Brockton Bay Territories, Arc 20

 Lindsey's Fanart Skitter
Skitter, by Lindzburdn

skitter cover 2 a

83 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. The one by Everwander is really fantastic. What really strikes me is how she was able to get *extremely* appropriate icons using stock stuff. If she’s not working in brand managing or something similar she should really start, like right now.

    And: Alec is maybe a mite too old/not-insane looking, Brian is perfect, Skitter should have curlier hair 😛 but is lovely, Lisa is really wonderful (love the “hush” gesture), but Rachel is simply a masterpiece. (And hunkier than Brian, but that’s her charm)

    Umh, wait, I swear I’m forgetting something… there was something else I liked in the picture but… oh never mind. Awesome picture.

  2. Hey, I drew some fanart and I was wondering if I could submit it somehow. This story is so wonderful I would love to contribute~

  3. [deleted]

    Here’s my mock comic cover for Parian. she wasnt my first choice to draaw haha but i had my roommate pick a cape at random for me and i got her

  4. I really like some of these. 🙂

    I was even thinking about saving some of them at some point. ^^; I guess I’ll do it now. 🙂

    • Quite nice, if slightly off model due to Anime style. Would watch the adaptation, if only because they get most of the special effects right.

      If they get those wrong, though, the only thing that could possibly save them is top notch acting and scripting. Given the source material, some difficulties may arise…

    • I really quite like this one, it actually makes her look Indian. Not that we’re ever told her exact ethnicity, but still a good picture nevertheless. I think I prefer the mask on the one pictured above, but it probably wouldn’t work as well with the style. My only real complaint is with the title; my inner mathematician winced, even if she could almost certainly collect that many grains of sand given time

      • Thanks! I was going for an Indian/Middle Eastern look, since that’s canon even if its not specified exactly what country she’s from. And yeah lol i just picked a big number because why not. I apologize to your inner mathematician.

        • Actually, in the deleted chapter, she’s apparently Arabic. Wildbow should probably go back and rewrite it to keep the Shatterbird backstory, it was really a very cool history for a really cool character.

          • Also, for context, it would be something like fifty billion adult humans for every septillion cells, going by my (very) crude calculations. There probably are at least twice that many grains of sand on the planet. Let’s just say the title refers to all the silicon on the planet, rather than what she’s using, and call it intentional. Yeah.

            • Lol sounds good to me. I guess it’s a bigger number than I thought it was. Also, I’ve never actually read the deleted chapter, so I didn’t know she was Arabic. So thanks for letting me know. I really should get around to reading it…

  5. oh well … Let’s get this started. Hey wildblow I love your works(well just Worm)… well anyway i just found some amazing fanart about worm characters and i just wondered if these are what you imagined they looked like when you wrote the story?

    for the ones that just started reading the story these are the undersiders the overlords of Brockton Bay. from left to right. Imp, Regent, Tattletale, Skitter,Grue, Bitch(and her dogs around)

  6. I just finished this series after a friend recommended it. I absolutely loved it. I am a cosplayer from India. Was wondering if you would be accepting cosplays as fanart. Either-ways, will be creating some. Considering Clockblocker, Skitter and Regent for now and convincing my friends to do a Triumvirate! 😀

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