Fiction in the Wormverse, by fans.

To make it clear: All rights to characters, setting, story and central concepts in Worm remain the property of Worm’s author.  This is just other people playing in the sandbox.

Index, on /r/WormFanfic
Assorted AuthorsList of fanfics, sorted by completion.  I have not read (most of?) these.

Some I have read or glanced over…
(Some of the first fanfic posted)

Looking Glass
By throwaawy

James Shirakawa is a ‘cape’, a human with paranormal abilities trying to live out his life while balancing the demands of his society, of his family, and his conscience. He also really hates his power.
A oneshot.

Shattered Glass
By throwaawy
A sequel/continuation of ‘Looking Glass’, the above entry.

Et Spiritus Sancti
By JubeiYagyuSama (Lost Demiurge in Worm comment section)
The Parahuman community of a Texas city is thrown into turmoil by the arrival of a ruthless vigilante, and old secrets coming to light. Utilizes original characters, trying to avoid conflict with existing and future canon.

By Farmerbob1
A middle-aged high voltage lineman becomes a parahuman after nearly dying due to electrocution. He’s never paid much attention to parahumans. Not only does he have a lot to learn about himself and his new powers, he has pretty much everything to learn about the cape community.

Fiend, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Green Sun.
By logiccosmic
(Note:  A crossover between White Wolf’s Exalted setting and the Wormverse)
Taylor Hebert failed, in her moment to become something more. But with her failure, she was Chosen.

It is Dark
By Guile
(Note: A crossover between White Wolf’s Exalted setting and the Wormverse)
Grue is on Bonesaw’s operating table.  He doesn’t get a second trigger event.  He gets something else entirely.
Two chapters and one interlude posted.

Queen of Monsters
By Seras
(Note: A crossover between Blizzard’s Starcraft setting and the Wormverse)
Taylor’s trigger event connects her to the Zerg swarm, instead of ordinary insects.  Yeah.
Two chapters posted.

Nighttime Confrence [sic]By OverpoweredGinger
An attempt at establishing original characters and teams in the Wormverse.

75 thoughts on “Fanfiction

  1. Definitely strange adapting to different writing styles within this universe. Really good though (or at least looking glass is, haven’t finished the other), I want to write a fanfic now


    Missing carriage return after “Shattered Glass”.

    (p.s. thanks for writing it, throwaawy — your name may give my OCDish fingers fits, but you write nifty fic!)

  3. Hi Farmerbob1. I very much liked your creation and would like to read more about Arc. Of the three fan fics here yours is the best in my opinion. What happens next?

  4. Hey, there are now three worm fanfics hosted over on SB. The first one is a crossover between worm and starcraft. The next two are exalted/worm crossovers (one being an Abyssal and one being a Fiend). The urls are here.

    • It’s helped, has even been fantastic, but I think the Worm recommendations AmeteurOpinion put out there on reddit have probably trumped spacebattles the last three days.

      All pretty cool. Exciting – 12k views on a given day, 15-17k on update days. 3k unique readers, give or take.

    • Space Battles vs forums brought me here as research when there was a thread about, hrm, I think it was a “Mab vs. Earth Wormverse Entities (capes and endbringers)” before we had any clue what Scion was. I came here to read the story to better understand the characters and their power levels, and stayed hooked.

  5. Shiit. When I came here the last time there were like, 3 of these.

    How long until recursive fanfiction?

    And the shattered glass link needs to be updated, it sayes 2 chapters, there are 21.

  6. The best written fanfic is ARC. Its a shame it has only two chapters. Storywise shattered glass is really good. Throwaawy keeps it interesting without pink super sayans level 9000.

    • I don’t know, I can name a few better ones right now. Firefly, Therapy, Oracle, Accelerator, Hope by Overwhelming Firepower, Hypnos, Security!, and a few more i don’t know the exact titles of off the top of my head.

  7. To be honest I’ve been a bit afraid to continue with Arc. I invested a chunk of time into it, probably about 20 hours for both chapters combined, including little bits and pieces of time here and there to rewrite irritating stuff. Each chapter is about on it’s fourth draft, though in reality there have probably been 10 versions of each that were visible to people at different times. I know it’s better written than a lot of other fanfic, and I know where I want to go with it but I suppose I’m afraid I’ll break something. I have gotten a couple good reviews, and the nice comments here actually make it harder in a way, LOL.

    However I did get some structural comments in one of the reviews which addresses something that I wasn’t able to put my finger on. Too much talk, not enough spacing and non-talk to break things up. Now that someone has pointed it out to me, I can see it, and there will likely be a fifth draft of each to break up big text blocks and review what has happened before I get to the next chapter. I DO have plans for Arc, and Murphy is important for the next chapter or two, and will probably end up showing up regularly if there are many chapters.

    I’ve also moved Arc into the Books -> Worm section instead of misc books where it was before there was a Worm book section.

    • I will be continuing it for at least 2 more chapters. Just a matter of letting the pieces shuffle around in my head until they are ready to go on paper.

      I’m finding it a bit difficult to keep the story within the Wormverse, and not have the characters act with knowledge they should not have had before the death of Behemoth. But at the same time I plan on concentrating on the viewpoint of a new middle age “natural” superhero. I may have pushed the boundaries with Eidolon a bit, making him a little more willing to be talkative than normal, but I figure the scope of the activity with Murphy would probably have him involved if possible, and Eidolon and Arc are roughly the same age.

      Chapter three was action based, but it’s a setup for a little introspection, self-discovery, and thinking about the actions of others from Arc’s point of view as well.

      • Welcome to my life.

        I had a lot of this knowledge from the beginning. You now have a glimpse of how hard it is to keep everything organized and compartmentalized, so I don’t accidentally divulge something key to my fans. Every damn scene with a major/minor player with some big secret.

        • Heh. That’s one of the things which makes your stuff interesting, Wildbow. I have both an advantage and a disadvantage for working in your universe.

          Advantage: I don’t have to make things fit perfectly, and If I mess something up it’s no big deal.

          Disadvantage: It’s not my universe, so I don’t know all the answers I’d like to know, in order to make things fit even as the real universe evolves.

          So scope of knowledge and responsibility both makes things easier and harder at the same time for someone that wants to write a bit of fanfic in your universe, because you aren’t done yet 🙂

          Which is one reason Arc will likely only have 5 maybe 6 chapters total.

  8. So who’s going to do the Dr whop/worm crossover and who’s going to take on the DrWho/worm and Mass Effect/Worm crossovers then? heh.

      • i’m working on a Mass Effect/worm crossover at the moment. There will also one day be a Tattletale/7th doctor crossover. This of course necessitates working out the Ace/Bitch dynamic and the Jack/Bitch dynamic… there was someone else i needed to consider with regards to Ace.. But I can’t recall who…

  9. I just noticed that I I’ve had twice as many hits on my story from Serbia this month than I have from the UK, which really confuses me. Between the population difference, and the fact that I’m pretty sure that English isn’t the primary language in Serbia (though I know many people speak it there) I’m just scratching my head here.

    Anyone else seeing odd readership numbers?

    • Yeah, sorry. It was an attempt at writing things with some of Wildbow’s methods. Kind of burned me out, but I got good practice and a few characters will be used in other projects.

      Thanks for reading, though!

  10. Arc is wrapping up now. Six chapters. I’ll still pop by there and check for reviews and do edits at least a few more times as needed. Was fun, time for me to start writing something original 🙂

  11. I kinda want to write one, but this year seems like it’s only letting me detail ideas rather than actually create anything.

    Pretty sure my method for coming up with powers is a little too rigid. It got to the point where I started carefully aiming for trigger events to force me to be more imaginative (and stop giving people powers based on religious fire or screwing with bodily functions. I wound up with three of the former and four and a half of the latter (but to be fair, only two in the latter category are first gen capes).).

    Now I’m considering giving someone copokinesis just to see if I can make it not a joke, but without stubbornly playing it straight either. Maybe it’s more a specialization of bacteriakinesis, and the Great Ape (because what else would you call a clever poop-flinger?) goes around disinfecting hospitals and forming disgusting globs of green death to scare away their enemies. (I’d hope that bacteriakinesis wouldn’t fall under the domain of Skitter’s power. Guess I could make GA a case 53 to be safe?)

    • Dig around for places where the Hero Systems “Champions” characters that people have made over the last 33 or so years might be found. Bound to be some stuff in there that will spark ideas.

  12. Theres been an absolute ton of worm fanfics on over the past few months. I have simply lost count of them. Probably more than a hundred, there was sort of a big rush as more and more people found out about Worm.

    Some of the good ones have already been mentioned

    Here are two of my favourites not already mentioned.

    Heres a huge of list of fics that Yog has painstakingly created, it should have most of them:

  13. Sooo, yeah. Enthralled. Utterly and completely enthralled by the story. I’m kinda obsessed. I spent a straight two weeks reading as often as possible and loved the entire thing. Being the fiction adict I am, I’ve never really been good at letting stories go though. So I’ve sorta trolled all the fanfiction archives hoping for something even close to the awesomeness of Worm. Honestly liked Queen of Monsters quite a bit but nothing stands even close to the original.

    Figured I’d try and write my own if that’s okay? Obviously you don’t mind fanfiction and I assure you I am a fan. But I managed to get 10k words into a fanfic before I realized, “Hey this is a web series that I should probably ask permission to write about first.” ^_^

    Kinda wanted to send this as an E-mail Private message but I’m having a surprisingly hard time finding your e-mail if its available on the site.

  14. Anyone here want to read what happens if Asura (Asura’s Wrath) happens to fall into this world and finds Scion? The battle between them would be epic.

  15. Hi… I was wondering, could I borrow some of the powers in this story for an unrelated fanfiction? Specifically, Tattletale Canary, Circus and Contessa’s abilities are the powers that are rather distinct. I won’t be using the setting, or the characters, but I am writing a paranormal AU and these powers fit the characters I have in mind. If necessary I can send you a summary of the piece (nowhere near as long or detailed as Worm though) to see if it’s distinct enough that I won’t be plagiarizing in any way. I’ll be sure to credit you when I post it as well.

  16. I’m not sure what kind of requirements there are for fanfiction being posted here, or if you’re planning to add more at all, but I’d like to recommend my fanfic, Shards, if you are and if it meets the requirements. I’ve just posted the first Interlude, and for the past four weeks I’ve kept up a two-updates-per-week schedule that I expect to continue for the forseeable future.
    It’s a crossover between RWBY and Worm, with the Undersiders (including Parian and Foil) being sent to Remnant after spilling some beans on Cauldron. The reasons for Cauldron’s choice of vengeance will be explored, but in the meantime one of the big sources of…I dunno, not really conflict usually, but one of the interesting things I’m going to be addressing is just how different Remnant (the world of RWBY) and Earth-Bet are. I’m not sure what else to say at this point..but there will be other things coming up.


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