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This used to be the spot where I described the incentives – bonus chapters released on Thursdays as a thank you for amounts provided.  As Worm has now finished, these bonus chapters have run to a close alongside the main story.

Your support to date has been unbelievable and generous, and means the world to me.  Your support post-Worm doubly so.   Until the next project begins and things get hashed out, I can’t promise anything else (I don’t know what I’ll offer as incentives), but amounts will continue to go a long way towards ‘Wildbow considers writing a sequel’.


Patreon (Subscription):


Any questions or comments you’re not comfortable putting as a reply below?  Contact me at Wildbowpig (at) gmail (dot) com.

69 thoughts on “Support Wildbow

  1. See? Holidays are over and the cash is rolling on in, as much as such cash can roll.

    Oooh, fun idea if I do ever get involved in this there any way to make the donate button look like a g-string?

  2. I might be getting confused,

    you did a bonus chapter earlier than planed (1-4 weeks ago) did you change the “Bonus Chapters Coming Up:” or was that an extra (free) bonus chapter?

    • I changed the bonus chapters coming up.

      Long story short, I’m on a three week trip, dogsitting for a family member. Lots of elbow room to get writing done, so I shifted the bonus update release schedule around some. Same # of updates in total, just a little earlier.

      Instead of Jan31, Feb14, Feb28, Mar14 it became Jan31, Feb7, Feb14, Feb28

      I won’t be doing one next week, as my trip ends shortly after that (head back home on the 22nd) and I’ll be busier again, so it doesn’t make sense to simultaneously try and get a chapter done at the same time.

      • A subscription implies a contract for additional content over a set period of time (the time of the subscription period paid for). A donation implies a gift of money freely given, with hopes but no law-given expectation. I don’t think we’ll ever see a subscription model.

  3. Bonus Chapters Coming Up: One on May 30th.
    Seven more chapters after that! (To be scheduled at a later point).</blockquote
    Is the current donation bar for the eighth interlude, so to speak, with the seven coming already donated for?

  4. Be careful with Paypal, they have a history of seizing money and freezing accounts for very little reason. Kinda like what happened to Notch. You might want to clear that account occasionally.

    • I see you added who to make the check out to Wildbow, something that wasn’t up there when I sent one in. I’m wondering, did you get the check I sent yet, and was there a problem? If there was I can send another one.

  5. Since you’ve upgraded it to $1000, you should probably change the part of the explanation that still says $600.

  6. I’m surprised we’re getting an update on Thursday. You’ve sounded a bit overworked lately and were in the cabin of limited writing ability this weekend. I’m surprised you scheduled one when you did.

    • I’m traveling next week (and should have three weeks of peace and quiet thereafter), so if I didn’t do one this week, I’d be skipping two weeks in a row (or complicating travel with another chapter to write).

  7. Just leaving a comment to say thanks heaps for the great read. I’ve been following for a few months now and I thought it was past time I added some money to the pile, then I missed the add-comment button when clicking through.

  8. Just found Worm and started reading not long ago. Great story, donation is coming, I promise. 🙂
    My question is: did you think about setting up a Bitcoin account for donations? As far as I know for this kind of small (few dollars or even a few ten dollars) donations the paypal fees are ridiculously high. Bitcoin transfers are (almost) free, and has other advantages as well.

    Of course if you know noting about Bitcoin you’d have to do a bit of reading, but the basics (like making an address to accept donations) are very simple.

        • The only risk would be that if Bitcoin exchanges were outlawed you wouldn’t be able to convert any recent donations to another currency, but as risks go that’s a small one since absent a Bitcoin address you wouldn’t have gotten the donations anyway.

          There is literally zero chance you’d be investigated or prosecuted simply for holding Bitcoins; at no point has any representative of any government suggested that merely having Bitcoins is illegal, and if that were the case they’d have to jail practically everyone in the world’s technology industry since just about every techie I know has at least played around with Bitcoin a little to see what it’s about.

  9. Paypal seems to think I live in Canada even though I put US? It won’t let me complete the donation because it wants to know what province I live in. Can anyone help me with this? I would really like to be able to fully express my gratitude for Worm!

  10. Can you be more specific about where you’re encountering this problem? Is it requiring a province at paypal account creation, or at donation? I just ran a test donation most of the way through and didn’t encounter this problem.

    • At donation: I switch the country from Canada to the United States but the address information it asks for doesn’t change (so the drop down menu for province doesn’t change to state). But I solved it! I switched to a third country (in this case, Swaziland) and then back again and it was asking for the correct information. So it works now! Thanks for checking it out for me 🙂

  11. I donated the little bit that I could instead of buying more games. I enjoyed Worm so much, I’m pretty sure its my favorite story right now. Good luck in your new writings!

  12. I finished Worm last week, having only discovered it in November. I was hooked from the get go, and wanted to say thanks for hours of good reading. My donation wasn’t much, but I hope it goes a small way in showing my gratitude for this great piece of work. Looking forward to watching Pact unfold.

    • Hey, sorry for hijacking your comment. I’m obviously computer illiterate.

      Wildbow, thanks for a truly great read. I’m in medical school so I don’t know if my donation goes very far, but I hope it helps you crank out some more awesome reads. Honestly, I used to do research in an insect laboratory (ants), and on more than one occasion I might have daydreamed that I was an insect version of Bitch. You literally made my dreams a reality. LOLOLOL

  13. No money at the moment – would pay for the book/ebook – but here’s a donation of an editorial comment:

    In Scourge 19.1, there’s a typo that would be easy to miss in a review: “The dogs attacked the closet target – Noelle.” <- "Closet" should be "Closest".

    Hope that helps!

  14. “Until the next project begins and things get hashed out, I can’t promise anything else (I don’t know what I’ll offer as incentives), but donations will continue to go a long way towards ‘Wildbow considers writing a sequel’.”

    Probably worth updating that now that you’ve started the new project. 🙂

    PS. Here are sum munnehs. \o/

  15. I have been reading Worm off and on now for about 6 months and am getting slightly depressed knowing that I will reach the end soon. My only consolation is that you are writing a different web series that I get to start when I am finished.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this story, and recommend it to everyone I know who is looking for something to read. I finally got around to donating, but my one regret is that it isn’t enough for you to fund a long running TV show version for the next 10 years. Thanks for the truly great read, and I implore you to make a sequel!

  16. This story was amazing. Made me want to start writing. You are so talented and this was such an absolute pleasure to read. I couldn’t put it down! All of my free time was spent completely immersed in the Worm universe. I can’t wait to read your other stories. Thank you for sharing these with the world!

  17. Don’t know if you’ve put this somewhere else on the site, but is this going to be released in print? Great read so far, would like to buy a copy of it.

    • Last I heard, Wildbow plans to publish Worm at some point. As you can imagine, editing a 1.7 million word Web serial for publication as books is a non-trivial task, so I’m not sure it’s something we should expect any time soon. O_O

  18. Hi, I was wondering if you had published your book yet? Or is there any at I can buy a copy? I love this book and am trying to get friends and family interested!!
    Thanks from Ireland!

  19. I want to ask you if you had a problem if I translate worm in German. I won’t publish it, it should be a gift for my mother ( that cant read English ) . If you are ok with it pls let me know, also if you want it i give you a copy when I’m finished. I’m not a pro i will do it just for fun and to appreciate your good and hard work

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