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♦  Topic: [JRPNA] Use of Cluster Powers, Serial Powers, Matched Powers, and Nth-generation Powers to identify ‘Hinge Points’ in Power Expression – 1998
In:  Boards ► Parahuman Science
(PRT Science)
Posted on : June 4th, 2002

[Article] Studies into Parahuman abilities presently catalogue studied powers into three major databases: the PRT database in the US, the Cambridge Parahuman Studies facility, and the EUJP International Listing.  The lists are formed by way of interview and laboratory studies with each institution using universally standardized forms in addition to supplementary material.  Each of these three institutions have stated an express or strongly-implied desire to understand and predict expressions of power and tie these expressions to the inciting incidents.  However, a longstanding problem in this process is that powers expressed, inciting incidents, and contextual factors can be dramatically different across individual cases. While some common themes can be drawn out, derived results are traditionally very big-picture.  It is only recently that databases have begun to include sufficient numbers of special-case triggers that allow more focused study of how powers are expressed.  We identified cluster powers, serial powers, matched powers, and Nth-generation powers as the special cases to focus on in more focused examination of how power instances can be mapped and we posit a ‘Hinge Point’ illustration of power expression and theory.

[Definitions] • Cluster powers are defined as powers wherein multiple inciting incidents occur either simultaneously or within a minute of one another.  Such parahumans will have a collection of smaller powers related to the others.   •  Serial powers are defined as cases where an individual or multiple individuals in longstanding proximity to a parahuman will develop powers…

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Replied on August 20th, Y1:
Link is broken.

WMD377 (PRT Science Admin)
Replied on August 20th, Y1:
Yes.  Tagged.  It’s good to keep track and note this.  This article was pretty important to the time.  It would be worth finding someone with it in print and transcribing.  Keep letting us know.  It helps us track which articles are most important & desired.  What’s your field?

Replied on August 20th, Y1:
I have this one.  I can transcribe over the weekend.  Want me to DM you the transcription, of5?

Replied on August 20th, Y1:
That would be helpful.  Thank you.  No field – I am furthest thing from scholar.  Lot of this is going over my head.  Personal interest only.

WMD377 (PRT Science Admin)
Replied on August 20th, Y1:
Keep in mind that serial and Nth-Generation (2nd gen, 3rd gen) powers are now the same thing.


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♦  Topic: Multi-Trigger Case Studies – Parahumans 303 Class Notes (Spinky) – September 15th 2009
In:  Boards ► Parahuman Science ►Non-Articles

Posted on : September 17th, 2009

From Wednesdays with Prof Spinky.  Posted with permission.  Cleaned up where I could

Overview: What are clusters?
Other names are mosaic p. expression, grabbag, multi
Effect on resulting power
Why important & Importance to study.
Case studies
Greater effects, things to keep in mind

Pt. 1: What are clusters?
2-6 people trigger at same time or very close together.  Each gets a suite of powers.  Person A gets Person A primary power and fragment of B, C, D, E, F.
Person B gets Person B primary power and fragment A, C, D, etc.

Pt 2: Effect on resulting power
Term secondary expressions.  Weaker or subtle power.  Can be conditional.
Primary powers may be weaker than if they had triggered alone?
Powers inspired by others but not identical.  Relation may be tertiary.
Example given firebreath -> fire something or something breath
Prof stresses this is very basic example
Term for staying element is hinge (old) or dominant (current).  Relates to 1998 article.

Pt 3: Why important & importance to study
Suggests powers aren’t 100% predetermined.  Certain elements are highlighted or made dominant.
We can extrapolate from studies like this & serial triggers to work out key elements of existing triggers.  What changes & why = what factors are important in standalone non-special trigger?

Case Studies: two cases & how we look at them
Two case studies.  Interview, self-reporting, examination

Case Study #1: Sunder Bros
Take note for future week: matched powers.  We come back to this.
Brother #1 – Destruction caused to objects ripples out indefinitely, stopping at clear demarcations (images included in lecture notes).  Weapon extension without limit (except convenience)
Brother #2 –  Weapon sweep extension – some range extension – wider arcs, shockwaves left/right of swing.  Stomp to destroy ground in immediate area.

Class pauses, prof asks & responds to input re: dominant factors in each power.

Cute girl in red top finally comes up with answer that satisfies Spinky.  Destruction & weapon attack augmentation dominant/staying/hinge factors.  Question of range vs. breadth between brothers.  Not very lopsided in power difference b/w primary & secondary power.  Spinky’s stress on not.

We get some slides of brother’s recreation of trigger circumstance.  Distance from threat.  Prof Spinky highlights personality traits brothers used on forms they filled out.  All as reasoning for different power expressions.

Case Study #2: Fowl & Fair (foreign capes, names that follow are badly translated)
Oxfair – Physical augmentation; size, strength, speed, agility (<- primary), deafening roar, transfer harm from falls/some impacts to nearby others, pain resistance/faster healing
Ramfair – Emotion affecting chant, size increase, some ability to heal very recent damage of others listening to chant/that touching, gather strength/concentrate -> giant leaps
Foulcock (yes, the class laughed) – Flight with build-up of speed over time, speed is transferred to touched others, interrupting flight to deliver high-impact blows.  Increased agility, deafening shriek, fast recovery of smaller wounds (scratches yes, no recovery of larger wounds).
Foulpig – Personal biokinesis, swell into flesh bubble with fast recovery/personal mutations if not ‘popped’ in time.  Some strength & size increase, but slower while grown.  Ability to ‘roll’ with incoming impacts (mover expression?  Turns into boulder).  Guttural noise (flatulence?  Burps?) to interrupt thought processes – turn off others’ brains momentarily.

Discussion of dynamic.  Fair & foul on opposite sides post-trigger.  Only fair provided answers & allowed power testing, rest has to be inferred.  Handouts.

Some discussion of trigger event (see slides for images), some discussion of resulting ‘package’.  Powers for each individual distinct but play off each other in semi-complementary way.  Reflective of personality?  Or ‘guiding hand’ principle?

Pt. 4: Greater effects & things to keep in mind – things touched on in homework reading:
Kill / Kiss – more on this in parahuman psychology class in a few weeks
Personality Bleed – personality traits bleed over from 1 individual to other?  Messy
Higher incidences of paranoia, confrontation, aggression, PTSD.  Less bounce back?
Higher rate of death post-trigger.  Kill / kiss again.  Graph
Prof Spinky stresses emotional states may play into the above.  Triggers that are sufficient to draw in multiple individuals are worse than average.  Can’t jump 2 conclusions.  Correlation =/= causation.

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Replied on August 20th, Y1:
Lecture slides & graph missing.

Replied on August 20th, Y1:
ty again of5.  nothing we can do about that one

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♦  Joined Group Conversation: Questionable_Mammal, Heart_Shaped_Pupil, Cap

Heart_Shaped_Pupil: R!
of5: Hi K.  Missed you earlier.  Am at library with friend.  Researching.
Heart_Shaped_Pupil: this is friend you’ve talked about 😉 ?
of5: She is the friend.  She is helping with technical side, searches.
Heart_Shaped_Pupil: Hi friend!  Thank you for being good to our R!
of5: She at another computer now.  I got her bored. I wouldn’t join this chat if she was watching.
Heart_Shaped_Pupil: aw
of5: We stumped atm.  Everythink links to outside articles.  Dead ends.  Most stuff I already know.
of5: and I know v. little
of5: a isn’t here?
Questionable_Mammal: I scared her off…
Questionable_Mammal: …she will be back I think.  We still waiting on S.  Technical issues.  She’s @ workshop later this week…
Questionable_Mammal: …you need A?
of5: No. j/w.
of5: Wanted k actually.
Heart_Shaped_Pupil: yuss!  \♥/
of5: you know this site.  I want search terms to find some people.  Articles, anything else.  Would need to cover a lot of bases.  Normal site search limits # of terms.
Heart_Shaped_Pupil: uh.  that hard.  you want packaged search string
Heart_Shaped_Pupil: i can try
Questionable_Mammal: you’re looking for others in your set?
of5: yes
Questionable_Mammal: I can make attempt.  gimme time.  you might want to fine tune after.
Heart_Shaped_Pupil: aw!
of5: Thanks.  I owe you one.
Questionable_Mammal: I got games btw.  Will give on next meet.
of5: I owe you two
Questionable_Mammal: no. not big deal…
Questionable_Mammal: …go keep researching
Heart_Shaped_Pupil: entertain lady friend!
Questionable_Mammal: …and that
of5: getting off chat.  friend blames slow connection through node.
of5: ty again
Questionable_Mammal: I DM you when I have something…
Questionable_Mammal: …keep eye out

♦  Topic: [EUJPR]  Relationship Entanglement in Cluster-Triggers – 2005
In:  Boards ► Parahuman Science

Posted on : February 18th, 2005

[Translation] Colloquially known as the kill/kiss dynamic, in cluster-triggers, there is a very high tendency toward passionate relationships, either hostility or partnership.  Clusters have a 40% chance of one member murdering another, rising to a 50% chance when including attempted murder, 25% chance of a partnership forming, and a 10% incidence of partnership and murder coinciding.  The term partnership is used for romantic pairings in instances where sexuality and gender allow, and close friendship or formed teams with members in other cases.  In some (10% of) cases of close partnerships forming, the romantic pairing occurred despite one’s typical sexuality.  The relationship entanglement study looks at existing cases and clusters to investigate why.

The most dramatic case in recent memory is the Stáj, also known as the Stable, or the Foul and the Fair.  The Good Ox was turned into a grisly display […]

[Click to read full article]

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Replied on August 20th, Y1:
No article on click.

Dana & Evan (Student)
Replied on August 20th, Y1:
It wasn’t a terribly good one.  Doesn’t read as a solid study so much as a commentary.  I’d give it a pass.  The same details are covered in more depth elsewhere.  I’ll see what I can dig up.

Replied on August 20th, Y1:

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♦  Private message from 17593Q183H17953R9713E714693

17593Q183H17953R9713E714693:  974641T17953A8209746413R173901761R796520
of5: ?

♦  Joined Group Conversation: Questionable_Mammal, Heart_Shaped_Pupil

of5: Got a strange message.  Friend says it might be a bot.  String of numbers & letters?
Questionable_Mammal: could be.
of5: Could be s?
Questionable_Mammal: S isn’t that bad with computers…
Questionable_Mammal: …Block & move on….
Questionable_Mammal: …btw, here is search result for you.

♦  Private message from 17593Q183H17953R9713E714693

17593Q183H17953R9713E714693:  Had to check.
of5: ??
17593Q183H17953R9713E714693:  If you were one of mine.
of5: I’m going to do what my friends said and block you if you don’t explain.
17593Q183H17953R9713E714693:  You’re clearly looking for info on multis.
of5: Yes
of5: I am.
17593Q183H17953R9713E714693:  I can provide.
17593Q183H17953R9713E714693:  We can collaborate.
17593Q183H17953R9713E714693:  Is important to have others to watch your back
of5: I’ve found some people.
17593Q183H17953R9713E714693:  Unless you are a member of a very new cluster, limited # of people you can be.
17593Q183H17953R9713E714693:  I found most of the group at I-275.  Rest of them wouldn’t be searching online like you are.
17593Q183H17953R9713E714693:  I found two members of the shipwreck group.  They might be doing what you’re doing with the searching but they know the code.  They’re friends of mine.  Third member of that group is dead.
17593Q183H17953R9713E714693:  The lecture hall: if you were one of them, you wouldn’t be so naive.
17593Q183H17953R9713E714693:  That leaves three options.  The Kansas Cornfield massacre: 3 dead, 1 alive with no reason to care about multis.  He ate the rest of his cluster.
of5: Ate?
17593Q183H17953R9713E714693:  The book fair.  Only ones still alive there are within spitting distance of me.
17593Q183H17953R9713E714693:  Ate.  I know why, too.  I can share, but not for free.
17593Q183H17953R9713E714693:  Leaves two good options.  I can skip one because it’s mine.
17593Q183H17953R9713E714693:  You’re part of the new cluster from the mall.
of5: No comment.
17593Q183H17953R9713E714693:  I found one of you already.  I reached out to him first. He said no.  Bad for him.  Lucky for you.
of5:  Lucky?
17593Q183H17953R9713E714693:  The one I talked to said there’s a woman, two boys, and him.  I’m going to assume you’re the one I’ve termed the runt.  The smallest, easiest target.
17593Q183H17953R9713E714693:  The woman is gathering funds to hire mercenaries and come after you.  The one I talked to hired an information broker to find you.  Her name is Tattletale.  She’s good.  She has resources. including the mercenaries I just mentioned.  She’s also preoccupied for now.
17593Q183H17953R9713E714693:  A favor from me to you.
17593Q183H17953R9713E714693:  That leaves you & the last one.  It sounds like all 3 are coordinating vs. you.
17593Q183H17953R9713E714693:  I can just about guarantee the people they’re gathering together are better than the ones you got.
17593Q183H17953R9713E714693:  You need help.  You’ve got a case of Kiss/Kill like I never saw and I don’t think they’re reaching for the chapstick.
of5:  You’re wrong
17593Q183H17953R9713E714693:  About the need for help?
of5:  It isn’t Kiss/Kill.
of5:  I’ll take any help I can get.
of5:  Provided I can get some clue you’re legit.
17593Q183H17953R9713E714693:  Glad to hear.
of5:  and some idea of what you’re really after
17593Q183H17953R9713E714693:  You.  And a chance to deal with some mutual enemies.
17593Q183H17953R9713E714693:  I’ll be in touch.

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♦  Topic: Public Incident Report [Aug 16]
In:  Boards ► Teams ► Gunslingers
Lucky Luke
Posted on : August 16th, Y1

[] We were ultimately unable to stop them, as they had two capes we had no information or records on.  The first of the capes may have been a thinker, likely the same that shot down our flier.  We were unable to glean much more from them, other than the fact they wore fur in the midst of a heatwave.

The second individual seems to be a grab-bag cape.  She was a woman with a fanged mask covering her lower face, and a form-fitting dress with a slit up the side of one leg.  She displayed a mover power [fourth term] with the ability to run on walls.  She produced an emotion-affecting [third term] roar, which broke the ranks of one of the cooperating teams, and had metal claws [second term] which looked to be of tinker make.  These claws may have been what enabled her to tear [First term not met, but within allowance] down doors and other barricades with the ease she did.  We have the beginnings of a work-up going online shortly.

The attack on the store opening was a failure on our side.  We were late to the scene due to geography and we lacked full knowledge of our adversaries.  It is our belief that with PHO in working order and more collaborative tools and measure being put in place every day, that we will succeed next time where we failed this once.  We are working with authorities to keep an eye out for the stolen merchandise.[…]

♦  Joined Group Conversation: Questionable_Mammal, Heart_Shaped_Pupil, Cap

of5: Thank you, c.
Questionable_Mammal: I thought that one result looked good
Heart_Shaped_Pupil: pretty nasty customer
of5: It is.  She is.
Heart_Shaped_Pupil: are you looking after your friend?
of5: not nearly enough
Questionable_Mammal: did you get the bot thing handled?
of5: Bot thing handled.  blocked & moved on.
of5: This woman… concerns me.  I’ll figure out a plan of action later.
Heart_Shaped_Pupil: we’ll figure out a plan of action later  >:)
of5: Thanks.  And thanks again, c.
of5: You’re good kids.
Heart_Shaped_Pupil:  😀
Cap has joined the chat.
Questionable_Mammal: no personal details online, ya?
Cap: ?
of5: Right.  Sorry.
Questionable_Mammal: nothing big, Cap
Heart_Shaped_Pupil:  Go get ur friend a thank you treat.  Giant heart-shaped cookie!
Cap: subtle
of5: I don’t know about cookies.  There’s a place to get ice cream.
Heart_Shaped_Pupil:  Go, shoo!
You have left the conversation.

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