhanced sense of timing.  In a relationship with Parian.

    Defunct/Decased Members:

  • Shadow Stalker, Sophia Hess (Jailed)–  Once a cape with a vigilante bent, Shadow Stalker was caught after having nearly killed a man, pinning him to a wall with her crossbow bolts, and chose to join the Wards as a probationary member rather than be sent to juvenile detention.  Capable of shifting herself into a ‘shadow state’, she can pass through walls, is lightweight, and passes these benefits on to her equipment, including shots fired by her crossbow bolts.  Was accused of violating probation shortly after arc 10.  In reality, Shadow Stalker was one of Taylor’s tormentors while in her civilian guise.  See Sophia Hess’ entry for her description.
    As Shadow Stalker (in costume), she wears a heavy black cloak and a black bodysuit with black painted metal plates and mask.  Her mask was originally a modified hockey mask, but after joining the wards it modeled a woman’s face with a stern expression.  Carries two crossbows, with both lethal and tranquilizer ammunition.
  • Chariot (Missing) – Rookie member of the Wards, a tinker specializing in all types of mobility, from suits that move at super speed to devices that grant flight and teleportation.  An undercover agent working for Coil, Chariot’s role was known by the Wards, and he remained on the team only so they can feed him incorrect information.  Disappeared after the attack on the town hall.  His costume was a power suit focused more on mobility than durability and hitting hard, complete with single-wheels at the toe and jets that allowed him to move at blinding speeds.

  • Weld (Left Group) – See Irregulars, below.
  • Aegis (Deceased)– Powers included flight and an augmented physiology that lacks any weak points.  Onetime team leader of the local Wards team. Wore a rust and silver costume with a shield emblem.  Perished in the Endbringer arc.  
  • Browbeat (Changed cities)– Onetime rookie member of the Wards, Browbeat had a very short range telekinesis as well as a form of biokinesis that lets him gradually alter his biology and physique.  Moved away and quit the Wards program after the Endbringer arc.
  • Gallant (Deceased) – Generates concussive blasts of energy that alter emotions in addition to packing a punch.  Boyfriend of Glory Girl.  Wore a silver and gunmetal powersuit that was being maintained by Armsmaster.  Perished in the Endbringer arc.

New Wave
Originally the Brockton Bay Brigade, this group of heroes briefly became the subject of national attention when they unmasked publicly, rechristening themselves New Wave.  Advocating superheroes without secrets and full accountability, they attempted to start a movement that stalled when a team member was murdered in her civilian identity.  The team consisted of two related nuclear families, who have all become celebrities of a sort, wearing costumes without masks or helmets, each white with an emblem personal to the member.

Disbanded, though many members remain in Brockton Bay, some operating individually while others have retired from a life as a cape.

  • Lady Photon, Sarah Pelham – Arguably leader of New Wave, wife of Manpower, mother to Laserdream and Shielder, sister of Brandish.  Known to most as ‘Photon Mom’, to her annoyance.  Has the powers of flight, the ability to create a personal forcefield bubble, with various lesser applications, and ‘hard light’ blasts from her hands.  Wore a white bodysuit with a starburst motif in an indigo-purple gradient, complete with a tiara.
  • Manpower, Neil Pelham (Deceased) – Lady Photon’s husband.  Had an electromagnetic augmentation allowing for superstrength and durability.  Wore a white and yellow costume with a lightning bolt motif, but perished in the Endbringer arc.
  • Laserdream – Eldest child of Lady Photon and Manpower.  Has the same powers as her mother, with less facility with forcefields and stronger flight/laser blasts.   Wore a white bodysuit with a comet motif in a gradient of ruby red and magenta, with a red hairband and a coquettish sweep of blond hair over one side of her face.
  • Shielder (Deceased) – Youngest child of Lady Photon and Manpower.  The inverse of his sister, was a very strong forcefield user, with little to no flight and weak laser blasts.  Wore a white costume with a blue shield motif, with blue dyed hair.  Slain by Leviathan.
  • Flashbang, Mark Dallon – Husband to Brandish, father to Glory Girl and Panacea.  Could create bouncing light orbs that detonated with concussive or explosive force.  Suffered long term head injuries in the Endbringer arc, but was cured by his daughter.  Wears a white costume with a green-yellow icon of an exploding grenade, complete with padding and a helmet.
  • Brandish, Carol Dallon – Flashbang’s wife.  Civilian identity is that of a high profile lawyer.  Has the ability to create weapons and martial shields out of hard light, and can condense herself into a bouncing sphere of hard light, being effectively invincible and untouchable at the cost of all mobility.  Wears a costume of white and orange with a crossed-blade symbol.
  • Glory Girl, Victoria Dallon (Incarcerated; Asylum) – Possessed of flight, invincibility, and capable of deadlifting over a ton.  She radiates an energy that makes her allies more inclined to like, respect and look up to her, while making her terrifying and intimidating to her enemies.  Following the conclusion of the Slaughterhouse Nine arc, Glory Girl was altered by her sister, in both mind and body, and was placed in an asylum for parahumans, where she currently remains.
  • Panacea, Amy Dallon (Incarcerated; Birdcage) – An adopted member of the family, the daughter of Marquis.  She is possessed of complete control over the biology of those she touches, a fact that has led to her incarceration in the Birdcage, where she’s reunited with her father and is coming to terms with what she did.  Panacea has freckles and frizzy brown hair, and at least one tattoo, to commemorate her sister.

A Christian superteam popular in the southern states, recently sent three members to Brockton Bay to pursue the Fallen (see below).  Few details have been provided, to date.

  • Halo – Leader.  Controls a 5-foot diameter ring that generates forcefields and produces lasers.
  • Rosary – Member.  A young woman in a pink robe with gold leaf decoration.  Can break nonliving material down into fragments, control those leaf-like fragments and reconstitute them into the objects or parts of the object.

The PRTIf the Protectorate and Wards are the heroes, the PRT are the unpowered individuals who make that all possible.  Their role in things ranges from supporting the heroes with strike teams equipped with special gear to administrators, therapists and public relations.

  • Emily Piggot – Onetime director of Brockton Bay’s PRT, spoken of as ‘Piggy’ or ‘Ms. Piggy’ to the junior heroes.  Rather obese and unable to exercise vigorously after an old injury, Piggot has take on a more tertiary role in the organization.  Not fond of capes, ironically.
  • Tagg – Current director of Brockton Bay’s PRT.  Ex-military.
  • Jessica Yamada – A therapist for junior heroes in the New York, Boston and Brockton Bay areas.  Travels for work and stays in hotels in off days, but lives in Boston otherwise.

Supervillain Teams

Recent events have driven out more established villain teams.  Others have attempted to fill the void, bartering or contesting with the Undersiders for territory.

The Ambassadors
Led by Accord, the Ambassadors hail from a smaller territory in Boston.  Sporting tailored formalwear and ornate masks with brooches and pins rather than spandex and emblems, the Ambassadors are described a team of heavy hitters that even the Travelers weren’t keen on butting heads with.  Led by a Thinker to organize them, they’re something of an elite force.  After some losses at the hands of the Slaughterhouse Nine in Boston, they’ve come to Brockton Bay in hopes of joining the Undersider’s alliance.

  • Accord – A thinker who is suspected to have intelligence that scales proportionately with the size and complexity of a problem, is a masterful counterattaker fond of elaborate traps, a skilled designer and a cunning policitican.  Driven to find order by the rigors of his power, he is ruthless and unyielding when confronting any rulebreakers or anyone who might cause chaos and disorder.  A onetime associate of Coil.  Accord is short in stature – barely over five feet in height, and wears a neat white suit and a complicated mask of overlapping threads of metal that mimics his facial expressions.
  • Citrine – One of Accord’s ambassadors, Citrine wears a yellow evening gown with gemstones on her mask and earrings – her namesake.
  • Othello – Another of Accord’s ambassadors, Othello wears a black suit and a mask divided between Alabaster and Jet.  He is described as having ‘an imaginary friend’ in terms of his power, with no details beyond that.

The Teeth
Once a gang in Brockton Bay, they were nearly wiped out by the Slaughterhouse Nine.  They re-established themselves as cells in New York and Boston, and have since rebuilt, though turnover has proved high enough that no original members remain – only the name survives.  Savage, reckless, willing to do anything for a profit, they aim to oust the Undersiders and use violence to carve out a territory.

  • Butcher XIV, Quarrel – The fourteenth in her line, Butcher was once Quarrel, before challenging the leader.  Since the original Butcher was killed by a subordinate, both the accrued powers (only a fraction) and consciousnesses of the previous Butchers have been passed on to the one who kills them, the combined voices driving the subject mad if they do not follow the proper procedure of challenging the leader.  As such, Quarrel gained a share of thirteen sets of powers on top of her own – the ability to make any attack strike its target, provided they are in range.  Is a tall Asian woman with a costume described as stylized samurai armor, festooned with barbed blades, and a string of skulls at one shoulder.  Uses enhanced strength to carry a gatling gun that would normally require a turret mount.

The Fallen
Based in Southern states, the Fallen are a gang of alleged Endbringer-worshippers, though many surmise this is simply a way of garnering attention.  Most members tend toward vandalism and petty theft, with only the more prominent, higher-up members actually committing murder or trying higher-end crimes.  Allegedly commit incest to better their chances at giving birth to more capes.

  • Valefor – Styled his costume after the Simurgh, to provoke the residents of Brockton Bay who recently suffered a great deal in the aftermath of an Endbringer attack, with mask of a woman’s face, black tattoos around his lips and a white costume with a corset and feathers.  Is described as having a dangerous gaze relating to his stranger power.
  • Eligos – As Valefor did, altered his costume to style himself after Behemoth.  A wind manipulator that creates shearing blades of wind that grow as they travel and can boomerang back to him.

The Pure
One of two groups that entered play when Empire Eighty-Eight dissolved.  Led by Purity, second hand to Kaiser, the Empire’s previous leader.  The Pure maintain, or even exaggerate Kaiser’s ‘civilized’ approach.  The Pure remain vehement racists and are exceedingly dangerous to those who stand in their way, and have recently left Brockton Bay.

  • Purity, Kayden Anders – Leader of the Pure, was Kaiser’s enforcer and right hand man.  She is also Kaiser’s ex-wife, single mother to Aster, the child she had with Kaiser, and is in the process of adopting Theo, Kaiser’s son by another woman.  Purity falls into the category of ‘flying artillery’, with the ability to create kinetically charged light to move through the air at high speeds while generating light blasts that can level buildings.  Formed and took command of the Pure.  A mousy woman in her civilian persona, Purity wears a white bodysuit that glows softly with light when her powers are in effect, and has hair and eyes that glow to a blinding degree, giving her a great deal of presence.
  • Night, Dorothy Schmidt – Can transform into an inhuman creature with enhanced speed and strength and a nigh-invincible exterior, but only when unobserved by conventional sight.  Heals entirely on transformation.  Fog’s wife and Purity’s staunch follower.  Night wears a black costume with a hood and an array of tools that allow her to blind an enemy, from a cloak embedded with hooks to snare to flashbangs and smoke grenades.  Has a liking for high heels, a parallel to the insectile limbs she walks on in her other form.
  • Fog, Geoff Schmidt – Has the ability to partially or wholly become a living mist, with solidity varying depending on his wishes and the ability to erode living matter.  Can deliver horrific internal damage should a subject inhale the mist that comprises his other form.  Night’s husband and Purity’s follower.  Wears a costume similar to Night’s, albeit without the accouterments, all in gray.
  • Crusader, Justin – Can create ghostly replicas of himself that can float and can pass through body armor and walls.  These replicas can lift him into the air, giving him a limited form of flight.
  • Theo Anders – Kaiser’s son, last seen in Purity’s custody.

Fenrir’s Chosen
Founded by Hookwolf after Kaiser’s passing, Fenrir’s Chosen (The Chosen for short) are comprised of the more violent, hostile and aggressive wing of the old Empire Eighty-Eight.  Their squads are seizing supplies that the local authorities are attempting to distribute to those who have remained in Brockton Bay following the Endbringer event.

  • Menja– Current leader of the group.  Menja lost her twin sister in the Endbringer attack, and now uses Fenja’s shield to complement her own favored spear.  Menja has the ability to grow to great heights while simultaneously reducing the severity of incoming damage by a proportionate amount.  Menja is a tall blonde who styles herself after a norse valkyrie, with ornate armor marked with wings, covering about as much skin as it reveals.
  • Stormtiger – A contestant in the same underground fighting tournaments as Hookwolf, Stormtiger has aerokinesis, the ability to manipulate the air around him.  He has two known special techniques: the ability to compress air into claw shaped forms around his hands and detonate it explosively, and the ability to use his aerokinesis to carry scents to his nose, giving him the ability to sniff out opponents.  Goes shirtless, with loose fitting pants and chains, and a white tiger mask.
  • Cricket – Like Stormtiger, she was a onetime combatant in the underground fighting tournaments.  Cricket is a young woman with vastly accelerated reflexes and the ability to generate and hear subsonic noises.  She can use these noises to disorient and induce vertigo in her foes or use staccato blasts as a form of radar.  She favors kama as a weapon – short scythes that can each be held in one hand.  Covered in small scars, she wears a metal cage over her face and keeps her hair short.
  • Rune –  The youngest member of Empire Eighty-Eight at present, a teenage girl, Rune can touch an object to attune to it, after which point she has the ability to telekinetically manipulate it.  These objects can weigh several tons each.  Rune wears a robe in black and red.
  • Othala – Can grant powers with a touch, drawing them from a limited, rather basic subset, including enhanced speed, strength, invincibility and flight.  Othala wears a red bodysuit with a rune at the chest.
  • Victor – Has the ability to steal learned skills and talents through proximity to others.  Victor retains these talents indefinitely, while his victims may recover some of what was lost over weeks, months or years.  An exceedingly accomplished martial artist, orator, singer, musician, dancer, fencer, gunman, sniper, pilot, driver, chess player, go player and computer hacker, among other things.  Victor wears a black-painted breastplate with a v-neck, a blood red shirt and black slacks.  Since his identity was revealed, he’s decided not to wear a mask.
  • Hookwolf (Left Group) – See his entry in the Slaughterhouse Nine, below.

Slaughterhouse Nine
The result of amoral monsters getting powers and banding together.  The Slaughterhouse Nine roam from city to city in North America, commiting sensationalist and depraved acts of violence on anyone who gets in their way.  The exact capabilities of the group are unknown as group turnover tends to be high and they tend to leave too much carnage and little in the way of evidence or records in their wake.

  • Jack Slash – Leader.  The man who will set the end of the world in motion, according to Dinah Alcott.  Has the ability to extend the effective cutting edge of held knives and blades to horrendous distance, while maintaining consistent cutting power.  Using this ability, he can cut through crowds or slice an enemy’s throat at any range.  A capable reader of people and manager of sociopaths and other monsters, Jack Slash has managed to maintain command of the group for some time, despite a somewhat underwhelming power.  He dresses rather casually and maintains a trimmed beard, and wears a belt with various knives.
  • Bonesaw – If Jack Slash is the leader, the child Bonesaw is the figurehead of the group.  A medical tinker, her power allows her to work with biology and the physical form, creating hybrid capes, performing plastic surgery in minutes, reviving the recently dead, transplanting limbs and creating virulent plagues and diseases.  She has outfitted much of the group with safeguards and protection, including sheaths to protect vital organs, a ‘pain switch’ to allow them to ignore pain and more.  Bonesaw is a cheerful young girl (no older than fourteen) with tight blonde curls, wearing no regular costume but a durable apron filled with surgical implements and pre-prepared vials.
  • Hookwolf – A onetime contestant in underground Parahuman fighting tournaments, he found his way into Empire Eighty Eight after murdering a stadium manager, then formed a splinter group after Kaiser’s death.  His journey has led him to the Slaughterhouse Nine.   A ‘caniform metalstorm’, Hookwolf is a powerful shapeshifter with the ability to replace parts of his body with shapes comprised of blades, hooks and needle points, all violently shuffling amongst one another.  His favored form is a quadruped ‘wolf’, thus his name.
  • Crawler (Turned to Glass) – An inhuman monster, Crawler is arguably the ‘brute’ of the group.  A regenerator, Crawler becomes permanently stronger every time he heals, often gaining non-human attributes/augmentations in the healed tissue.  He eventually became a massive creature, six legged with acid spit, tentacles and eyeballs dotting his armor plated body.  Turned to glass by a bombing run utilizing some of Bakuda’s weaponry.
  • Mannequin, Alan Gramme (Turned to Glass) – Once known as Sphere, a tinker working on sustainable energy and living spaces in hostile environments, including ocean-borne cities and a moon base.  Was attacked by the Simurgh, saw his wife and child die, and snapped.  Butchered himself and sealed the parts in an impervious, doll-like shell, with ball joints and chains separating the sections and a loadout of various retracting blades, gases and guns.  Turned to glass by a bombing run utilizing some of Bakuda’s weaponry.
  • Shatterbird (Missing) – Typically the one that heralds the arrival of the Slaughterhouse Nine at a new city, Shatterbird is a silicakinetic with the ability to manipulate glass at will over a wide area.  She was born in the Arab Emirates and dosed with a Cauldron formula, prompting the manifestation of her powers and the deaths of thousands.  Eventually made her way to London, then America, joining the Slaughterhouse Nine.  She was kidnapped by the Undersiders and controlled by Regent for some time, escaped in the Echidna Arc, and is expected to have died in the collapse of Coil’s base.
  • The Siberian (Deceased) – A recurring nemesis of the Triumvirate, the Siberian’s skin is striped with black and white, leaving her nationality uncertain.  Her powers make her unstoppable and untouchable, with no armor protecting against her blows, no object barring her way, no weapon touching her, and no power affecting her.
  • Burnscar (Deceased) – A pyrokinetic with the ability to teleport through flames.  A onetime acquaintance of Labyrinth from Faultline’s crew, Burnscar has a mental side effect with her powers that make her more emotionally detached as she uses her power more.  A young woman with a penchant for wearing red, she had cigarette burns dotting her cheeks and dark hair.  Slain while fighting in Brockton Bay.
  • Cherish (Imprisoned) – Regent’s sister, has the ability to manipulate emotions and sense emotions in a distinct enough way to track and identify individuals at a distance.  Attempted to use her power in a subtle fashion on the rest of the group, only to find that they knew what she was planning.  Following the escapades in Brockton Bay, she was trapped in an impervious, life-sustaining shell of Mannequin’s design and sunk to the bottom of the derelict Boat Graveyard, where she is expected to live for several thousand (or tens of thousands of) years.
  • Hatchet Face (Deceased)  – Onetime member of the Nine, supplanted by Cherish.  A musclebound brute favoring his namesake weapon, Hatchet Face generated an aura that shut down the powers of others, allowing him to stalk and murder even superior capes with his enhanced strength and durability.  was made into an artificial siamese twin by Bonesaw, melding him with Oni Lee to become ‘Hack Job’.
  • Damsel of Distress (Deceased) – Once a small time villainess, Damsel had space warping powers, capable of destroying any matter or construction, albeit with a minimum of control.  Was either forced or willingly joined the Nine, and was enhanced to gain more control, at the cost of monstrous implants in her forearms and hands.  Was slain by Defiant.
  • Gray Boy (Status Unknown) – Once a member of the Nine, one of Jack’s first teammates.  Has been referenced in passing several times, with a measure of awe or fear.

A band of supervillains that travels from city to city that undertake crime sprees and move on to a new destination before the local authorities can prepare and respond.  It has been explained that the reason for their roving behavior and hunger for money is tied to a situation with one of their members, Noelle.  Following Coil’s demise and Noelle’s escape, they disintegrated as a group.

  • Trickster, Francis Krouse (Incarcerated: Birdcage) – Leader of the Travelers.  Can ‘swap’ the locations of people or objects using a teleportation ability.  The closer in mass the two subjects are, the faster and the further reaching his abilities.
  • Sundancer, Marissa Newland (Returned home) – A young woman that has demonstrated the ability to create a miniature sun, hundreds or thousands of degrees in temperature, that she can manipulate at will.  She has indicated some unhappiness with the group’s methodology, stating it is too high intensity and lonely for her tastes.
  • Genesis, Jess (Returned home) – Has the ability to create and project solid images, essentially creating a single creature or person she can control from a remote distance.  These images can have minor powers of their own.
  • Ballistic, Luke (Returned home)– Can accelerate a touched object to a bullet-like velocity in a fraction of a second, from ball bearings to cars.  It has been stated/implied by Sundancer that he can’t actually reduce this speed, rendering any use of his power fairly lethal.
  • Oliver (Returned home) – A noncombat member of the group.  He gained powers that alter his appearance and improve his ability to learn or physically better himself.
  • Echidna, Noelle (Deceased) – Escaped containment from Coil’s base, only to rampage across Brockton Bay, attempting to kill the Undersiders.  Became monstrous after receiving a Cauldron dosage, due to a combination of factors including a partial dose (minus the controlling agent), a past history of issues tainting her development and high physical stress at the time of the ingestion.  Slain by her teammates.

Rogue and Mercenary Groups

Faultline’s Crew
High-end mercenaries operating out of Brockton Bay.  Left the city prior to the Endbringer arc to recruit a new member.  Faultline has developed a rapport with several Case-53s – victims of Cauldron who were made monstrous.  She gave them employment and security, and they’ve given her loyalty in exchange.

  • Faultline – Noted as a capable leader, has a feud of sorts with Tattletale.  Her power enables her to cut through any nonliving material with a touch.  She is currently searching for means to extend her ability to living materials as well.
  • Spitfire – Was scouted as a prospective member of the Undersiders shortly after her powers manifested, but backed off after an altercation with Bitch, and joined Faultline’s crew instead.  Her powers include the ability to spew geysers of fluid from her mouth.   This fluid ignites on contact with air, creating intense flame that can melt concrete.
  • Newter – Case 53.  His powers altered his appearance to the point he cannot fit in with regular society.  Has orange skin, red hair and a prehensile tail.  Was living in the sewers before he was recruited by Faultline.  His bodily fluids are powerful contact hallucinogens, to a degree where even the trace sweat on his hands can incapacitate someone.
  • Gregor the Snail – As with Newter, his appearance was altered when he gained his powers.  Has translucent skin with some blister-like growths of shell, and is rather obese.  He spent much of his early career homeless, surviving with the cash he earned as a sometime enforcer for other groups in the city and a bouncer for clubs.  His powers let him create chemicals in his body and project them from his skin.  His bloated body is filled with thick, tarlike fluids and a soft cartilage-based skeletal structure.
  • Labyrinth – Retains the ability to manipulate her immediate environment almost completely.  While this only extends a relatively short distance around her, her influence gradually radiates outward as she remains in one place for a time.  One of the more extreme examples of how powers can affect one mentally, she veers between lucidity and a dissociative fugue state.
  • Shamrock – Shamrock is, like Newter and Gregor, a onetime subject of Cauldron, though she displays no physical side effects.  Shamrock has a particular combination of microtelekinesis and clairvoyance/precognition that allows her to affect small changes to create wider effects, essentially altering events in her vicinity.
  • Scrub – Gained his powers while under the Merchants when a violent gladiatorial event forced his trigger event.  Has the ability to create spheres of energy that annihilate matter… sometimes.  He has limited control over this power; while he can dictate general direction and frequency, its placement is somewhat random.  Once a Merchant, he assisted Faultline’s Crew in creating a portal, and has remained with the group, presumably with the idea of creating more portals.

The Irregulars
Formed of a splinter group of ex-hero Case 53s and others, following the revelations of the Triumvirate’s involvement with Cauldron.  The group does mercenary work, with a focus on doing good deeds more than on making money, and retains loose ties to the Protectorate and Wards.

  • Weld – Once the forerunner of a new phase in the Protectorate’s plan to acclimatize the public to capes, Weld was to be the ‘face’ of the more monstrous or unusual capes, taking over the Wards, with plans to eventually have him lead a city’s Protectorate team.  Left the Wards following the revelations about Eidolon and Alexandria’s involvement with Cauldron.  Now leads the Irregulars.  Weld has metal flesh, a consequence of his ability to absorb metal and incorporate it into his biology.  This renders him nigh-indestructible and gives him basic shapeshifting ability.
  • Gully – Once a member of San Diego’s Wards team, Gully was repeatedly passed over for promotions to team leader, largely due to her monstrous nature.  Gully is muscular to the point of being grotesque, eight feet tall, but hunched over, with distorted teeth and a severe underbite.  She maintains braids that hang to the ground, and carries a shovel, though it isn’t necessary to use her earth-manipulation powers.
  • Matryoshka – A case 53, Matryoshka was deposited in Madison, Wisconsin by the same incident that drew the Travelers there.  Described as having a great many vertical and horizontal lines to her form, with dark horizontal lines ribbing her entire body, she can turn herself into a mess of ribbons, absorbing an individual, some of their memories and some of their appearance, at the cost of her own.  This effect can be repeated, but holding on to anyone too long ‘digests’ them.
  • Sanguine – A red skinned, red-haired cape, Sanguine is a case 53.
  • Gentle Giant – A tall cape exceeding even Gully in height, a case 53.

The Birdcage
A containment facility for parahumans who can’t be held in an ordinary prison, deemed inescapable.

  • Marquis – Amy Dallon’s father, an osteokinetic, capable of manipulating bones, including his and any exposed bone of his enemy.  A powerful Shaker and Shifter, once leader of a villain group in Brockton Bay’s ‘bad old days’, Marquis heads a cell block in the men’s wing.
  • Lung – A half-Chinese, half-Japanese individual, he was sent to prison in the East and eventually escaped, making his way to America, where he defeated and absorbed a number of sub-gangs, retaining all the Asian members.  Tall and bearing tattoos of dragons up his arms, back and neck, he has a power that lets him gradually transform over the course of a conflict, gaining armor plating, enhanced strength, regeneration, claws, enhanced pyrokinesis, and other benefits.  At the most extreme end of his transformation, he is capable of trading blows with an Endbringer, though he has only participated in one such fight.
  • Amy Dallon – See entry under New Wave, above.
  • Glaistig Uaine – A cape that seems much younger than she is, Glaistig Uaine styles herself as a Faerie Queen, and claims that she collects the lesser faerie that grant other parahumans their powers.  Whatever the true nature of her abilities, she can draw in the essence of recently dead parahumans she has come in contact with – or kill wounded or dying parahumans – and store it within herself.  At any one time, she can have two or three of the parahumans she has ‘claimed’ manifest as ghostly spectres, complete with the ability to physically affect the world and use their powers.
  • Canary, Paige Mcabee – A ‘rogue’, or a cape without affiliation to either the heroes or villains, Canary worked as a singer, steadily growing in popularity.  Her abilities made her particularly good at singing and rendered listeners suggestible.  Following an accidental use of her power, Canary was charged with aggravated sexual assault with a parahuman ability and sentenced to a life imprisonment in the Birdcage.

Major Heroes Outside of Brockton Bay

  • Scion – The first parahuman to make his presence known, and one of the most powerful.  Mentioned in the first Interlude.  A golden haired, golden skinned man.  Has been described as having flight, the ability to flash-freeze a breached levee and the capability to stop an erupting volcano, among other powers.
  • Legend – Leader of the Protectorate.  Runs the team based in New York.  Is one of the best, if not the best ‘flying artillery’ capes, with flight and unsurpassed versatility and power from the lasers he can emanate from his body.  Among other things, his lasers can turn corners, fork into multiple lasers, pass through walls and freeze or ignite his targets.  He has recently left the Protectorate’s Triumvirate.
  • Alexandria – Second in command of the Protectorate.  Flies and has enhanced strength, a virtually invincible body, eidetic memory, and senses emotions.  The triad of flight, strength and invincibility recurs often enough, in enough variations, that it’s often referred to as ‘the Alexandria package’. Runs the team based in Los Angeles.  Member of the now-disbanded Triumvirate.
  • Eidolon –  Third member of the Protectorate’s ‘Triumvirate’.  Eidolon has the ability to use any power he needs at a given point in time, maintaining a set of two to four powers at a time.  Adopting a new power is not immediate, but after minutes, his abilities with that power grow to the point they rival or surpass veteran users of the same abilities.
  • Dragon – Heralded as the most skilled and powerful Tinker in this reality, this superhero deploys to every incident with a new and original suit of armor.  Manages the Birdcage, the top security prison for supervillains based in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, all of the computer systems for the Protectorate, and has designed much of the equipment used by the PRT.  A member of the ‘Guild’, a Canadian superteam that focuses primarily on threats of an international scale, and an honorary member of the Protectorate.
  • Defiant, Colin – Dragon’s partner, Defiant is Armsmaster.
  • Narwhal – Leader of both ‘The Guild’ and of the Protectorate station in Toronto, Ontario.  Narwhal is an unparalleled wielder of forcefields.

Major Villains Outside of Brockton Bay

  • The Endbringers – According to Tattletale’s power, they were never human.  Rather, they are monsters (in every sense of the word) who take turns attacking locations around the globe, aiming to cause as much damage as possible.  Apparently unkillable, they retreat to their respective domains when they have sustained sufficient damage and heal, only to attack again months later.  Their arrival is almost always followed by devastation, including dead capes, massive civilian losses (sometimes ranging into the millions), catastrophic damage to cities and/or large scale damage to landscapes.
    Behemoth, originally called Hadhayosh, is a forty-five foot tall horned brute with incredible strength and durability, regeneration and dynakinesis; the ability to manipulate energy in all its forms.  Creates shockwaves, lightning, thunder and delivers massive impacts, and can ignore the Manton effect within a radius of about thirty feet, allowing him to roast capes from the inside-out.  He has racked up the most cape kills during the fights, and is consequently nicknamed ‘Herokiller’.
    Leviathan is a thirty-foot tall monstrosity with enhanced speed, enhanced strength, a watery afterimage that follows after his every movement and macrohydrokinesis.  He killed forty six parahumans during his attack on Brockton Bay, leaving many others wounded or crippled. Most see him as the weakest of the three.  Has shattered islands and coastlines in the course of his attacks.
    The Simurgh is shorter than her brothers, and sports a large number of asymmetrical wings.  She possesses telekinesis, clairvoyance, precognition and a perpetual psychic scream.  Seen as the most cunning and intelligent of the three, the Simurgh uses her precognition to employ long term schemes, each with Rube-Goldberg sequences of events, culminating in grave disasters and tragedies.
  • Nilbog – A crazed lunatic, Nilbog gained the power to create life, collecting raw biological material and using it to fashion minions.  With this power, he has settled in a small town and depopulated it to repopulate it with his own creations.

The Lost
They have no team they could be listed under, and they’re either dead or gone in some sense of the word.

  • Kaiser (Deceased) – Was leader of Empire Eighty-Eight.  Real name: Max Anders.  Could summon metal objects from solid surfaces – blades, beams, bludgeons, spears and needles.  Ripped in half by Leviathan.
  • Oni Lee (Deceased) – Lieutenant of Lung.  Real name not given.  Could teleport, leaving duplicates of himself that would continue to fight for several seconds before exploding into a cloud of carbon ash.  Was scouted for the Slaughterhouse Nine by Jack Slash, failed his test, and was made into an artificial siamese twin by Bonesaw, melding him with Hatchet Face to become ‘Hack Job’.
  • Bakuda (Deceased) – Lieutenant of Lung.  Half-asian tinker, member and once-temporary-leader of the ABB.  Specialty in advanced bombs, including gravity, time-stop, physical distortion, cryogenic and flesh-to-glass transmutation effects.  Imprisoned in Birdcage and summarily killed by Lung.  Resurrected as Glaistig Uaine’s puppet.
  • Skidmark (Deceased) – Leader of the Merchants, Skidmark was a meth addict in a serious state of physical decline and ill health.  Capable of creating an effect that coated an area and pushed things in one direction.  Killed by the Nine.
  • Squealer (Deceased) – Skidmark’s girlfriend, classified as a Tinker and a Mover.  Her abilities allowed her to create advanced vehicles.  Killed by the Nine.
  • Mush (Deceased)  – Classified as a Shifter, Mush could form amorphous or vaguely humanoid bodies out of trash, mud, dirt and sand.  Killed by the Nine.
  • Trainwreck (Deceased)  – Few details have been provided, but Trainwreck has a mechanized suit or mechanized body with enhanced strength.  Was working undercover in the Merchants on Coil’s behalf before being killed by the Nine.
  • Coil (Deceased) – Coil had the ability to create a concurrent reality and make different decisions in each, with each of his selves remaining aware of ongoing events in the other reality.  He could then choose a reality and cause the other to fade away, enabling a fresh use of this power.  Using this ability, he became exceedingly wealthy and generated more positive outcomes for his various teams and forces.  His aspirations to have complete control over Brockton Bay were cut short by the Undersiders.
  • Dinah Alcott (Alive and Well)– Kidnapped by Coil with the unwitting assistance of the Undersiders during the Agitation Arc, Dinah is a parahuman with the ability to calculate the chances of a particular event occurring.  Was kept docile by a regimen of drugs administered by one of Coil’s assistants, recently freed.
  • Circus (Missing) – A burglar with a varied powerset.  Has enhanced balance, spatial sense, a mild pyrokinesis requiring existing flame to work with and the ability to insert or withdraw objects from thin air.  Disappeared after working with Coil.
  • Über and Leet (Missing) – A thinker with the ability to be a master at anything he tries, and a tinker with the ability to build anything, the two only barely managed to be b-list supervillains with a video game theme.  Disappeared after working with Coil.

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  1. Hmm.. I think you covered everybody but Myrrdin. I was looking to see if any of the heroes can stand up to the Nine at all, and it looks like Brockton Bay got the short stick in terms of heroes! Basically the best they have is a bunch of people that shoot things, and Miss Militia, who is also a person that shoots things, but with guns.

    Is the rest of the Protectorate really going to make Brockton Bay deal with the nine on their own? The only strong person they have is Triumph! They need to bring Armsmaster out of retirement, I think he’d take down most of the nine no problem! Plus, Dragon would help him out too!

  2. Out of curiosity, will there ever be a section to show the fallen capes that no longer fall into groups, like Kaiser or Oni Lee?

      • Fenja
        Hack Job
        Iron Falcon

        Others that might should be moved to the Fallen section or cross-listed in both spots:
        Aegis and Gallant
        Skidmark, and possibly other Merchants. (Some details of his power were revealed, as well, contrary to his entry.)
        Lucy has died, Bently has been disabled, and Bastard has been added to Bitch’s roster.

        It’s a little odd that out of the 46 capes Leviathan killed, only five seem to have been locals. Obviously, as an author, it’s easier to write up a few handfuls of names to increase the bodycount and give the event more impact than it is to kill off characters that you’ve used wordcount to establish and develop, but that’s a rather stilted ratio. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a lot of silent resentment among capes from other areas who lost teammates and loved ones while the natives of Brockton Bay got off relatively light. Unless, of course, the out-of-towners outnumbered the locals 9 to 1 or more to begin with, in which case the ratio is fine.

        Also, you mention that the two families of New Wave are related, and we know Glory Girl and Panacea referred to the other family as aunt, uncle, and cousins, but you don’t mention who of the elder generation is related by blood. I’m not sure it has been mentioned in the text, either, but it seems like a minor detail that you could fill in here if you liked.

        • Not 9:1, but it was up there.

          Not going to cross-list people for the Fallen. It’s more to list the people who belonged to (now defunct/eliminated) groups or those who had no team to begin with.

  3. Shouldn’t Trainwreck be among the fallen? He was seemingly killed with the Merchants, wasn’t he?

    I also think that at least Cache has played a big enough role to be listed among the out of town heroes.

  4. Uber and Leet have had some screentime recently so maybe a place on the cast page would be handy. seeing as they’re not really part of a larger team they could fit into “solo operatives”. That or “other figures, minor and major”

  5. So, ah, where are some physical descriptions? These are all basically power and personality with a side of event here and there.

    • Nobody’s really asked for it, and I decided to be brief so it wouldn’t become a 10,000 word block of info. The idea was that people could remind themselves of who X was and what they did.

      There’s some physical descriptions on the wiki, but only moderate activity over there.

  6. Could you add Nilbog and the other class-S? There seem to be a lot of capes mentioned in passing that I keep barely-remembering and wanting to search for. Nilbog, Blasto, maybe Accord, Marquis, etc. I know the page would get really big if you mentioned all of them, but… there aren’t too many class-S, I’d hope…

  7. Also, I’m curious as to how one would class the likes of Uber or Victor. Non-superhuman albeit elite martial arts and parkour shouldn’t count as Striker or Mover, right? It would be real ironic if Uber had to be classified as a Thinker :p

  8. Nice update. A bit more info is revealed. I hope that Weld will be re added under his new team if you go though the rest of the list.

    You missed a (deceased) for Shielder.

    • That is because the Petrification is definitely deadly to Mannequin. However, Crawler’s power is adapt to survive. It’s only intelligent to be worried he might find a way out of it.

  9. For Menja’s armor, you say “exposing as much skin as it reveals.” Think that’s a typo. But anyway, forgot about quite a few of these people, so thanks for the updated cast list.

  10. Looking at Skidmark, he could have been an excellent cape depending on whether or not he could cover himself/other people with his effect. Imagine having the ability to put down the speed gel and repulsive gel from portal everywhere and, if able to coat himself, the ability to resist a ton of damage or dish it out. Hell, if he could direct bullets, he would probably have been one of the most durable/ lethal people around.

  11. A few chapters ago, I noticed that Chevalier is not on here, when I couldn’t remember who he was. Though I don’t think he’s all *that* important.

  12. Something that was bothering me in the main story and bothers me here: You’ve listed both Crawler and Mannequin as being petrified/turned to glass, when the former indicates being turned to stone/rock over a long period of time, and the latter to being converted to glass, a process that is only possible for a silicate.

    If they went through glassification to the poiint of being able to be referred to as being “changed into glass”, then that would mean that they would first have to have gone through conversion into a pure silicate such as silica sand, that would then have been flash-melted and -cooled into the same form that the body/organic item initially was in; perhaps simply replaced their molecular structure through a form of instantaneous fossilization that used silica instead of other materials, but that would require a prior payload that the process would draw from…

    There is a real life artificial impregnation and heating of silicates into porous substances like wood to create a process similar to ‘instant’ petrification using ceramics, but that requires a porous substance to soak in the silicate solution and that would then need to be heated to a horrendous temperature to melt and set- Again possible, but given that Mannequin is composed of self-contained sealed biospheres, the material that his biosystems are contained within cannot possibly be porous externally, and Crawler would just regenerate and expel the matter… that option isn’t possible, either.

    Thus, if my theory that the constituent atoms of the target are first converted to SiO2 or at least a large enough volume of silicon dioxide (as it can partially affect someone without doing so wholesale), then the residual thermal and nuclear energies of the reaction are used to flash-cook the converted silicates into a ceramic- specifically, silica glass… Then converting them into a glass is correct, they could be labelled as deceased by glassification or that they are glassified.

    I’m assuming that Bakuda’s bombs do utilize proper forces, even if the execution is improbable or impossible without the application of an extradimensional power, such that the time lag/stop grenade would cause a hellish amount of thermal energy via friction without it, or that a nuclear reaction could be contained within the initial blast without any extra radiation or radioactive dust being spread, and the like.

    Feel free to correct me if I'[m not even remotely correct by Wormverse logic and science, of course.

    (I hope I didn’t ruin a plot twist in that the original Crawler and Mannequin might not be so dead after all, if Bakuda’s bombs don’t quite operate as well as was thought.)

    • Removed the reference to ‘petrifaction’.

      As for how the bombs work, I won’t get into that. Tinkers do follow proper forces, but yes, many do work with extradimensional forces, and it can look mighty confusing to outsiders who don’t necessarily have the ability to see/grasp what’s being done over there.

      • I was assuming that there was some sort of extradimensional force at work here- There wouldn’t have been a way to make anywhere near as many absolutely amazing effects as Bakuda did otherwise (I definitely would want to be a Tinker if I got a power @_@); I’ll stick to my belief that the bombs did a flash conversion of material, either through some form of crystal that consumes organic matter and converts it to further crystal (it was called a crystal in the initial appearance, when the man’s arm was crystallized) or through some sort of extradimensional matter flux, then.

        Would also really like to see more of the important civvies brought up here, as well as Cody- Perdition- mentioned in the Traveller’s section. Maybe the addition of how Velocity never wore a cup. xP

        • I Have a rudimentary understanding of how glass is formed, But for the “glass bombs” would it make sense if they created an intense (think blue star) level of heat in a localized/contained area, that in a sort of reverse flash freezing that everything within the field of the bomb would be flash “carbonized” so that its not so much glass as brittle diamond? as in the shift in heat was so sudden and so violent that the victims werent even able to sublimate (solid to gas) like how if something gets cold enough(liquid nitrogen) it causes burns, but in the opposite manner, so hot that it solidifies? just an idea….

  13. 1) Kid Win’s civilian name (Chris) isn’t there.
    2) Accord’s name isn’t bolded like the others.
    3) Othello is missing from the Ambassadors.
    4) Butcher is missing from the Teeth.
    5) Eligos is missing from the Fallen.
    5.5) Details on Valefor have been provided.
    6) Should Amy’s other (birth given) name be listed as well?
    7) Two members of Haven have been revealed, but only in comments. Does that count?
    8) Theo was last seen in the middle of a PRT raid where he was abandoned. Update or no?
    9) Does Nilbog also count as a tinker?

  14. Can you add a section for the PRT? Piggot and Tagg are both major recurring characters. (Tagg isn’t listed on the spoiler-free page, either.)

  15. Flechette (real name Lily) is still missing. Don’t know why this bothers me quite so much, especially since she’s apparently about to switch her team affiliation and cape name, but she really should be on here somewhere. Sorry if it seems like I’m nagging.

  16. Got the bare bones of a table for powers/ PRT ratings for characters. Still a lot of unknowns, a few speculations. Okay, just Scion, we know he’s listed as a Breaker first and foremost (Flechette interlude) and I assume he’s a really high number, the blaster rating just sort of naturally adds itself. Got no numbers for the adult Protectorate or the Nine, though I could probably class them it didn’t seem worth adding them yet.

    Skitter (former)- Master 5/Thinker 1 (last time mentioned)
    Tattletale- Thinker 7
    Bitch- Master ? (mutant dogs)
    Regent- Master ? (stated to be highest in the city)
    Grue- Trump ?/ (possibly Shaker?)
    Imp- Stanger ? (probably high)
    Parian- Master 6

    Brockton Bay Wards:
    Weld (former)- Brute ?/ Changer ? (low level)
    Clockblocker- Striker 7 (time-freeze)
    Vista- Shaker 9 (spatial distortion)
    Kid Win- Tinker 4 (modular gear)
    Shadow Stalker (former)- Breaker 3/Stranger 2/Mover 1
    Flechette (former)- Striker ?/Blaster ? (stated to be low)

    Chicago Wards:
    Wanton- Breaker ?/Stranger ?
    Raymancer- Blaster ?
    Grace- Striker ?
    Tecton- Thinker ?/Tinker ? (architecture and geology)

    The ABD:
    Lung- Brute 4-9*/ Blaster 2-6* (fire) *increases in battle
    Bakuda- Tinker 6 (bombs)
    Oni Lee- Mover ? (high)

    The Merchants: (almost all deceased)
    Skidmark- Shaker 2 (pushing force)
    Squealer- Tinker 2/Mover 3 (vehicles)
    Mush- Changer 4
    Scrub (alive, presumably with Faultline)- Blaster 8, maybe 10

    Fenrir’s Chosen:
    Hookwolf (former)- Changer 4/Brute 7
    Cricket- ?
    Stormtiger- ?
    Menja- Breaker ?

    The Pure:
    Purity- Blaster 8/Mover 4
    Crusader- Master 6
    Fog- Breaker 9. (Changer ?)
    Night- Shifter 8/Stranger 3

    Faultline’s Crew:
    Faultline- Striker ?
    Newter- Striker ? (possibly low level Mover)
    Gregor- Blaster ?
    Labyrinth- Shaker 12
    Spitfire- Blaster ?
    Shamrock- ?

    Trickster- Mover ?
    Ballistic- Striker ?/ Blaster ? (if Flechette can be a blaster, so can he)
    Sundancer- ? (blaster, I’d think)
    Genesis- Changer 9 (guess that resolves the projector question)
    Perdition- Breaker ?
    Echidna- Master ?/Trump ? (Wildbow.) Master 10/Striker 10/Brute 8/Changer 2 (PRT)

    Pyrotechnical- Tinker ? (fire manipulation and related effects)
    Cranial- Tinker ? (neurology)
    Big Rig- Tinker ? (Von Neuman Machines)
    Bauble- Tinker ? (glassblowing, turning things to glass)
    Dodge- Tinker ? (pocket dimensions)
    Toy Soldier- Tinker ? (mecha)
    Glace- Tinker ? (cyrogenics and stasis tech)

    Scion- Breaker 12/ Blaster ? (doubtlessly high)
    Nilbog- Master 12
    Sleeper- ?
    Kaiser (deceased)- ?
    Canary (incarcerated)- Master 8
    Maquis (incarcerated)- Changer ?

  17. Skitter’s range.

    Okay, you have a range of 600-1500 feet.

    Yet, throughout the story, you’ve put her range between 3 and 6 blocks.

    Now block size DOES vary. But it many of the area’s I’ve been to, it’s 8 blocks to a mile.

    This would yield 660 feet per block (with the assumption that the adjoining street is factored into the whole (figure 22-24 feet for two lanes).

    That’d put her base range at just under 2000 feet and her CURRENT max at just under 4000.

  18. Will the Cast Page be updated to reflect recent deaths, defections and name changes? Namely Tagg, Alexandria, Foil and Weaver?

  19. Hmm, I think you should consider mentioning the race/skin color of all of the characters, instead of just pointing out the skin tone of the “darker skinned” few. I know, by description of hair color and style and that sort of thing, that the people without a race mentioned are meant to be white, but I think it’s not a good habit to get into, the white-normative writing. I hope it’s something you’ll consider in editing and all of that. It doesn’t hurt to be explicit about that, especially since it’s something to be socially conscious of as well.

  20. This section is really out of date. I know, I know, the story is the most important thing, but a correct character sheet really helps keep everything sane.

  21. Characters that could really use an update here: Chevalier, Dragon (though I suppose listing her deceased would ~answer the question of whether she’ll manage to recover from the shutdown code), Saint (with possible mention of his lackeys), Golem, Tecton, all the other Chicago Wards, Aiden, Scion?, Nyx, Psychosoma, all the other various S9000 that are incredibly hard to keep track of, Phir Se, the Yangban, Number Man, Contessa, Moord Nag, Teacher, Regent, Foil, Sierra, Charlotte, Kevin Norton, Lisette, Tohu and Bohu, Khonsu, Revel (who had more disappear-from-memory power than Imp, for me), Alexandria/Pretender, Accord (whose name isn’t bolded), Cody/Perdition, Glenn… that should do it. Oh, and Jack, Crusader, and Purity should have their fates noted. Plus anybody else that bought it that I’m forgetting…

    Also possibly Jouster (Taylor said she knew him. I want to, too.), Cozen, Exalt, Campanile, Dispatch, the Vegas Wards/Protectorate/guys that left, Director West, the Chicago Director.

    In looking back through tags and stuff, I realized we haven’t heard one word about Annex since his implied flashback off-screen death. Since it seems pretty clear through circumstantial evidence that he’s gone, that seems an awful raw deal for him.

  22. Could the Chicago Wards and Protectorate members be added to this page? I’m having a little trouble remembering them all and what their abillities are.

  23. I’d have thought Cozen was important enough to merit a short character description seeing as she’s dating Taylor’s ex.

  24. Wilbow, as a long time reader I have picked up a random interest in the Brockton Bay Wards. Do you have a rough time line as to when their members joined in and along with a list of past members of the BB Wards? I’m just curious if you’d be willing to share this info.

    Thank you for your time.

  25. Why is there not powers page that, simply put is the proctorate’s database classification, complexly put it is a page that outlines the category, number, and specialization of each capes power(s) organized by type (master, shaker, blaster, thinker etc.).

  26. I’m curious about Sleeper. After finishing the story, he seems to be one of the only big players to never be more than mentioned.

    • My theory is that sleeper is actually a pretty harmless parahuman who’s power is to make everyone think that he’s too dangerous to even think about getting involved with.

        • Isn’t it mentioned somewhere in Cockroaches that he’d subsumed an entire world? whatever he does I don’t think it’s harmless. maybe he got one of the more powerful dead shards from the counterpart and has to sleep for long periods of time because the human body can’t handle the power otherwise. I’m really curious about him as well, along with the Ash beast. There should really be a section with all of the s-class threats.

    • I hope I’m wrong, but it seems likely that Sleeper’s power is a Stranger power that makes everyone think he’s incredibly dangerous so they leave him alone to read his book.

  27. Can we get Allfather added, please…? I’m halfway through the story, completely hooked, and I can’t remember what happened to him.

    • He’s kaiser’s father. The original leader of the Empire Eighty-Eight. As far as I can remember he was killed by jack or another S9 member years before the main story. I might be wrong though so don’t take my word for it.

  28. Wildbow, as a newcomer to reading your great awesome story and reading the fan fictions about it, i implore you, i beg you to please, please update this page. The amount of information that you could put here (or maybe in the wiki) would help a lot of us that wish to even write fan-fiction based on your story so that we can get the facts right.

    I imagine that you must be terribly busy, with either your job or writing your new story, so i wont heckle much. at least maybe delegate it to a confidant that might help update and be watchful as to what we (the readers) feel we wish to know.

    again this is a great and large story with many characters and information so, in the name of my brethren, i ask that you update this.

    thank you.

  29. did you not even bother to put skitter’s super team on there?

    this is exactly why the timeskip fell so flat for me. she had this big arc of becoming a hero and it just gets blotted out on autopilot because shes so focused on her 98% chance to win against the s9000 and trap jack in a timebubble with only scion to talk at(when he otherwise wouldn’t give a blank slate the time of day)

    • YEARS LATE BUT: Do note the full implications of Jacks power, hes a communicator and has been subtly influencing capes who have been fighting him for years to never use a move that could result in him dying. In addition to having a danger sense where powers are concerned and the ability to get a psychological handle on anyone with powers.

  30. Just finished reading. I really enjoyed the series! I was actually looking up Sleepers powers in case I had overlooked something, but I see other people have mentioned the same. I like the theory that it’s a stranger class power. I actually even enjoy that it doesn’t go into any more detail. It’s much more realistic to not have the main character deal with every single S-class threat possible, and I can only imagine there are a ton of A class threats that weren’t ever mentioned. It would be nice to know more about them, but I think it detracts from the story to have her interact with every single one or even go into detail about each. It seems more like a real world. Maybe if a side-story from Tattletale’s perspective ever shows up then all those details would be forced to be fleshed out, but I love it how it is! Thank you for the great read!

  31. Question about Genesis for wildbow (or any more informed reader).

    Are Genesis’s manifestations based on Real-world video games? And, if they are, can we attempt to catalog their inspirations?

  32. Does Purity also have enhanced strength and/or in her breaker state? Also, is her shard related to Lady Photon’s?

    • and/or durability**

      Oh and is she still in Gray Boy’s timeloop or did they dissolve after he was killed?

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