Interlude 18

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“Scout it,” Noelle gave the order.  “Recuperate while we wait.”

Marissa sent a hawk flying through the dense foliage.  Noelle could feel that dull thrum of adrenaline, feel as though time had slowed down, her perceptions and reaction times cranked up to the maximum as she assessed every skeleton and bog zombie between her team and the hawk’s ultimate destination – a clearing with a withered crone standing idle in the center.

Everything was a clue, the placement the enemy had chosen for each unit crucial, because it would force them to maneuver one way or another.  Was that treasure chest placed at the back of the swamp-dungeon because the enemy Overlord had wanted to put it as far out of reach as possible or was it because he wanted to bait them into a trap on that side of the room?

It would be impossible to guess from that one clue alone, but the position of the monsters, lighter on that end of the room-

“Stay to the right,” she ordered.

There were reports of assent from the others.

Like being aware one was dreaming without actually disturbing the dream, it was a rare thing to be in the zone and to be aware she was in the zone.  She knew she was right.

“Cody, go ranged.”

Cody’s Highwayman sheathed his rapier and drew twin pistols from his belt.

“Luke, wind magic, wind spirits.  Dimplecheeks doesn’t usually use casters as an overlord, but he’ll stick to old habits.  He’ll have teleportation.  Mars, circle around, poke at her from range.  Go!”

They charged into the clearing.  The hag, Dimplecheeks, summoned two Über demons as they breached the threshold, then teleported to the far end of the room.  Luke’s shaman was already setting down wind spirits who were spewing forth miniature tornadoes, casting out gusts of wind that would accelerate his team and slow down or push their enemies.

“Enemy team just turned around,” Jess reported.  “They’re backtracking for the portal.  They’re going to invade en-masse.”

“Fuck,” Noelle said. Her mind was racing, covering a dozen factors at once – positioning her Challenger to best benefit her allies in the fight, avoiding the hag’s spells, calculating the damage her team was doing, keeping track of her items, and those of her team.  “How many rooms?”

“They were one room past portal, they’ll be entering around now.”

Ten seconds at best.  “We can’t kill her before they show.”

“Want me to send troops?”  Jess asked.

“No.  Fortify your dungeon.  If they take us out, you hold them off.”

“You know my boss monster isn’t that strong.  They’re only three rooms from fighting it.”

Hold them off,” Noelle said.

Sure enough, the enemy appeared at the entryway of the boss room.  Her team was hurt from the fight with the hag, and the enemy team hadn’t ventured far enough in to burn all of their resources.

Dying was inevitable.  That didn’t mean that their efforts were futile.  She had to slow them down-  She challenged the enemy’s Chronomancer to a one-on-one duel, consequently shrugged off the vast majority of the damage the remainder of the enemy inflicted, and charged to close the distance to strike the mage down in three blows.

She challenged the hag the second her target was down, landed two good hits, dropping their target to a third of her total health.

Then Cody fell, with Luke falling shortly after.

Noelle managed to use her own body to absorb the worst of the enemy attacks while Marissa ‘kited’ across the area’s perimeter, maintaining a consistent distance as she fired arrows at them.

Caught between the approaching enemy and a cloud of poison fog the hag had cast, Mars chose to rush through the latter.  Her health dropped to zero and she collapsed.

“Fuck!  Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Cody was shouting.  He kicked something.

It was as though Cody’s tantrum were happening in a very distant place.  Noelle’s focus was entirely on slowing the enemy down.  She challenged the enemy’s barbarian, because he did the lowest damage and everyone she didn’t challenge would do less damage to her.  She took a swig of the potion she still had in her inventory from the start of the game.  It wouldn’t restore even five percent of her health, but there was a dim possibility that it would force the enemy to land just one more attack.  Take a half second, or invest a few magic points into an ability to catch her.  Magic points they couldn’t use to take Jess on.

The three remaining enemy heroes bum-rushed her, cutting off her fighting retreat and forcing her into one location.  The hag landed a toxin-bomb on her, and her health disappeared in an instant.  The screen turned to shades of crimson and black, and a timer appeared in the dead center.

Forty five seconds to respawn.  The enemy players were surrounded in flares of light.  Level ups.  It would make up for the expense of passing through the portal.  It had been a good maneuver, perfectly timed, so they could disengage from Jess’ own forces and backtrack through her dungeon.

“Fuck!” Cody shouted.

Cody would take thirty seconds to respawn.  Thirty to forty-five seconds before they spawned at the checkpoint…

No, the enemy’s bandit was backtracking through the dungeon.  Hacking away at the checkpoint flag.

Now twenty to thirty-five seconds before they spawned at the dungeon entrance.

She watched the clock count down, bought new items, continued to watch the clock.

Cody respawned.

“Go!” she shouted.

Luke appeared soon after.  So did the enemy Chronomancer, in Jess’ checkpoint room.  The enemy was on the second to last room, dispatching goblin grenadiers and goblin gunners, fighting their way past the trenches Jess had laid down.

They defeated the last of the monsters.  The blood gate was satisfied and opened, giving them free rein to fight Jess’ end boss, an ogre king.

The boss Dimplecheeks had put in the checkpoint room, halfway through his dungeon, was just as tough and more dangerous.

Mars and Noelle respawned, and they charged through the dungeon.

Jess had half her health remaining, the hag had one-third, but there were four enemies in Jess’ boss room and Cody hadn’t even reached the hag.

By the time Cody and Luke were in the hag’s room, it was thirty-twenty five in the enemy’s favor.  The ogre king was tough, but slow, easy to hit.  The enemy delivered damage steadily, while Luke and Cody were forced to adapt as the more fragile hag teleported to inconvenient spots, costing them precious seconds each time.

Noelle and Mars joined the fray.

When the fighting stopped and the screen went dark, Noelle wasn’t entirely sure if they’d won or lost.

Letters in gold script flashed across the screen.  ‘Victory!’

The others were out of their chairs, cheering.  She joined them.  They hugged.  She turned, saw Krouse perched on the desk in the center of the room beside Chris and Oliver.  He was smiling.

Noelle hugged him, and for once she was able to forget all her doubts and insecurities, all her issues, the way even physical contact would leave her with a pit in her stomach.  She hugged him tight, and it was good.  It felt right.

“We’re going to nationals!” Cody whooped.

“That was you,” Krouse whispered to her.  “You made the difference.  You won.”

Her breath was too hot as it passed through her lips.  The exertion, this body mass, it made her feel feverish.  Worse than feverish.  She felt like she had when she’d been camping as a child, standing too close to the fire, seeing how long she could endure it.

Only it was all over, inside her.  A prickling, almost unbearable heat.

I know why you showed me that, she thought. She looked at Trickster; he adjusted his hat, swapped Sundancer with one of the flying capes.  The sun fizzled out as she landed.  One threat out of commission.  Ballistic and the other cape he’d arrived with were down as well.

She tried to read Trickster’s body language.  Back straight, walking with confidence.  He’d hesitated when she’d asked for his help.  Now there wasn’t a trace of doubt.

She’d admired that about him, had been jealous of it.  The confidence.  The sense of pride.

But the memory that had flashed across her consciousness, almost more vivid than reality, the emotions very real as she recalled them, it hadn’t served the intended purpose.

You can’t convince me that way, she thought.  This victory and that one don’t even compare.

There wasn’t a reply, of course.

“Bitch!  Run!” Regent hollered. “Go to Tattletale!”

Only his head, shoulders and one arm were free of Noelle’s grip.  She tugged and pulled him in faster.  He put his free arm inside her flesh, found something more or less solid and managed to push back enough to avoid having his head pulled in.

Trickster and Noelle wheeled around.  Bitch, the girl with the dogs, was the last Undersider here.  Trickster couldn’t find an angle to swap the girl with anyone else.  The boy in the armor would be too large, and Trickster’s field of vision didn’t allow for him to get his eyes on her and someone more appropriate.

Noelle tagged several of the bodies in her internal stomachs, felt flesh constrict tight against them, felt the pre-prepared nuggets of flesh in her gullet forming into close replicas in an instant.  Timing was crucial; if she spat them out too soon, they’d be malformed, missing limbs or features.  Too late, and there was extra material.

She retched, sending them flying in the direction of the girl with the dogs.  Bodies for Trickster to use.

But the boy with the armor was already moving.  He slammed one hand into the ground, and a cloud of debris and dust masked him and Bitch.

She couldn’t wholly control the vomit, lost one of the powered ones.  Not one of the Undersiders, she was relieved to note.  It had been the big one, who’d been with the tinker.  He’d called himself Über.  She didn’t try to reclaim him.  He was more or less useless.  The loss still pained her.  Better to have him than one of the unpowered ones.

Her vomit caught Genesis, who was presently a charging bull with a jellyfish-like tentacles trailing behind her.  The vomit blinded Genesis, and Noelle struck her hard enough to kill.  The body collapsed and started disintegrating.

“Hey,” Regent said.  “Monster girl.”

Noelle snarled as she glanced down at the boy who was stuck inside one of her legs.  Only his face was left to be consumed.  Her voice was hoarse with emotion as she asked, “What?”

“When you make my clone, do you think you could give him a goatee?”

Noelle didn’t dignify the question with a response.  She flexed and drew Regent completely within her body.  She’d hurt him later.  For now, she needed him to help her escape so she could hunt down his friends.

She ran.  The simple act of moving flooded her body with endorphins and adrenaline.  It felt good, made her feel strong.  That was another avenue of attack, as her body tried to work its manipulations on her mind.  The hunger, the heightened emotions, rewarding her with pleasant memories and good feelings when she operated in sync with it.

It was a matter of weeks, days or hours before she lost enough ground that she was the one trying to manipulate her body into doing what she wanted, with it calling all the shots.  If the process continued, she would eventually be subsumed entirely, unable to do anything but observe, and maybe not even that.

The pavement had been cracked like a sheet of glass, and the footing was unsteady, but the mass of her body was crushing fragments underfoot, and she had four good legs, with five more for further support.  Falling wasn’t a concern.

Noelle passed through the cloud of dust that the one in armor had sent flying into the air.  She saw the armored tinker punching the ground once more, leaped to clear the ground that suddenly plunged into a pit in front of her.  She picked out a selection from those within her and, with her rightmost head, sent a stream of bodies at him.  He punched the ground with his other hand, and pavement tilted upward in a makeshift barrier, blocking the worst of the stream and flying bodies.

The ones who did land in his vicinity were on him in moments.  One was the little space-warper, another was a copy of the firebreathing acrobat with the rich smell, and three were copies of the unpowered people she’d absorbed.  They mobbed the armored tinker.

She hadn’t included the Undersiders in that stream.  Until they were more fully absorbed, there was a good chance that she’d spit them out if she tried to copy them.  Using any one person too frequently carried the same risks, and she suspected that it would be more difficult now that she was so full.

The girl in silver armor, with white flowing clothes was dashing toward her from the other side, not any slower for the shattered ground underfoot.  Noelle picked out unpowered individuals she could afford to lose, closed her muscles tight around them, and spat out the partially formed nuggets along with a mess of the internal fluids.

The girl ducked low, landing on a fragment of road, using her forward momentum to skid toward Noelle as though she were snowboarding.  There was an explosion of debris as she kicked off the ground, and the girl soared toward Noelle, twisting in the air to land a kick with that same foot.

It felt like getting hit by a cannon.  Noelle’s stride broke and she had to plant one foot to the side to keep from falling over.

She’d lost ground, and Bitch was swiftly increasing the distance between them.

Noelle hesitated, then decided to let the girl go for the time being.  Better to defend herself, establish a better position.  While stationary, she could spit up an Undersider, swallow them back up again.  She’d read up on them, had talked to Trickster about them.  She had a good sense of what they were capable of.

But which one?  She had three.  Regent might work against this girl in white, but his influence would be too minor in the big picture.  His smell was weakest of the three.

Not that it was really a smell… but she was peculiarly aware of the people with powers, active or otherwise.  Each had a texture and a tone and a flavor, something she felt like she could come to understand.  She might have said it was taste, might have compared it to when she’d tried wine that one time and tried to see what the wine aficionados looked for when they sampled a vintage.  Except the word ‘smell’ worked better, because smell and taste were really very similar and smell worked over distances.

There was a difference in Skitter, Grue’s and Eidolon’s smells, along with a handful of the other visiting capes.  A smell that set them apart from the other parahumans in the same way that the other parahumans were set apart from the people who could have powers but didn’t.  An intensity.

She wished she’d spent more time researching the powers.  She hadn’t been able to bring herself to, had wanted only to distract herself from the thoughts of what was happening to her.

Which one to use?  Skitter was more dangerous in a general sense, but she wouldn’t stop the girl in white now.  That left Grue.

She didn’t spit, but simply contracted and let the body spill forth.  Sure enough, the real Grue tumbled out, prostrate, unable to move.  A tongue snaked out of her center-mouth and caught him before he could try to escape.  She’d swallowed him by the time her Grue was on its feet.

Noelle only had a glimpse of her Grue’s real form before he started cloaking himself in darkness.  He was muscular, broad-shouldered, his long hair slicked to his head by the fluids of the vomit.  Angry red ulcers studded his dark skin at set intervals.

He cast a glance over his shoulder at her as the darkness crept up over his shoulders and the back of his head.  His eyes were black from corner to corner, his teeth too large, misshapen much like his fingernails were, tangled together to the point that he couldn’t open his mouth.  It forced him into a perpetual grimace with his teeth bared.

He turned his back to her as the darkness covered his face, squared his shoulders.  The body language was clear.  He was protecting her.

He’s one of the useful ones, then.  Her copies of the little space warper had been like that.  Naturally inclined toward teamwork, disciplined.  The other three were more likely to run off.  They were still useful, but they did things in their own way.

Spheres of darkness appeared in her Grue’s hands.  One after the other, he hurled them at the girl in white.  The first missed, and the second seemed like it might do the same, until it arced in the air to strike her from the side.

The darkness was more like gum than smoke, and she struggled.  Noelle’s Grue closed the distance, moving over the surface of the road much as the girl in white had.

Then Noelle saw why and how.  A thread of darkness, barely thicker than a finger, extended from the sticky darkness to her Grue.  That would be how he’d moved the projectile in the air, and how he was absorbing her power.

The boy in armor created a fissure that spat debris into the air as it parted, aiming to separate the Grue and the girl in white.  By intent or accident, he cut the thread of darkness in the process.  Noelle’s Grue stopped, turned to face the tinker and created more spheres in his hands.

Those two were occupied.  Noelle turned to see Trickster dealing with the flying heroes.  Two were on the ground, prone.  That would be the result of Trickster baiting them into shooting one another.  The remaining hero had a weapon in hand but wasn’t shooting.

Eidolon was there too. His smell was interesting.  Complicated, but somehow off.  If he was using any particular method of attack on Trickster, then Noelle couldn’t see it.

Trickster disappeared from the skirmish with the flying heroes, putting one of her creations in his place.

She sniffed him out.  He was in the midst of the one batch of bodies that had piled up against the tinker’s makeshift wall.  They were turning on him, grabbing for his arms and legs.  He teleported to keep them from getting any serious leverage, but the escape was slow.

“Leave him!” she ordered, and her voice came out with surprising volume.

They didn’t listen.  They struck him, gripped his costume and dragged him to the ground.

Trickster shouted in alarm as he was submerged in the mass of clones.

Noelle advanced on her creations in as threatening a manner as she could, the ground shaking with her advance.  They noticed and backed away.

Trickster, for his part, didn’t even flinch as she closed the distance between the two of them, stepping within a few feet of him.

It would be all too easy to just snap her tongue at him.  Catch him, swallow him.

She held off.  Instead, she faced Eidolon and the other flying cape.

Trickster adjusted his hat and did the same.  The two of them against the world.

“It’s not you, it’s me,” she said.

Krouse folded his arms.  ”You can’t blame me at least a little?”

“No,” Noelle said, shaking her head.  If I could only explain, I would…  She could feel her throat seize up.  Worrying that her voice might crack if she spoke at the normal volume, she lowered her voice to a hush as she said, “You’ve been great.”

He spread his arms, “I don’t get it.  I thought we were doing fine.”

Doing fine?  How many hours had she spent lying awake in bed, agonizing over this relationship?  Hating herself?

She’d relapsed because of it, and recovering was proving to be a long, hard road.

“We aren’t!” Noelle said, “This is… it’s not working.”

“I’m okay with it.  I enjoy spending time with you, and I didn’t get any impression you were having that bad of a time, either.”

“But we don’t- we aren’t-”  She stared down at her feet.  ”We’re stalled.  It isn’t fair to you.”

That’s what you’re worried about?”

Only part of it.

“Don’t dismiss my concerns,” she said, and the anger in her own words surprised her.

“No’, it’s fine.  It’s cool.  I get that there’s stuff you’ve got going on that you don’t want to tell me about,” Krouse said.

Her breath caught in her throat at that.  Had Marissa told him?  Or had he figured it out?  It wasn’t like she hadn’t left signs.

He continued without a pause, “…I can be a bit of a jerk sometimes, but I’m not an idiot. And I’m not going to twist your arm to get you to share, either.  That’s your stuff, and I figure you’ll tell me in time.  Or you won’t.”

“It’s not fair to you.”  Noelle knew she was repeating herself, but it was the only argument she could make.  All of the others would involve discussing other topics, her issues.

And she couldn’t bring herself to do that.  Marissa knew, would keep quiet because she got it.  Marissa knew, wouldn’t bring it up, would back her up when needed.

Noelle loved Krouse, but she knew he wasn’t so graceful.  It would become something jarring, intruding on their everyday interactions.

“I’m not saying things have to be equitable or balanced or fair or any of that.  So who cares if things aren’t fair?”  Krouse asked.

“Don’t do that!”

She could see his expression change to bewilderment at her reaction.  He spread his arms, as if he were asking a question without opening his mouth.  I’m being irrational… but that’s the disease at work.

It took her a long time to find the words.

“Someone said, a little while ago,” Noelle spoke without looking at Krouse, “That I can’t really forge a good relationship with others until I have a good relationship with myself.

“You don’t?”  He asked.  I think you’re fantastic, if that counts for anything.”

The words stung, nettled her, as if they personified his lack of understanding.  She said as much, “You don’t know me.”

“I’ve been getting to know you some.  And I have yet to see anything that’s going to scare me away.”

She couldn’t keep going down this road, couldn’t have an argument, or she’d let something slip.  She stared at her feet.  ”…I don’t think we should date.”

“Okay.  If you think that’s for the best.  But I just need you to do one thing.  Look me in the eye as you tell me that.”

Noelle glanced up at him, then looked back down.  She tried to find the words, but both brain and mouth failed her.

“Because,” he went on, “I think you’ve seemed happier than I’ve ever seen you since we started going out.  Marissa said so, too.”

It’s… it’s a bad time for me, she thought, as if voicing the words in her head would let her utter them out loud.  The wrong moment.  Any earlier or later in my recovery…

He continued, “If you really feel like us dating is making things worse in the long run, then I’m perfectly okay with breaking it off.  I can leave the club if that makes things easier on your end.  It was your thing before it was mine, and you’ve got enough on your plate with being team captain.”

“I don’t want you to leave the club,” she said, meaning it.

“Okay,” he said.  He paused very deliberately.  She didn’t take the invitation to speak.

He sighed, ”Listen, I get the feeling today is a bad day.  Don’t know why it is, but it is.  And that happens.  Fine.  But I’m not willing to end this if it’s because the stars aligned wrong.  So I’m asking you to tell me that you’re worse off because we’re together.  Not asking for an explanation, just-”

Can’t do this.  Can’t break it off.  Not when he’s being this good about it.  Not when it’s making the both of us this miserable. 

“Never mind,” she said, abrupt.  I’ll find another way.

“Never mind?”

“I’m- just never mind.  Can we forget this conversation happened?”

“Sure,” he said.

Her feelings were a chaotic storm.  Relief, quiet joy, fear, misery, self loathing, panic…

I’m not well, she thought.

”Want me to walk you home?”  His voice was gentle.

She nodded mutely, unable to find the words to speak.  A simple five word confession would simultaneously explain everything and spoil the tone of their relationship.  She knew it, knew she was being irrational, that her recent relapse was making her that way, was making her nasty and emotional and unpredictable.

How could he not notice?  The way she picked at her food, the way Marissa got on her case about eating?  The countless other clues?  Yes, she’d been in recovery for much of the time they’d known each other, but… hadn’t he been paying attention?

She simultaneously loved and hated him, in that moment.  He was the best thing in the world for her, and the worst thing in the world for her, both at the same time.

And it wasn’t fair to him, putting that on his shoulders.

She was fighting with Eidolon.  The realization startled her.  She’d been adrift in vivid memories, and she’d lost time.

She sniffed, for lack of a better word, and found Skitter prone on the ground.  Her tongue snatched the girl up, and she swallowed the girl anew.  The taste and smell were right.  Good.

That spooked her.  Her body wasn’t making good decisions when it was on autopilot.  Or, at least, it wasn’t making decisions she’d accept.  Almost losing an Undersider?  No.

She double checked.  Skitter, Grue, Regent and the little space warper were safely ensconced inside her, each tucked away in neat little wombs, unconscious and helpless and safe from the ongoing fighting.

Why did you show me that?  Why was that so important?

There was no reply.  Never a reply.

Eidolon reached out with one hand, and she instinctively rushed out of the way.

The gravity effect hit her, and she could feel her flesh tearing, feel the extremities ripping: her ears, nose, lips and all the little pieces of her monstrous lower half.  At her shoulders, the top of her head, the flesh above her spine on her lower half, the flesh was pulled down and away until it started to rip.

Eidolon fell out of the air, hitting the ground hard.

Noelle turned her head, saw Regent.  Her Regent.  He was only half-formed, one arm missing, the features of his face more like a fetus than a teenage boy.

She smiled.  Maybe her other half had made some good decisions.

Her flesh was already knitting back together, everything shuffling into their proper places or shifting around to fill in gaps.  The fluid that welled from a bottomless source in her monstrous lower half bubbled up and coursed through her veins to supply the needed materials.

The girl in white hit her again, striking the joint of one outstretched limb.  Noelle swiped at the girl in mid-air with her other forelimb, came within inches of making contact.

The ground underfoot shattered.  Noelle leaped before the tinker could repeat the effect and sink her into another sand trap.

There was another explosion from beneath her.  She leaped to avoid the worst of that one.  She vomited in the direction of the tinker, but he was anticipating the attack.  He provoked an eruption of rock shards and dust midway between them.  The bulk of the flying bodies and fluids were knocked off course by the plume of debris.  With a third strike he raised a barrier around himself.  Two of the three bodies that hadn’t been stopped by the debris were caught on the shards of pavement.  One suffered a broken back, the other hit the edge of a fragment with enough force that his stomach was ripped open.

The third flew over the barrier.  The tinker caught it with a punch, and the piledriver in his gauntlet extended twice in an instant, punching two neat holes through the upper body.

He didn’t even wait for the body to hit the ground before striking and creating another fissure that extended beneath the barrier and beneath her.  She leaped out of the way before it opened wide enough to catch her or one of her feet.

It was bad timing.  She had been distracted by the recent vision.  Eidolon hit her square-on with another gravity attack.  Her flesh was savaged and split, she was almost immobilized under the force of it.  If the tinker used his power now-

Trickster broke Eidolon’s contact with the gravity field by teleporting him.  The hero reacted in an instant, releasing a half-dozen blue sparks from each hand.  They grew until they were each three feet across, crackling with electricity, moving at a walking pace as they slowly homed in on Trickster.

He had to teleport to avoid the closest one.  Only some of the orbs followed him to his new destination, the others remaining where they were.

Noelle opened fire on the tinker, two streams of vomit, each directed to one side of him.

She considered vomiting on the electric orbs, then thought twice about it.

Trickster teleported again, trying to maintain distance, but Eidolon had created more of the sparks, and the things were spreading out evenly across the battlefield, moving closer to Trickster if he got within ten paces of them.

It threatened to hamper her own movements too, Noelle noted.

Eidolon raised a hand in Trickster’s direction, and Trickster was quick to teleport away.  The gravity slam hit one of Noelle’s creations instead.  Trickster wound up within two paces of one orb, and had to scramble back before it touched him.

Noelle looked at him, remembered the scene from the most recent memory.  In this moment, with so many other people to be angry at, so many others to hate, she didn’t feel that bottomless resentment for Trickster that she’d experienced ever since the transformations started.

It wasn’t you, she thought.  I keep saying it was your fault.  It wasn’t.

She was already moving towards him as the thought came to her.

I blamed you for giving me the elixir.  The potion.  Whatever you call it.  But it was me.  I heard you guys talking about how the people who drank the stuff were supposed to get tested for psychiatric issues.  I didn’t tell you the Simurgh showed me visions of my worst days, of my relapses, my lowest points.  That she drove me into a state where I was reluctant to take the full dose, eager for a compromise.

She started running.

I knew all this, and if I’d only had the courage to say it, maybe this all would have gone a different way.

Oh, the irony, that this was what she’d become.

She crashed into the first of the lightning orbs.  She felt the current surge inside her, settle in her bones, latent.

A heartbeat later, every single orb that Eidolon had cast out flashed with visible arcs of electricity, striking her.  The energy ripped through her, stripping flesh from around the bone of her arm, her ribs, her spine, and the larger bones of her lower body.  The electricity surged to the ground and out the top of her head, stabbing toward the sky in a visible lightning strike.

Noelle staggered, touched one hand to her face, where her flesh had been distorted by the strike, separated from bone so it hung down, large patches of hair at the crown of her head burned away. The ends of her fingers where she’d touched the orb were blasted away, revealing bone.

She could feel it growing back, flesh knitting together.

Even this wasn’t enough to kill her.

She touched another, and it was worse, drawing on the residual energy from the first contact.

The third was worse still.

She’d complained of the sheer heat of this body before, but this… it was heat and pain on an inhuman level.  Transcendant.  Were she regular Noelle, Noelle without the powers, without the monstrous lower half and warped brain, even a tenth of this would knock her out, stop her heart from the sheer intensity of it.

On contact with the fourth orb, her frontmost legs collapsed under her, with everything within a half-foot of the major bones being rendered to little more than ash.  There was nothing to connect flesh to bone, and she toppled.

She roared, and for perhaps the second time in the past hour, both she and her monstrous half were in agreement.  With her other legs, she pushed herself forward, and extended one of her long tongues for the orb closest to Trickster.  To Krouse.  She screamed in pain and fury as it ripped through her, and another bolt stabbed toward the sky.

Too much damage, too fast.  She wasn’t healing fast enough.

A series of lightning strikes nearby marked the deaths of some of her clones.

Eidolon was there, too, at the end of the street.  The glow beneath his hood and sleeves was almost blue in the reflected luminescence of the twenty or thirty orbs that hovered around him.  A further twenty or thirty orbs were spread out over their immediate surroundings.

The others… the tinker had created short walls of stone to shield himself and the girl in white.  The rest of the battlefield consisted of bodies and other fallen.

Eidolon spoke into his wrist.  Noelle realized that there were other capes nearby when they each came to a stop, resting on rooftops and behind cover a few blocks away.

Short of Eidolon, there was nobody for Trickster to swap himself with.  And given that Eidolon had so many orbs in his immediate vicinity… no, Trickster swapping himself for Eidolon wasn’t an option.

Her other half hated him, and she was realizing just how much her monstrous body had been influencing her without her knowledge, now that her emotions were all pointed at this one individual, this one target.  It left her feelings towards everyone else at an almost normal level.  Her feelings for Krouse, her hatred of the Undersiders, her anger at Coil, each had been twisted, magnified, warped.

“If he does another gravity attack, I’m kind of dead,” Trickster said.

“He won’t,” Noelle rasped,  “He’d knock those orbs out of the air, and he’s counting on them to destroy me.  They probably will.”

As some of her tendons and ligaments knit together, she got two legs under her and positioned herself as close to Trickster as she could without touching him, shielding him from the orbs that were approaching at a crawling pace.

“I’m sorry,” Trickster said.

Noelle couldn’t bring herself to reply.  She wanted to say she was sorry too, that his apology was unnecessary, but a kind of indignant rage was rising deep within her, threatening to overwhelm her.  All of it was directed at Eidolon.

And in the midst of that rage, she felt a killing instinct she hadn’t experienced before.  Even coming this far, she’d never wanted to kill.  She’d wanted the Undersiders dead, yes, she’d tried to kill people, but a part of her had always held back from wanting to kill, from wishing to carry out the act of murder herself.

To execute this man who sought to end her existence.

It wasn’t her desire, not really.  It was her body’s.

“You want to kill?” she asked.  “You really think you can fight your way through this?”

“What?” Trickster asked.  “What are you talking about?”

Not talking to you, she thought.  “I have two conditions.  Don’t harm Trickster, and make it a nice memory this time.”

Then she let her defenses down.  Her other self took over, and it wasn’t her memory that she experienced.

Some of the others departed early.  Others were readied to depart soon after arrival.  Still others, this one included, were to wait.

They were one, they were all.  A collective, a single entity, a trillion times a trillion entities.  Each with a function in the whole, each with a role in the cycles, each with an individual identity.

As one, they traveled.  The distance was immeasurable, the passage of time impossible to convey.  There was no standard, for there were realms they had traveled where time and space operated on different levels.

For all, their own kind was the only standard, the only thing that remained relatively static through the cycles.  When they met their own kind they shared with each other.  When a new cycle was carried out, everything of the parent was borne by their spawn.

And the collective moved toward their destination.  They operated as a whole to decipher it, to pick apart the permutations, see the futures and the possibilities.

But for this one entity, which existed as part of the whole, there was a target within that destination.  When it came time for this one to depart, it would seek out a particular individual, and it would bond with that individual.  This one would fragment itself if others met the criteria; if there was time and opportunity enough then it would move to better candidates, younger or more able ones with a greater ability to affect the cycle.  This one would wait until the time was right, and then it would activate, come into the identity and role that had been ingrained into its being.

All to serve this cycle.

With the help of the collective, this one could see its objective.  A single living being.  This one encoded that being, the time and place in its very makeup.  It would be ready.

Noelle’s eyes went wide.

It wasn’t me.

Whatever her body was, the intelligence and purpose that lurked inside her other half, whatever these powers were.  It had all gone to the wrong person.

Gone to the wrong person, askew from the beginning, then twisted further by her own psychological issues, messed up by the fact that she’d only taken half a dose.

The realization and the confusion that came with the vision were compounded as she stared at her surroundings.

Her minions surrounded her: two copies of Trickster; a skinny girl with long dark hair, covering herself with her arms and a carpeting of rodents, Skitter;  a Grue; a Regent; two blondes who would be copies of the girl in white; four of the civilians, and one she didn’t recognize as any of the civilians she’d absorbed.  The tinker.  Eight of them in all.

Her flesh was knitting together.  Wounds as bad as the ones before, and worse ones.  Eidolon had apparently wanted to spare her captives, because the electricity had only affected her, her flesh as it surrounded her bones.  He had selected that power with their safety in mind.

And there he was, in front of her.  Eidolon, on his knees, covered in bile and blood.

“Why?” he asked, in an eerie, distorted voice.

You want to know why I did this?  Where would I start?  Why would I even tell you, when you tried to kill me, kill Trickster?

She was breathing too hard to respond, even with her nearly bottomless stamina.

“Why isn’t it working?”  He asked.

“I…” she had to stop for breath, “I don’t care.  Whatever it is.”

“I was supposed to get stronger, and there’s nothing.  Nothing at all to reach for.”

She turned, saw Trickster on his hands and knees, covered in the fluids of her vomit.

You weren’t supposed to hurt him.

You were supposed to give me a nice vision, for that matter, she thought.

“Why?” Eidolon asked.

“I don’t care,” she said, again.  She took a deep breath before speaking again, though there was little point, when it was this entire body that was so drained.  “I… it’s your choice.  We continue this fight, and my creatures run, they do whatever damage they can, and it’s weeks before you find every last one… or you let me go.”

Eidolon struggled to his feet.  “Let you go?”

“Three Undersiders down.  Three to go.  Then I give myself up.  Deal stands.”

“What’s to say you keep that promise?”

“Nothing.  But you don’t have another choice, do you?”

Eidolon didn’t respond.

“I’ll even let you call in reinforcements,” she offered.

“Your knight in shining armor took it,” Eidolon spoke.  “The wristband I use for communications.”

Noelle turned to Trickster, and he extended one hand, holding out one of the wristband displays.  Noelle took it.

Her Skitter was watching, looking concerned.

“Don’t fucking look at me,” Noelle spat the words at her minion.

Her Skitter turned her eyes to the ground.

“Trickster said you thrived on this kind of impossible fight.  Prove it.  Or die horribly.  I don’t care.”

Her Skitter looked up and smiled, lopsided.  Half the girl’s face was paralyzed, Noelle realized.  She wondered if the real Skitter had spaces between each of her teeth like that, or the gnarled twist of a nose.

Noelle turned back to Eidolon, waited for his decision.

“Okay,” he intoned.  She gave him a curt nod.

Tentatively, Eidolon slid the armband into place and pressed a button.  “Requesting reinforcements to my location.  In bad shape, need to mop up some clones.”

Her Regent said something she couldn’t make out.  He talked as though his tongue was too large for his mouth.  He had more muscle than fit on his frame, stretching his skin almost comically tight.  It was easy to believe the problem extended to the inside of his mouth.

“And they let me pass uncontested,” she said.

He spoke into the armband again.  “Do not engage target Echidna.”

Understood,”  a woman’s voice came from the armband.

“Echidna?” Noelle asked.

“One of the PRT members coined it,” Eidolon said.  He was eyeing her minions warily.  “Said he had a three year old girl called Noelle, didn’t want to associate her with something like you.”

“What was his last name?”

Eidolon gave her a wary look.  “Meinhardt.”

“Okay,” Noelle said.

Then she turned to run, leaving Trickster behind.

Her nose led her to the remaining Undersiders.

Back home, insofar as she had one.  The same place where she’d been kept contained for weeks.  Coil’s headquarters.

Surfacing from her dream, she’d temporarily supplanted the killer instinct that was demanding Eidolon’s head.  Now that she was closer, her thoughts were afire with thoughts of revenge, and that killer instinct was welling up again.  The idea that she’d maybe had the chance to get back to normal, that her friends had maybe been close to going home, and the Undersiders had taken all that away, it made her want to scream.  To inflict punishments worse than death on them.

Her vision from before lingered.  The entity.  The thing that was taking her over, that had made her a monster, it had an identity, now.  She wouldn’t say it had a face, but it was no longer a vague malevolent force, now.

Part of her felt sympathetic for it, because this thing that shared her body had been wronged by some nebulous circumstance.  In that, at least, they were kindred.

Another part of her was just bewildered.  The memory it had shared with her was so vast, it changed everything, had left her feeling like her problems here were so small, so miniscule.  Even this, this fight, her revenge, in a way it felt artificial, false.

It’s not my world, she thought.  It’s almost like a game.  Killing characters in some false, barbaric setting.

If she felt like she was more in sync with it, now, did that mean she’d lost ground in her perpetual war with the entity, her other half?  So much ground lost, so fast, in the heat of this battle?

She shook her head.  Focus.

The tunnels that Coil had used to move his trucks in and out of the base had been collapsed, and it had been recent.  She could smell the smoke from the explosives.  She spat out a Vista, then another, and another, until she had one that could give her a way in, shrinking the rubble and expanding the corridor.

In her restlessness, unable to shake the idea that her sanity was slipping away moment by moment, she pushed her way through the last length of the rubble, absorbing it into herself and spitting it out behind her, moving through it as though she were a thick fluid; even her bones dissolved when needed.  The only thing that slowed her down were the capes she’d stored within herself.  Each of the three Undersiders, the tinker, and the girl in white.  She used her strength to wedge gaps sufficient to squeeze the individual organs through.

She brute-forced her way through the last few feet of the barrier, and paced her way into the interior, the ground shaking with her footfalls.  The vault door was still open, crumpled, and the entire interior was lit only by red emergency lights.

Tattletale was on the metal walkway, hands gripping the railing.  Bitch was on the ground, with no less than seven dogs around her, each of varying size.

Noelle could smell the Protectorate and Wards members moving towards her location.  She was put in mind of the memory her entity had granted her only a little while ago, of the night her team had passed the qualifiers for nationals.  She’d passed the point of no return, and now the enemy forces were collapsing in on her.

She smiled a little.  She would almost thank Tattletale for this, if she wasn’t so eager to rend the girl limb from limb, to wipe the smile from her face and hear her screams.  All that aside, Noelle hadn’t felt more like herself in a long time, and she had these circumstances to thank.

The difference between this scenario and that one, really, was that the reinforcements were minutes away.  This fight wouldn’t last that long.

“Well then,” Tattletale grinned.  Her tightening grip on the railing betrayed the emotion she was trying to hide.  “Come on.  Do your worst.”

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  5. So…interesting. The lil partner that wanted to go to one specific home was denied that because Cauldron’s formula intercepts other people’s destined partners. It was an aberrant partner anyway, one with more individual will than normal. I think this makes a good case for the Endbringers being the result of Cauldron’s experiments when they drew similar ones to the wrong people.

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    • Didn’t notice her grabbing Tecton. I considered the possibility due to something Dreamfarer and anyone else who has played CoH might remember.

      Jim Temblor, aka Faultline II. An Earth melee/defense tanker who becomes a hero using his dead father’s pseudonym after you help him uncover the truth about his father and reveal it to the world with the help of a tall, superstrong, and invincible archeologist with purple hair named Doc Delilah (an obvious reference to Hulk character Doc Samson, a psychiatrist with long green hair whose own superstrength and invincibility was tied to the length of his hair).

      • As Noelle’s climbing through the rubble, she mentions having “the tinker” inside her. I think she grabbed him while she was having that last memory. Temblor is obviously going to be Tecton. Gross could be Grace. Vizier is Regent. That leaves Abhorror as Grue.

    • I have to think Eidolon made the right call there. He had lost. Noelle won. If he said “no” she probably would have killed him on the spot.

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        Also, Endbringers were never human, so they aren’t Cauldron serum gone wrong, though Cauldron may still be involved in another manner. And that can explain why Scion looked at superhero, who hijacked passenger with contempt.

        • The thing growing on Noelle is her passenger, resentful of having gone to the wrong person due to Cauldron, and slowly consuming Noelle into itself as it takes control. Her own issues didn’t help matters. It is even flashing back her memories like Simurgh and is capable of showing her its own.

          If this can happen to one person due to Cauldron’s serum, it can happen to others and is our current best idea as to their origin in terms of evidence.

          The Endbringerd were never human. They are the passengers.

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      • It may be possible Skitter had her trigger event while Noelle was having that Passenger flashback or that Skitter’s secondary trigger was the reason Noelle saw that in the first place rather than the happy memory she requested.

        Also considering the state of Eidolon and Trickster, the only two capes mentioned after Noelle comes back to reality are both groaning and on their knees, can be easily explained as one getting a thrashing from Echidna and the clones and being coughed up respectively.

        • No, Skitter’s ‘scent’ was up with Grue and Eidolon’s power a bit before Noelle had the vision blackout. UnlessSkitter’s getting a third trigger event, I don’t think the vision is related.

          • Yeah, Noelle can sense passengers and we already knew from Bonesaw that Skitter had a strong one. I’m guessing most Trump’s probably also have a strong passenger given how much they need to be doing. Tattletale and Panacea also.

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      • I think the Skitter-clone would be Scurry.
        As for what happens with ‘rats vs. bugs’, we’ve already seen that one. It didn’t end well. For the rats I mean.

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    Big thing here is the much deeper insight into the entities and their cosmic goal. Though cliche, seems like Cauldron really is messing with things beyond their understanding.

    Narratively, this is probably the best interlude I’ve ever read. Not only are the flashbacks pertinent to the plot, they also have a reason for being where they are in the flow of things. They also let get the shock of seeing the results of battle right after, without feeling cheated out of an action scene. And the action scenes are great already.

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    Trickster, you must die. Painfully is always nice but at this point faster is quickly becoming preferred. Why couldn’t Eidolon’s ‘Zappy Fun Balls’ (TM) let you ride the lightning?

    Noelle, sucks you be you. Unfortunately you’re also making lots of other people’s lives suck and I have to go with the majority’s safety over an individual’s sympathy. See you in Hell. Maybe we can go get something to eat when we meet there… oh wait.

    1:00 am is too early for coherent commenting.

    • Fun thought, if Noelle had drunk the whole thing, I’m guessing her power set would have been less ludicrous and evil but probably included the ability to compress all that mass instead of getting bigger. So eat all you want and never get fat…

      That’s like the dream of someone with Bulimia. Just missed that one Noelle.

    • Trickster at least stuck with Noelle, I can understand that.

      Also, why does everyone keep saying it was Cauldron’s fault that the passenger went to the wrong place. It was The Simurgh that caused the events that lead to Noelle getting that passenger.

    • It says something that I find Regent and Trickster to be the most noble characters in this setting, at least going by backgrounds. Sure, the Wards (excluding Sophia), are nice and all, but I would lay even odds that most of them would turn out much worse if their positions were swapped.

  11. I wonder if Noelle intercepted someone else’s passenger due to Cauldron’s manipulations or Simurgh’s. I was under the impression that Cauldron could grant the same power giving mixture several times which sounds more like copying than redirecting to me. On the other hand Noelle herself seems to be able to copy powers the same way cauldron does.

    With cauldron we had had discussion how a certain component might manifest itself with different but related powers every time it is used. Similarly the clones have all variations of the same power the original had. The same mechanism seems to be at work in both.

    I also think we saw that Noelle’s powers don’t enable her to see through Imp’s when she gets to the lair she seems to totally have forgotten about her and only sense Tattletale and Bitch. Could Imp be quick enough to rescue one of their friends the next time they get accidentally vomited up?

    Also, Eidolon is a dick, but casually giving up the name of the one who named Noelle for no reason seems perhaps the worst dick move he made. Noelle is probably considering hunting down her namesake right now.

    One interesting thought is that Noelle was supposed to be bad with names and to think of people in terms of the powers they had, yet she uses names for Skitter, Grue and Regent. Maybe because her grudge is personal or perhaps she doesn’t know or perhaps an accurate description would be a mild spoiler for the story, such as Grue being described as someone who can redirect powers not steal or copy them.

    Regarding the powers we see Skitter clone controlling rodents. Since that power is supposed to be a boosted or twisted variation of the original it brings into question certain things we assumed about her power. The idea that her powers were limited by the complexity of the nervous system of the creatures she controls does no longer hold true. Rats are complicated and smart and actually fairly closely related to humans (closer than cats or dogs at least). If the clone could control everything with a mind less complex than a rat there would be very few things she couldn’t control. The limitation that skitter or her clones work under does not appear to come from biology but rather from human classifications as belonging to a particular group.

    Finally there was the part about Echidna briefly vomiting up the true Skitter. she appeared too dazed to do anything while she was outside, but Noelle’s power of shutting of other people’s powers only works if they are inside her. Perhaps skitter was briefly able to use her power while she was free and contact the outside world perhaps Tattletale or someone else. I was wondering for a moment if she even reeled in the right one and not just a clone that tasted right, but since she was able to clone her afterwards she must have.

    • I’ve always assumed that Skitter’s powers were limited more by the phylum of creature she’s controlling, rather than the relative complexity of its nervous system. Everything she’s been able to control so far has been an arthropod, to the best of my knowledge.

      • The heartworms she sensed and controlled in one of bitch dogs were nematods not arthropods. This would at the very last mean that she could control everything that falls under the umbrella of ecdysozoa.

        I think there were also some mentioning of her being able to sense earthworms which fall under annelids and would mean that she could control all Protostomes.

        While this might be possible I think it is not a matter of cladistics but rather of what appears to be the same sort of thing to a young teenager without a biology degree: creepy-crawlies like insects, spiders, centipede and all sort of worms.

        The fact that a clone of her can control rats or possible all rodents make this even more obvious because that is a power only affecting a single order at best while the original could affect creatures across different phylums. We know that the clone’s power must stop at the order level because the next step up from the order rodentia would be the superorder euarchontoglires which includes humans. (There is perhaps a step between that would include only rabbits etc, but that would be it.)

        I think the clones power is less based on biology or genetics, but rather on some sort of classification like “vermin” or even just “rats”.

  12. One thing this chapter really illustrates is why military forces aren’t being fielded against even the lower tier capes. For example, I imagine that Tecton would absolutely obliterate most modern military forces. He can ruin the mobility of vehicles and easily sense and trap infantry.

    • A sniper round to the face would put a stop to many parahumans though. I wonder how Jack Slash and Bonesaw are still alive as they can’t be close to Siberian all the time and Everyone knows what they look like. I can see why they don’t really use them against the Endbringers. Leviathan is too fucking fast and its hard to shoot while you are in the middle of a tidal wave. Behemoth might as well be invincible, anything you hit him with just gives him more juice to redirect. Only very fast vehicles could afford to hit the Smurf/get away before the time limit is up and she could easily tear them apart as they aren’t living beings.

      • A sniper round to the face would obviously NOT put down bonesaw or anyone she has worked on, which includes all of the nine. They were massively upgraded and while a sniper round might cause them serious problems they would get back up and hunt that sniper down and torture him to death.

        I would go so far as to say a sniper would not be able to put down any of the capes that actually matter in the grand scheme of things. Most of them seem to have some form of defensive power that would let them negate at least one sniper shot.

        This talk of snipers doesn’t really negate my point that most military forces would not be particularly effective against the capes in general. Not all soldiers are snipers, infantry and vehicles would end up having massive problems against all sorts of capes, and I think this chapter illustrates that quite well. Grace would rip through a tank like it was tissue paper, and I don’t imagine that infantry would fair all that much better, and she doesn’t seem like an amazing cape or anything.

        • Miss Militia’s super power is basically just having every gun imaginable and she is the new leader of the PRT. Plus lets face it the heroes are pretty outnumbered. I agree that the military probably wouldn’t be too effective but Coil showed that having well trained/well armed solders can make a difference. The government does have the power to call in the national guard to maintain order in an emergency. Has the story every mentioned how much armed personnel the PRT can field? Piggot was part of a 4man team armed with foam and there is mention of net guns. Hitting Noelle with foam while she was stuck in the pit might have contained her.

      • Everyone knows what Jack and Bonesaw look like? They know what they looked like the last time they showed up, and they know what all of the surgically modified victims will look like…

      • Sniper’s require a lot of support and the element of surprise.

        Considering that deploying mortars against the Undersiders with excellent information still failed, we can probably just write that plan off.

      • Snipers wouldn’t work on the Nine too well unless they were using Tinker augmented weapons I think. Considering that Bonesaw was stated to have pretty much wrapped anything important in all of them in ultra durable sheathes you’d need depleted uranium rounds to even stand a chance and I doubt it’d do much good even then. Now if you were to spray a full auto burst through a range of their body so that there is enough bleeding from the veins and whatever arteries aren’t wrapped and managed to keep them from getting to shelter long enough to bleed out you might stand a chance of killing them with bullets…maybe.

      • Are there any powerful navies in the wormverse? I mean it should be child’s play for Leviathan to smash a carrier fleet and he moves too damn fast under water to hit with a torpedo. With the government so strapped for funds that they are talking of condemning cities, the naval budget might have been targeted for budget cuts.

      • Well Dragon’s interlude mentions that Armsmaster was working on way to mass produce his computer prediction system for law enforcement. Some of Coil’s mercenaries also have their high powered lazer attachments. But there has to be reason that there isn’t more mass produced tinker tech. Some might only work in their presence or they can give out the plans and a step by step guide but they are the only ones who can build it at all. I am going to guess that it might simply be too expensive to actually mass produced tinker tech to any great degree.

    • Oh come on, he’s a moron but he’s just trying to help the girl he loves.

      Tell me Grue wouldn’t have done similar if Skitter had gone monstrous and crazy.

      I mean I don’t agree with it, but it’s not like he’s just trying to be evil.

      • The problem is that hew could have saved his girl about a thousand times now if he had not made simply all the wrong decisions that were possible.
        Among other things, Tatletale has a much better chance of really helping Noele than anyone else.

      • Trying to help the girl he loves kill hundreds of people needlessly. By dropping his other friend from what might have been a bone crunching height judging by how fast her sun went out.

        Now neither Trickster or Noelle are particularly EVIL. But neither of them can be bothered to act otherwise either. It’s completely senseless, almost worse than what people like Coil and Kaiser did. Atleast they had goals.

        • I could at least respect Coil, even if I couldn’t really like him. He thought ahead carefully, didn’t treat his “employees” too poorly and attempted to keep his promises. Most of his promises. The one time he didn’t REALLY went poorly for him.

          As for Kaiser, if I were a mercenary sort like Faultline I’d work for him so long as he paid.

          • Getting back on topic…I’ve always wanted to read about a second person drawn and quartered in the story. You know, for comparing.

          • Two of the promises that he made…he didn’t really let go of Dinah and he kept leading Noelle on.

            I sure hope that you wouldn’t join a paramilitary hate group. Really, that’s the only thing binding the group together. As far as I could tell, Kaiser and his lieutenants (with the possible exception of Purity) didn’t even care that much about their own troops.

        • I’m pretty sure that betraying and killing your teammates counts as evil under just about any moral framework, lol.

          Noelle is not totally in control of herself, so it’s harder to draw the line, but I definitely wouldn’t describe her as totally innocent, either.

      • Actually, I kinda agree with this. If Grue had gone semi-Endbringer and Skitter was defending him as he fought off allied hero and villain groups we would be cheering her on. Probably thinking “bad move”, but still rooting for her.

        To an extent, Krouse has the disadvantage here of invoking our ire because his goals are opposed to the protagonist.

      • Unfortunately I agree with you. By this point Trickster has gone so far that he can’t bring himself to turn away. He gave up his humanity for his girl basically and while he may understand that Noelle is basically gone it he’s gone past the point of no return so he might as well keep going with a tad bit of hope or at least die with her.

        It’s sad and I do hope he dies for the betrayal and general dickish/stupidity but I can understand him.

  13. I love the idea of Scurry, God that is such a tongue in cheek name. Tell me Wildbow, how long have you been planning that name for this scene? I just have to know.

  14. Well given that he turned on everyone, not just the Undersiders, I find myself blaming Trickster far less. He’s just prone to making things worse while trying to help.

    As to Noelle…you utter, cowardly moron. Well done wrecking all the plans that might have helped you. Not to mention showing everyone where the awesome underground base is.

    • I am convinced that his exposure to Simurgh is what is causing him to constantly make the worst decisions possible. The things he does are so monumentally stupid that I can’t see any other way to justify them.

      • Some of his ideas were good ones. He handled Accord well, at least.
        And he gave Skitter a gun… Wait, no, she used that to escape the Warehouse Deathtrap and kill Coil. So he’s only got incredibly bad luck, not sufficient stupidity as to be indistinguishable from malice.

    • Oh, fuck off. She’s just barely holding back from letting the monster in her take over, how can you possibly blame her for every single bad moral or tactical decision she makes?

      • I can understand some level of frustration at her, and we’re obviously not supposed to sympathize with Echidna. But at this point I feel like most of the things she does are fueled by Monster Noelle’s hatred and bloodlust, and whatever of her is left is severely traumatized and worn down by years of struggling against her powers and her disorder even before that. That level of aggression on my part was uncalled for, though. Sorry.

  15. Heh, can’t decide if the vision Noelle got was really someone having a trigger event, or a legit info-dump regarding the nature of the universe (and in particular, how Cauldron is fucking up).

  16. wow, this is really excellent writing. Keep it up. Do you have plans to give skitter a second trigger event? I really want her to make the difference.

    • Poor???
      first he is stupid enough to give up his power immunety
      second he gets defeated
      third she doesn’t copy him
      and last she even spares his live

      not so much poor as a fucking lucky bastard

      • And to top it off he goes and loses his wristband. Hard to blame him for that bit, though you do have to wonder how that’s going to mess with the “screen stops working when taken off” thing. It might make him hard to pick out from a clone. Especially when he just told everyone to let Noelle past.

        Be interesting to see if his luck holds out when the clone clean up crew arrives…

      • And Eidolon doesn’t even TRY to bargain for the lives of the Wards she enveloped. I mean seriously, selling out a team of supervillains for what you believe is the greater good is one thing, but at least look out for what is ostensibly YOUR side in the process, and try to get her to conform to the original deal.

        It’s easy to see now why Scion gave him the look he did during the Leviathan fight.

      • Yes, poor. He’s trying as hard as he can to pace himself and wear her down while simultaneously putting himself in enough danger to access a new hypothetical power source. Stop ragging on him.

        • Eidolon seems to be a very divisive character for the fanbase (as, to a lesser extent, is Taylor). I put it down to Wildbow’s skill at creating realistically complex characters.

          • I hear that. I also haven’t read past this point, so I only have cursory knowledge of his personality. And it is true that they show the moral balance of the characters very effectively.

  17. Heh, Reagent requested a Beard of Evil for his Evil Twin/Clones but it seems that he forgot he was already evil so his twin/clones would be the good ones.

    Would it be utterly tasteless to call Noelle’s ability: Unlimited Fake Works?

  18. It suddenly occurs to me that Noelle might not be able to absorb Bitch’s dogs because they are made of the same sort of material that she is.

  19. Question Wildbow, where did Brian go to School?

    I just realised that he is the only other Undersider to have gone to high school in Brockton Bay. Which of the high school’s did he go to? Was he a sempai to Skitty? Or at the Ward school?

  20. This is pretty off topic for the chapter, but a comment made me think of it: It seems kind of weird that a formula would give you a vision, just like the trigger event. I can’t help but think of anyone who got their powers from a formula as having artificial superpowers, and people who got them naturally should be the only one’s having the visions. And this thing about how it wasn’t destiny for Noelle to get the formula…I just have trouble tying in superpowers-in-can with visions. The more I think about it, the more I think Cauldron is deeply related to whatever’s going on in the visions. Like an agent of them, or something.

  21. kitting –> knitting
    It left her feelings for others [at] almost normal [levels]. [Yet] her feelings

    I’m not exactly sure of the second one. It just felt like you’re trying to avoid saying feeling feelings or something like that.

    I like the sense of awe and majesty the characters (and I) get when they catch a glimpse of these extra-dimensional beings. It’s also interesting that we’re starting to get a picture of what they’re like, but not really, since each has their own perspective.

    It’s also interesting to see that the passengers (or at least Noelle’s “passenger”) are self-aware and united, enough to see each body as simply part of the whole.

  22. Fun fact. Worm just passed 10,000 comments.

    The 10,000th comment, I believe, is the one about someone being drawn & quartered, further up. Somehow fitting.

  23. Hehe, I noticed that in her last count of capes, after clearing the tunnels, she didn’t have vista anymore. Yay!

    Side note, WordPress didn’t email about this post . . .

  24. It just occurred to me but since every non-interlude chapter (excluding those of Migration) are from Skitter’s point-of-view, I’m wondering just how the next chapter is going to be like.

    My money’s on it being either Skitter having some trippy, acid dream sequence right out of 20th century Disney or the entire chapter coming from the point-of-view of Scurry which would be a neat twist.

    • My guess is that we’re going to time skip to months in the future when Skitter escapes/is rescued from Noelle’s stomach. In that time the world has gone completely to hell and Skitter will spend the next several chapters getting caught up while fighting for her life.

      Also, wildbow, I just want to say I’m really liking your story.

  25. did I understand this right? Noelle said that Skitter’s, Grue’s and Eidolon’s taste/smell was more intense than that of the other parahumans – in the same way normal parahumans tasted more intense than a normal human. So, this probably means that Skitter and Eidolon have already had their second trigger events

    • I was thinking it may be the potential for a second trigger event. Maybe not all metahumans are able to have second trigger events in the same way that not all humans are able to have trigger events. But this would mean that her ability to “smell” powers doesn’t make a distinction between a trigger event that has already happened and one that hasn’t happened yet.

      • I was thinking that it was an undiluted power. The entity mentions fragmenting in it’s memory so I figure that the stronger the smell the less fragmented the power. For example: Regent’s power would be a fragment of his father’s.

      • Passengers appear to be responsible for the particulars of a power and its general, day-to-day operation, as well as how it affects the power grantee. I suspect, then, that second trigger events give the passenger entity greater “freedom” to break the laws of physics–hence why second triggers always appear to enhance a power. So, Noelle senses the strength of a passenger, perhaps?

  26. The smile. Scurry is so going rogue. She’ll stay and fight a bit, even the score with Flechette then hasta la vista. Fast forward and she and the gang will be in some slum with an army of rats with minions in fear to spare. Then Scurry will sit in her big black leather chair stroking a glossy giant rat, cackling to her hearts content.

  27. What kind of barbarian deals lower damage than anyone else? More to the point, what kind of party were they fighting? Challenging the cleric, healer, or other support character probably would have made more sense, if there was one.

    • Rogue Legacy is the first our-world example that comes to mind: babas aren’t always melee powerhouses, sometimes they’re tanky.

      Given that in the system they were playing in babas are lower damage, it make sense to challenge them to reduce the damage taken from more hazardous sources, exactly as she justified.

        • It’s not explicitly mentioned that there’s a healer in the enemy team, or that healers even exist in this setting.

          The classes named for the other team were Hag, Chronomancer, Barbarian, Bandit. Unless I missed it that makes one character not accounted for, which could be anything, but I’m assuming A) there wasn’t a healer, and(or because) B) Noelle is clearly very, very good at what she does and I’d assume she wouldn’t make such a dumb tactical call for no reason.

            • That, I agree on thoroughly; as a dedicated deconstructor however, I think it’s an interesting subversion of standard tropes and could make for a very interesting game paradigm. Taking out the “always focus the healer first” paradigm would make for more complex interactions.

              It’s also possible that the team they were up against simply specced without a healer, relying on their CC/DPS capabilities to cover the slack. Might be a risky strategy and it didn’t work out for them in this case but it clearly could have if just a thing or two more had gone their way.

              • That would be interesting.

                And in most games with healers, it’s generally agreed that going into battle without one is tantamount to suicide. Why would this one be different?

              • Hope you see this, we reached the nesting limit for comments.

                It usually is, which is why I said it’d be a risky strategy, but depending on the context of the game in question (which Wildbow clearly left pretty vague) it might be possible to mount a specific strategy around not having a healer. Taking 3 CC classes instead of the typical one with maybe a secondary CC to cover, for example, could help to mitigate incoming damage enough to reduce the need for a healer.

                More tellingly to me, however, is that none of Noelle’s team is described as healing either. Highwayman, Shaman, Challenger, unnamed range class… Reading back through this has me even more confused now actually, because there’s no fifth character named but it seems pretty clear that there are 5 PCs plus a dungeon overseer on each team, so I can’t make things add up completely here.

              • Wildbow; love the RotMG sprites used, and thank you for the further clarification!

                I guess I was confused by the phrase “The three remaining enemy heroes bum-rushed her”, I assumed that meant 3 in addition to the Barbarian she already had challenged, but reading back through it I can see that it just refers to the entire party less the deceased Chronomancer. Confusion cleared.

                And the line “this forces them to teleport out to heal” seems to confirm to me that “healer” is not a role represented by any of the classes.

                I would play the everloving fuck out of this game if it existed.

              • Healers exist, but it’s just as easy to ‘dip’ into healer to get something and make it a minor job covered by 2-3 people.

  28. I am amused that Noelle recognizes Leet because he isn’t any of the civilians she devoured. She remembers civilians better than Leet!

  29. “a charging bull with a jellyfish-like tentacles trailing behind her”

    “with a jellyfish” –> “with jellyfish” OR “tentacles” –> “tentacle”

  30. Fantastic interlude. Shed lots of light on lots of different bits of the story. Noelle having an eating disorder when her power makes her grow unboundedly and vomit everywhere makes so much sense (in a yucky kind of way).

    Funny that everyone reckons the passenger-POV flashback indicates Cauldron are diverting passengers to the wrong people. I interpreted the “not me” as tying in with the line about passengers fragmenting. The passenger’s original target was the first person to get that power. Then Cauldron extracted some serum from that first recipient. Everyone time someone gets that serum, it causes the passenger to split again. So Noelle has an impression of who the first person to receive “Prince” powers was. (Or was it “Deus”?)

  31. When Eidolon asks Noelle for his armband back, he calls it a wristband. You might want to change that (my impression is they go up on the bicep except for capes with non-standard sized arms).

  32. I had “2500 Tons of Awesome” and “Mako” from the Pacific Rim soundtrack playing when I read this and it was scarily appropriate.

  33. I almost feel sorry for Eidolon. He’s a desperate arrogant idiot but he does seem to have the best of interests at heart. Not sure how far that goes but at least it’s there.

    Hmm very intriguing bit about the passengers. I am extremely curious now as to just who Echidna was supposed to look for. Not Eidolon I’m guessing considering the shear hate. That’s two who felt such disgust/hatred for him including Scion. Something is up with that guy.

  34. “Marissa knew, would keep quiet because she got it. Marissa knew, wouldn’t bring it up, would back her up when needed.”


    “Someone said, a little while ago,” Noelle spoke without looking at Krouse, “That I can’t really forge a good relationship with others until I have a good relationship with myself.“
    this line annoyed me the first time around too. did a shrink tell her that? that is one terrible shrink. so what, she’s not allowed to feel wanted and loved just because she’s sick or recovering? the ‘don’t love until you love yourself’ advice is disastrous, hurting more than helping, because they basically say you don’t deserve love until you’re fixed. and that’s just bullshit.

  35. Oh geez. This chapter did such a good job of fleshing out No’s character. Her struggling with an eating disorder means so much to me.

    I loved the depiction of the LoL-esque game too. Very well described without having to detail the particulars of the game itself 😀

  36. “tagged Abhorror, Bastard, Bentley, Bitch, Charlatan, Eidolon, Grace, Gross, Noelle, Regent, Scurry, Tattletale, Tecton, Temblor, Vizier”

    Scurry (Skitter)
    Abhorror (Grue)
    Vizier / Regent
    Temblor / Tecton
    Gross / Grace
    Bastard, Bentley, Bitch, Noelle, and Tattletale don’t have copies.

    Trickster. Duh.
    Why is Trickster not tagged?

  37. I think I just realized something I hadn’t before. Certainly not at this point in the story.

    Fact: Noelle asks for a happy memory, and her other half shows her that it had a specific host in mind (but it wasn’t her). She wakes up and finds Eidolon on the ground in front of her.

    Fact: The thing sharing Noelle’s mind is the same type of thing other parahumans see when they get trigger events.

    Fact: All parahuman powers have at least some combat application.

    Fact: Eidolon said to Dr. Yamada that if he couldn’t help fight the Endbringers and save humanity, he had nothing to live for.

    (Fhccyrzragny: Gurer’f bar cnenuhzna ba Rnegu jub zvtug or n zngpu sbe uvz, naq ur qryvorengryl frrxf bhg bccbaragf gung cbfr n erny guerng.)

    Fact: Noelle identifies powers by a sense analogous to scent, and says that Eidolon smells “off”.

    Fact: Eidolon is the only cape on the planet who even slightly approaches Zion’s level of power and flexibility, but Cauldron has to keep giving him booster shots, because his powers don’t fit right and they keep threatening to slip away.

    (Fhccyrzragny: Crbcyr hfhnyyl fnl gung Mvba ybbxf fnq, ohg jura ur frrf Rvqbyba, uvf rkcerffvba vf qrfpevorq nf qvfthfgrq.)

    Conclusion: Eidolon was the intended host for Noelle’s other half.

    The entity showed Noelle a happy memory, in context: it wanted Eidolon, and when it was done showing her that desire, it had him.

    The nonexistence of powers without combat application suggests that the entities want parahumans to fight. Given powers, Eidolon committed his whole life to using them to fight. He makes an excellent host.

    Eidolon is extremely powerful, but there’s consistent evidence of something being wrong with his powers- he needs booster shots, he smells off. The powers he has are enormous and extraordinary, but they don’t compare to the powers he was supposed to have.

    Mvba vf qvfthfgrq ol uvz orpnhfr ur unq gur cbgragvny gb or fbzrguvat yvxr Mvba, ohg vafgrnq ur’f fbzrguvat fvtavsvpnagyl yrff. N snvyrq nggrzcg, snyyvat ncneg ba vgf bja, pbagvahnyyl orvat fuberq hc negvsvpvnyyl. Gur Hapnaal Inyyrl irefvba.

  38. Echidna come on such a missed opportunity I was hoping for Bulimia Beast. An eating disorder Endbringer makes sense now though.

  39. «Her vomit caught Genesis, who was presently a charging bull with a jellyfish-like tentacles trailing behind her. » that’s not the way to use “presently” — try “currently”; “a tentacles” is singular/plural mismatch.

  40. I’m rereading some of Worm… was there an intentional thematic allusion to The Three Musketeers in this chapter, or am I just seeing patterns where there are none? “As all…” “For one…” The first words of the following two paragraphs could be read as a very loose completion of the phrase.

    It’s probably a stretch, but sometimes authors have fun with concealed references and this would be far from the most obscure, or obscured, I’ve seen. 😄

  41. This is maybe my fourth or fifth read through of Worm, and it’s only now that I put together that the girl with the eating disorder wanted to drink only half of the formula, and that doing so is what messed her up so bad. Man, can’t believe I didn’t see that before.

  42. I’m unclear why Eidolon keeps getting held up as the second most powerful entity on the planet. He’s never once been effective in combat. It was Legend and Alexandria who actually damaged Leviathan, and in every single scene we see Eidolon he’s doing backup tasks, similar to Myrddin. The author keeps TELLING us that Eidolon’s stupid-powerful, and yet I have a hard time believing it because it’s never been shown in the story.

    That said, as for Echidna: someone call the waaaambulance. I’m just aching for this whole plotline to end. The Leviathan and Slaughterhouse series were fun, but this one’s interminable, mostly because I can’t stand any of the Travelers.

    I *am*, however, glad that the Undersiders finally lost a fight in convincing fashion. No tricks, no schemes, just a beatdown. It’s about time! 🙂 If only something that could go wrong would actually go right, just once or twice, this would be improving fast.

    • Worth noting that Eidolon’s current plot arc is that he *isn’t* as strong as he used to be. He used to be the second most powerful on the planet – now he’s not, and he’s trying to hide it

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