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Anonymous [Old Message]: Hi. I think we talked a few times a while ago and I wanted to ask something
Anonymous [Old Message]: I’m not sure if I’m DMing the right person or if I got punctuation wrong.  Last time we talked was was years ago when you did the photoshoot.
Anonymous [Old Message]: I feel really lost.  I have questions but I don’t know who to ask.  I thought of you and I hope I’m not bothering you or getting the wrong person. I really need some advice or perspective
Anonymous [Old Message]: I sent message anonymously so if I’m wrong or if I’m bothering you you can refuse

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: That’s me.  I barely remember the photoshoot. That was a busy time for me.
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: Sorry for late reply.  I had work to do for coming semester. If you need advice I can try to give it- I will say that I keep putting myself in a position to give advice and I may not be the best person to give it.
Point_Me_@_The_Sky:  Can you make a regular account and message me?  I keep getting notifications because you’re anonymous

♦  Private Messages from FlippinMad

FlippinMad: Hi.

Point_Me_@_The_Sky:  Hi.  How can I help?

FlippinMad: Thank you
FlippinMad: I’ve been thinking about things for a long time and I’ve been digging for info and answers and trying to put it all together.  Is hard because people don’t want to talk about things and a lot of people don’t want to talk to me in particular.  People get upset

Point_Me_@_The_Sky:  The world ended.  It’s kind of upsetting

FlippinMad: I know. I know
FlippinMad: you were there?

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: We were all there toward the end.  Very few exceptions.

FlippinMad: thousands of capes were there and nobody wants to talk about the specifics

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: The answer will come out in time.  It may already be out there in places.  Communication is limited.  Pockets of humanity are spread out and the people who have a say in info getting from city A to city B are probably wanting to keep things peaceful for now.  Gov’t or what we have that passes for gov’t, PHO and the 12ish other online bodies…
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: they control info.  But they can’t stop word of mouth.  Not easily.  We will hear the full story one day.  I don’t know if it will be a good day but we will hear it.

FlippinMad: Ok
FlippinMad: I’m stressing about it so I’m not sure if I can wait
FlippinMad: Can I ask questions and you can decide if you want to say or not?

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: you can ask.  I can’t promise any answers.

FlippinMad: Thank you
FlippinMad: Did you know Skitter?  Weaver I guess

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: I didn’t know her.  Not really
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: We crossed paths.

FlippinMad: She’s one of the people I ask people about and they get mad or defensive.  Or they tell me they have something to do and never get back to me

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: Yep.

FlippinMad: Why?

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: Short answer: I can’t/won’t say

FlippinMad: Okay

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: Longer answer: I don’t know how things unfolded, but I think people fall into types and categories. I don’t know enough to say one way or the other but I think she was looking for something.

FlippinMad: I don’t know if I understand

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: You’ve seen the video stuff?
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: She hurt someone you know?

FlippinMad: I tried to find everything I could get. I’ve seen the cell phone movie from the cafeteria.  I saw a few.  not just the big one that was on the news.  Then I went back to find other news and footage. Then I followed along
FlippinMad: Her joining the heroes and later with her talking to schoolkids but there wasn’t much good video with that second one.  I saw the movie of her in New Delhi and I saw her on TV here and there.
FlippinMad: She hurt people I care about I guess. That’s not why I’m asking

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: I’ve seen the same.  I saw her as the novice warlord
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: She hurt an awful lot of people.  A crazy lot.
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: She killed one of our best heroes
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: She also joined the Levi fight.  She apparently helped against the S9.  She joined the Wards
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: It’s hard to reconcile

FlippinMad: That’s my problem
FlippinMad: I want to figure it out but there are gaps

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: I don’t have the answers for you.  I can only theorize
Point_Me_@_The_Sky:  I read a thread on PHO a few days ago and it made me think.  I said I think she’s someone who was looking hard for an answer. I think she was wounded and lost and for this reason & probably because of other factors she did a lot of damage while looking.  The people she was with.  Things being primed for everything to fall down.  Timing or bad luck.  Personality.

FlippinMad: Wounded

Point_Me_@_The_Sky:  I’m looking at my history and I’m having trouble finding the thread
Point_Me_@_The_Sky:  there are people who are searching I think and there are people who just are.  I think both can be good and both can be toxic.  Some people are searching because of something that pushed them.  A lot of capes just are.  Some are doing the pushing, instead.  And there’s all sorts of types.
Point_Me_@_The_Sky:  I don’t know her nearly well enough to say which she was but I don’t think she stood still.  Or when she did stand still it was because she was on a precipice, looking for a push or for something to push.  But again I don’t know her.
Point_Me_@_The_Sky:  You would have to explain more about what you want to know for me to give you any more of an answer

FlippinMad: I pushed her

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: You pushed her?

FlippinMad: I really hope you don’t block me or ignore me
FlippinMad: I’ll try to explain but give me a moment.
FlippinMad: Do you remember me?  We met a few times but I think the only time we had a conversation was before the Vice-Versa photoshoot.  There were six of us who were around the same age and the designers were taking a while.

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: I remember that.  A bunch of non-capes from around the city, dressed up as capes, some of us local capes in fancy dress.  Skitter wasn’t a part of that, obviously.

FlippinMad: Yeah.  I’m starting back at the beginning
FlippinMad: They picked top athletes, valedictorians, bunch of others.
FlippinMad: You were hanging out with us.  Shadow Stalker and the rest of us were joking around.

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: I remember now.  Emma?

FlippinMad: Her friend.  I’m the short one.  It was her biggest shoot ever and she was super psyched.  I tagged along.  We were joking around and you were laughing with us and the staff were running around freaking out and trying to do last minute costume changes
FlippinMad: You were in fancy clothes and you had one of those masks on a stick, and Clockblocker was nearby complaining about having to hold his mask up until Ageis (sp?) got some ribbon and tied it to his head for him, which made the hairdresser freak out

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: Aegis
They catered those nonalcoholic soda cocktails with layered colors.  We drank them like they were water
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: and the one woman’s eyes bugged out when she saw what the bill was.  I felt so sorry for her.
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: We gave the staff so much grief.

FlippinMad: But that was part of the fun
FlippinMad: Yeah.  It was like a dream, hanging out with heroes and cool people.  Everyone was so fancy, including my friend.  It was the one time in my life where I felt like I was one of the teens in one of those overly polished scenes in a teen movie where everyone looks so perfect
FlippinMad: I was really really hoping that they were going to just pull me in as an extra
FlippinMad: Because one of the kids they’d invited had backed out.
FlippinMad: But it didn’t look like it was going to happen and I was having enough fun that I didn’t mind too much.  I said things and people laughed at it.  And everything was great until then

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: I said something didn’t I?

FlippinMad: You called us a bunch of bitches

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: That was it.

FlippinMad: You said ‘This was such a nice night and you c-words had to spoil it by being disgusting.  Come on.’
FlippinMad: and then you walked away and most of the heroes and heroines went with you or whatever.  Leaving just me and Emma and a couple of others.
FlippinMad: They 100% went into…
FlippinMad: I don’t know what you call it.  Defense mode.  They wanted to bring things back to center.  Normalize.  They were saying things like “what’s bugging her?  We weren’t saying anything that bad”
FlippinMad: And I was sitting there being quiet and I remember thinking they were wrong.  we were kind of being bitches and we were kind of going too far when ragging on people who weren’t there.

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: The disabled girl I think.  We were having to wait because they were having to adjust her costume to work around her back brace.

FlippinMad: Yeah.
FlippinMad: We said something loud enough for her to hear from the other end of the room and you spoke up and then you went to go hang with her instead
FlippinMad: The night didn’t seem as magical after all that.  I was really bothered.

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: I barely remember beyond that.  I did the photoshoot and we tried to cheer the girl up.  It was mostly great and I saw Emma a few times after that and there were no problems but we weren’t friendly

FlippinMad: It was the first time in my life I stopped and took stock and asked myself “am I a good person?”

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: To an extent you get a pass.  To an extent.  We were 13-20 I think.  You were closer to 13 than 20.  Teenagers are shitty and most teenagers make a couple of mistakes.  Not excusing it.  It sucked as a thing.  But teenagers being asshats mitigates it

FlippinMad: No
FlippinMad: I was really fucking shitty.
FlippinMad: I think its worse because I had this wake up call and I asked myself if I was a good person
FlippinMad: Except I never got around to answering that question.  I kept putting it off and feeling shitty about it
FlippinMad: We kept being bitches.  And then a couple months after that we put Taylor in the hospital.  Skitter.  I don’t know if she had powers then but if she did then I don’t know why she didn’t murder us all

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: You’re the bullies that pushed her over the edge

FlippinMad: Me and Emma and our friend Sophia and Julia and a few others.  But we were the main three or four

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: I feel dumb not connecting those dots before.  Preoccupied atm and I was preoccupied then.  Fuck me.  Emma was one of them?  They kept your names out of the media

FlippinMad: Word still got out.
FlippinMad: So this is where I am because I almost feel responsible?  Or I don’t know if I’m responsible
FlippinMad: But we pushed her
FlippinMad: And after that she joined bad guys and robbed a bank
FlippinMad: And then somewhere after that the empire got upset at her and her group and called them out before attacking the city and RIGHT after that the Endbringer attacked.
FlippinMad: There were all these theories about why it attacked Brockton Bay and the big two were that there was a holy grail or something?  I didn’t follow that one.  They said it might have to do with why people wanted to control the city?

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: A target.  Something that would make the city valuable.  Or someone.  Endbringers have gone after specific people before

FlippinMad: Ok.  I don’t know.  The other one was that the city saw so much fighting in a short time.  Taylor was a part of that and I’m part of what pushed her out there
FlippinMad: I know I sound narcissistic and shit but…

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: Are you gonna finish that sentence?

FlippinMad: I don’t know.  I feel responsible
FlippinMad: I was pretty much there at the beginning and I pushed her and…
FlippinMad: it feels like I was at the top of a hill and I pushed a rock down it and it rolled down out of sight
FlippinMad: and then this rockslide starts further down the hill and wipes out a town and kills this really important person and a whole bunch of other horrible things.
FlippinMad: …and I go looking and my rock is lying there in the devastation.  Nobody’s saying what happened.  her wiki page is gone and people get annoyed or upset when I ask.  I want to know what happened when I couldn’t see.  Every non-answer I get makes it worse

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: She was her own person.  She made her own decisions along the line.

FlippinMad: I know that

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: You don’t own her.  You don’t own every decision she made or the whole fallout

FlippinMad: I know.  But I didn’t help matters.

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: No.  You definitely own some of it.

FlippinMad: And you can’t tell me what happened.

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: I can’t & won’t.  But I guess I can say this.
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: With the evidence we have we know she did some good things.  She did some bad things.  She did some incredibly controversial things.  She was more vicious and ruthless than she needed to be maybe.

FlippinMad: Am I responsible for that extra viciousness and ruthlessness?

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: Can’t say.  Neither can you. But it probably didn’t fill her with smiles and joy did it?

FlippinMad: I spat on her once.  It was Emma who really got to her and Sophia who went out of her way to hurt her.  I was…
FlippinMad: I put her backpack in the toilet once.  Books, notebooks and all.  The water was clear but it was still the toilet and yeah.  I put glue on her desk and juice on her seat and I stood by when the others were doing the worst stuff.

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: Fucking why?

FlippinMad: I don’t know. I never really stopped to think about it.  My friend was a model and my other friend was a top athlete.  Maybe I wanted to keep up.  I told myself it was prank tier stuff but at the same time
FlippinMad: I’m saying this because this is like I’m confessing but like…
FlippinMad: Some time between when that photoshoot happened and when we put her in the hospital we were talking.  Emma Sophia Julia and I.  We figured we were falling into a pattern and we kept knocking her down when she picked herself up too much.
FlippinMad: and I had this moment where I saw she was really low and I spat on her.  I remember the look on her face
FlippinMad: what the hell was wrong with me?  I didn’t wake up to what I was doing until I got fucking caught which is just so doubly shitty.  My parents found out when we all got called to school and that was the last time I interacted with Taylor.  Moved away with Leviathan.
FlippinMad: I fucking spat on her face

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: Stop now please

FlippinMad: ok

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: Ok.
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: If you kept going I would’ve closed this and left you to it.  Now I’m going to try to give you your answer here.  Ok?
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: Even though you probably don’t deserve it.

FlippinMad: Yeah

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: Draw your own conclusions.  Look at who she was and extrapolate.  She did good she did bad.  As time passed yes the bad things might have faded some but the controversial stuff she did might have gotten worse.  Extrapolate.

FlippinMad: You’re saying that’s what happened?  At the end.  She did some good and she did some bad but she did something super controversial?

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: I am saying *nothing*.  I am suggesting that if you are wondering what happened when you couldn’t see then you can make some educated guesses.
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: She killed people.  She hurt people.  She may have played a part in a war over the city.  She threatened innocents with bugs and choked more than one person to death or nearly to death by shoving spiders and centipedes down their throats.  She killed Alexandria at a time when we needed Alexandria most. 
She consorted with rapists terrorists and monsters.
And because it eneds to be said yes she became a hero.  That counts for something maybe.  Maybe she had to.  Maybe not.
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: She was there at the end and whatever she did, nobody will speak of it, at least for now.  Fill in the blank
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: Now she’s gone and you’re still here.

FlippinMad: Gone?
FlippinMad: she retired?  Or she’s dead?  Gone gone?

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: She is *gone*.
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: But listen to me.  because you made the choices and you carried on when you could’ve stopped and you spat on her and I’m not ignoring that.  I’ve been holding back so I can get to it now.

FlippinMad: I’m listening

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: She was all of those things and she might have still been a better person than you

FlippinMad: …

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: Feel shitty?  Good.  Is it weighing on you or eating at you or making you wonder?  Fucking good.  That’s the way it should be.
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: Carry it.  Own it.  Make allowances for the fact that you were a teenager but don’t you dare excuse it or ignore it
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: If owning it means you assume the worst case scenario?  that you pushed her and she took action and that line of action ended in the end of the world being uglier than they needed to be?  Fine.  Make do.
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: Maybe things would be better.  Maybe they would be worse.  Maybe someone else would have taken the same role.  Maybe we would all be dead.  You might not ever get a clean answer and that might be her justice against you

FlippinMad: Yeah

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: All this I’m saying?  I feel like I can say it because I have my own regrets and misdeeds.  I’m trying to own them just like I’m telling you to.  I didn’t fucking spit on a girl when she was already having a bad day or make fun of a disabled girl on what should’ve been one of the top ten days of her life but I could probably make a priest’s jaw drop if I were the type to visit a confessional
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: I’m not giving you advice I wouldn’t take myself
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: Carry it.  Take it with you and use it as motivation to make things better.  We need a fucking lot of that motivation.

FlippinMad: I’m training to be a teacher

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: Then I hope 10x as much that you own this and learn from it

FlippinMad: Yeah
FlippinMad: Thats kind of the plan.  I want to anyway but the school turned me down.

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: Anything else?

FlippinMad: When do I get to put this behind me?  When do I get forgiven or get to forgive myself?

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: You’re asking me?  Never.
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: I don’t believe in forgive & forget.  Not for the things I’ve done.  not for what others have done to people I care about.  Not for what’s been done to me.
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: The moment we forget is the moment we allow those wrongs to be done again.
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: Forgiveness is the easy way out.  Less to carry.

FlippinMad: That doesn’t seem fair

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: Villains outnumbered the heroes.  Now heroes outnumber villains.  Allegedly.  People lost everything and they didn’t deserve to.  Some people get powers and some don’t.  Things are the furthest thing from fair.
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: Maybe it’s not fair that she’s gone and you’re here.
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: Maybe you will get the answer about what happened and you’ll feel better and that’ll be unfair because you shouldn’t.
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: Maybe the opposite is true and no good answer will come out and she’ll be forgotten without tombstone or anything else.
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: I expect we’ll get the answer and it’ll be an unhappy compromise between the two

FlippinMad: It doesn’t seem fair to yourself I mean

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: I’ll handle me.  You handle you.  You focus on making sure no girl you teach gets spat on, short girl from the photoshoot.
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: It’s easy enough to keep something moving once it’s already moving, but getting it going in the first place is hard.  That’s the thing about second chances and fresh starts.  It’s a (re)start.  You gotta get things moving all over again, the second time around.
Point_Me_@_The_Sky: Let’s try to make sure things are moving in the right direction.  Alright?  Deal?

FlippinMad: Alright.
FlippinMad: Not quite the response I expected

Point_Me_@_The_Sky: I had the impression it’s the response you were asking for

FlippinMad: You might be right.
FlippinMad: Thanks

FlippinMad has left the conversation

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    Aimed for a dual-release but tech guy said it might’ve been unstable. I won’t mind having the extra time to get the little things ready.

    • Turns out my reddit post was not just a tinfoil theory but the actual plan at some point! Cannot wait for Saturday and congrats on making an excellent prelude.

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  2. So, Point_Me is now REALLLLLY likely to be Glory Girl, right? Would’ve been hanging around Gallant and thus would have been part of the Wards meet & greet?

    “Not for the things I’ve done. not for what others have done to people I care about. Not for what’s been done to me.”


      • I don’t know. Glory girl is still a shapeless lump of flesh is she not? It makes sense she would need someone to point her at the sky. That’s what her user name sounds like. A request: [Please] Point_Me_@_The_Sky [because I can no longer do it myself].

        • Maybe not.
          From Speck 30.7:

          > I watched the individual members of the swarm touch ground. The girl with healing powers had been placed deliberately next to a living pool of flesh with multiple heads of golden hair. The healer’s hands were covering her face, but she didn’t step away.

          > Her hands slowly lowered, and she laid her eyes on the monster, which was actively, ineffectually reaching out for her.

        • Glory Girl is ok. Amy/Panacea healed her after Scion died.
          From the last chapter before the epilogue:
          “The girl with healing powers had been placed deliberately next to a living pool of flesh with multiple heads of golden hair. The healer’s hands were covering her face, but she didn’t step away. Her hands slowly lowered, and she laid her eyes on the monster, which was actively, ineffectually reaching out for her.”

          • Yeah, I remember that bit, but i wasn’t convinced it was clear indication that Amy was healing/going to heal her. I interpreted it as Amy and Victoria reconciling with each other and starting to come to terms with what Amy had done (turned Victoria/GG into a “living pool of flesh with multiple heads”) and the more recent horrors they would both of had from being enslaved by Khepri. There’s no specific indication of healing IMHO.

            Also wondering if Point_Me_@_The_Sky is a reference to the early Pink Floyd song btw, with the lyric that completes the user name being “Point me at the sky and let it fly”. See here for the lyrics:

            The lyrics are melancholy and seem like they might reflect the mindset of someone trapped in a “flesh pool” who is not happy with life.

            Maybe Victoria has developed a new appreciation for music given she’s now trapped and has limited ability to enjoy the normal things of life (much like Weld was an audiophile as he also couldn’t enjoy the normal things in life).

              • Well with Riley’s help, I think Amy possibly could fix GG at least some now. Still there are only five people alive who would have been at that photo shoot, assuming it was joint Wards/New Wave. Vicky, Amy, Vista, Laserdream, and Shadow Stalker. It sure as hell wasn’t Shadow Stalker, I doubt it was Vicky, Amy also seems improbible. Vista seemed okay with the Wardens. Most signifigantly she’s got a line through Bitch and Imp to TT, which massively affects the whole thing with TT as a possible antagonist. That does leave Laserdream, though I wasn’t sure if she survived the Scion fight.

            • I think they’d probably have fixed Glory Girl at some point. It was never impossible, it’s just that Amy couldn’t deal with it emotionally. After a few years in the Birdcage and the end of the world, she might be ready for another try. It’s not like she can get worse. Reform her into a roughly human shape, and tone down the obsessions she gave her last time. Riley could probably do it too, with some prep time.

              She might never be back to the way she was, but everyone’s so traumatized anyway it’ll hardly be noticeable. There’s almost certainly a couple Slaughterhouse clones still running around, and those guys are barely human.

              • And again, Riley is around, and wanting to get what redemption she can. Between the two of them, with a little supervision, I think they could at least get Glory Girl back to the right number of torsos apendeges, holes, etc.

      • I thoroughly recommend Atonement and Intrepid, both by Cerulean. Atonement is essentially protag Madison after they killed Taylor trying to atone for that, whereas Intrepid is joint protagonist between Madison, Emma, Taylor and Sophia after Taylor triggers with a power that leaves her in the psyche ward.

        Ironically, in Intrepid, Madison joins the Brockton Bay Brigade and is friends with Crystal.

        • I’m reminded of Incredible Hulk #300. Hulks in a smart stage, with Banner and Hulk’s minds merged at the time. So he kidnaps the spy who didn’t cancel the Gamma Bomb test, causing the Hulk to exist. He drugs the guy, and basically points out how he’s responsible for all the death and destruction the Hulk ever caused. Then the guy starts laughing. Because the hulk has *also* stopped a lot of monsters who were far worse than him, and saved the world. So if he is to blame for all the bad things the Hulk did, isn’t he also to thank for all the good things? Then the guy goes crazy trying to determine if he’s saved or damned.

  3. Holy shit, will Madison be our protag? I kind of hoped for someone more separated from Taylor, but it should be interesting. Also, I feel reasonably confident at this point that Point is Laserdream and that GlitzGlam is Glory Girl, given that Point is confirmed to a Brockton Bay cape. People are saying that GG couldn’t have recovered that fast from her post-Panacea state but I wouldn’t be surprised if Panacea erased the memories of Panacea/GG’s life at the asylum to help her recover more quickly – it feels like the kind of thing she would do.

    Very extremely excited for finding out the name of Parahumans 2 on Saturday (or maybe Thursday???), and it was great to finally see some acknowledgement of Taylor. Almost cathartic, really. Good way to end the prologue Arc, WB.

  4. New commenter here.
    We hardly had any info on Julia in Worm 1. Probably because Taylor didn’t see her as one of her main bullies. It makes sense for Madison to have a more “Madison-centric” view of who had the larger roles in the bullying.

    Point@ is almost certainly confirmed as a member of New Wave, due to the fact that they’re from Brockton. Could be Vista, but I feel like that’s unlikely since she has been mentioned in previous Glow-Worm chapters. My money is on Crystal (like everyone else’s was), but the line “Not for what’s been done to me.” makes me think of how Amy royally fucked up Vicky. The fact that the wording is TO me is a sign that whatever happened was done by one person. Crystal’s family died in Levi and Gold Morn, but I don’t think she’d be viewing these deaths by the hands of forces of nature things done to her. No, this slight was directed only at Point@. I’m interested in seeing a “repaired” Glory Girl, who can’t forgive Amy for turning her into a gay sarcophagus.

    Excellent work as always, Wimbledon. I’m excited for Worm 2 (or whatever it’s called) to finally get a first chapter later this week~

    • Wow. I just want to say I had the exact same thought process that you had. And you expressed it much better than I ever could.

    • Ah, but Taylor was controlling all the capes – including Crystal’s mom. So in a way, it was like, Taylor was the one who killed her?

    • (Seeing as some people have apparently missed these and I haven’t been doing them in the bridge like this…)

      So, you think you can just come in at the end of commentary here, eh? Like the caboose on one big human centipede. Well you’re not getting off that easy, regardless of gender and the presence of a gay sarcophagus. Which, by the way, is quite a few sarcophagi. A LOT of those things had men inside them. Those pharaohs got around quite a bit in the afterlife. Not to mention the embalmed cats. Wacky Egyptian royals just getting mounds of pussy in the afterlife. I think it’s because their gods were all furries.

      Not that I have anything against furries, but the artwork websites do follow a certain NSFW trend. I think Giger would be proud of their use of his xenomorphs, though.

      Now, back to the topic at hand: as a new member of our illustrious human centipede of commentary, you’re gonna see some shit around here. Best to start preparing yourself accordingly.

      And welcome to the comments section.

      • Thank you pg, I missed these when I read pact. Glad to see you’ve returned for worm two at least. Didn’t read twig yet to know if you were there or not. Lol

        • I think I had a few right near the beginning of Twig, but I never stuck with it.

          I’m back. Wherever darkness covers the land, I’ll be there. Whenever someone cries out for help, I’ll be there. When a little old lady screams that someone’s stealing her purse, I’ll be there.

          After all, I’m the one stealing the purse.

  5. Point_Me_@_The_Sky: And because it eneds to be said yes she became a hero. That counts for something maybe. Maybe she had to. Maybe not.

    Is that typo on purpose or not? I can see it both ways, honestly.

    • That one feels like normal “my fingers are crossing their streams”-typo, which is kinda common.

      I’m wondering if that weird cutoff in

      Point_Me_@_The_Sky: She also joined the Levi fight. She apparently helped against the S9. She joined
      Point_Me_@_The_Sky: It’s hard to reconcile

      is intended, though. @ should be able to type that last event… or it’s another layer of foreshadowing.

    • I’ve been fascinated by the topic of redemption for years now. And no, speculators, read nothing into that of my own moral alignment. I just think it’s interesting, and find myself agreeing with Pointer up there as far as forgiveness. You don’t “know” you’re forgiven. Kind of a situation where if you decide you’re forgiven, that almost certainly means you haven’t redeemed yourself.

      • Sometimes there’s no way to forgive. They can try atoning all they want, sometimes it’s just impossible to give back something equal to what they first took, much less repair what they broke.
        I guess those who can forgive find a way to negate their loss. Which is fine, really.

        I really appreciate this part, both for Madison’s feelings and (likely-)Crystal’s answer.

        • There was a bit on the Generation Why podcast, episode Jane Doe January, where a victim discussed people saying she should forgive the person who raped her, and she kept asking them if that meant they thought he shouldn’t serve time in jail. It was interesting, because I get the sense most people mean some sort of shallow “pretend you’re fine with it,” forgiveness instead of exploring the consequences of it.

  6. Well, Madison is not someone I was ever expecting to hear from again. And it sounds like Point@ is a ward, but Vista doesn’t have that kind of guilt. Neither does Laserdream. So that’s out. Maybe Glory Girl? But I’m not sure she feels guilt either. Then again, she refers to “what was done to her”. Or him. It could be Triumph, if he didn’t die. But that’s pretty much the entire list of possibilities at this point. If I had to guess between all of them, I’d guess Triumph. I feel like Glory Girl wouldn’t have that strong of an adverse reaction to bullying, and Vista and Laserdream don’t socially lead groups in a way that would allow them to decide to unilaterally isolate Emma and her group. Then again, if Point@ ran into Emma on other occasions, it’s more likely she’s new wave. So most likely Glory Girl, given that.

    • Madison says:
      >They were saying things like “what’s bugging her? We weren’t saying anything that bad”
      The way I read it “her” is referring to Point, the cape who walked away, so she couldn’t be Triumph.

  7. So, PointMeAtTheSky’s identity is limited to Brockton Bay at this point. Given female pronouns, heroine identity and current list of the living- identity can only be between Vista, Laserdream. GloryGirl or Panacea- but I hesitate to suggest Panacea as likely, and given the close relationship between Glitzglam and PointMe its probably Laserdream or Victoria. Interesting that PointMe doesn’t make the connection with Madison that she works for/in high schools.
    Lingering question- who was the girl with the back brace? Especially in a town where Panacea was active and the girl had an in with the heroes?

  8. I found it hard to follow a lot of what Point Me was saying about Taylor. It felt like she said a lot but most of it didn’t make much sense. Though I suppose it is realistic in how people talk when they don’t want to say anything.

  9. >Point_Me_@_The_Sky: She is *gone*.

    I feel like that line was aimed at the readership just as much as Madison …

    • Or, you know, the strict denial of the fact that “she saved us all and then vanished into a portal” which is what most heroes know is hella vague as to whether she’s alive or not.

      Makes sense, right?

      • I had this funny thought of some veteran capes of the GM, living with a dreadful idea in the back of their heads, afraid of the possibility of Khepri returning one day to steal everyone’s minds.

        • Probably quite a few capes. She was always incredibly scary, even before she killed Scion. Wherever they think she is, they’re probably hoping she stays there.

      • Actually, would most capes even know anything? The ones who know the truth are Contessa, TT and dinah sorta. Riley or panacea depending on who did the surgery afterwards. Contessa could’ve easily passed Taylor to Aleph discreetly and do any of those sound like someone who would spill the beans?
        Most capes probably just know “she’s not here anymore”. Gone

        • Contessa could have done the surgery afterwards and she probably did. Her powers make complex tasks like surgery absurdly simple.

        • Am I the only one around here who thinks that Contessa did the surgery on-screen? Two shots to the head, coupled with her power should be enough to do the job, right?

      • I once heard a rather angry and funny man giving a diatribe about a hypothetical situation. What if you someone made an AI that was so incredibly smart and advanced, it could know everything going on in the world and perfectly predict the future. And it was given absolute power to make judgments over the whole world, to the extent it could decide people needed to die for the greater good. It might even be you, person reading the hypothetical, and you could hardly object because this thing would know for sure, absolutely, that it is the best way to do things for the good of everyone.

        The question is, would you allow that thing to have that power?

        In this case, instead of an AI, make it a bullied girl who, as far as you know, is a conniving and vicious serial killer who has taken over a city before. She doesn’t have such absolute knowledge, but what she does have is the ability to enslave your body so that it does what she wants, even if that means using you as a sacrificial pawn in a battle against a being that can wipe you out with hardly a thought.

        Then imagine most of the psychiatrists were either killed or forced into menial labor immediately afterward.

      • Contessa: yeah I shot her in the head.
        everyone: ah.
        Dinah: (…0.553903% chance I ever meet Taylor again… can’t see if that includes clones…)
        Contessa’s power @ Tattletale’s power: (she’s alive, but)
        Tattletale: as the person with the best chance of telling if you’re lying, I am so angry at you for killing my friend

        • Though it’s pretty clear that Tattletale was twisting the knife and guilting Dinah there at the end. Which is why even if Taylor is alive Lisa is never, ever letting Dinah learn this.

  10. Interesting. Good chapter, on of the best of this bridgelude.

    Nice to see that people like Madison are redeemable, even if it needs a big event like the wohle thing with Taylor/Skitter/Weaver. Hopefully she stays on her way and if she becomes finally a teacher, that she not becomes like Gladly and others from Winslow.

    Wether Madison is part of the story proper or not, I enjoyed this chapter, a good look on somone who was not a good person but now tries to be better.

    > “Point_Me_@_The_Sky: To an extent you get a pass. To an extent. We were 13-20 I think. You were closer to 13 than 20.”
    Sounds so as that Point_Me is closer to 20. So, realy Laserdream/Crystal? She was ca 18 before the timeskip (Taylor describes her as “the eighteen year old Laserdream” in Extermination 8.5 (first sentence)).

    Whoever our protaginist would be (multi-perspective maybe?), I am really excited for the new story.

    • She feels guilty. Reedemable is not yet decided. A person can feel plenty guilty and think that, since no one is going to forgive them anyway, just to plunge further into it as a means of survival. You’ve shot the deputy, might as well shoot the sheriff, too.

    • The “we” could easily have been referring to everyone there, in which case Gallant was around 20. Not concrete enough to base speculation on imo.

  11. Excellent! It’s interesting how people know Taylor was involved in the end of the world but don’t know what she did. I kept wanting to jump in and defend my favourite bug person but like, they’re kind of right to hate her to an extent.

  12. I guess this is going to explain why Skitter can be so significant to the setting and the times, yet not get talked about all the time. Interesting that they’re going the extra step to unperson her.

    Seems like Contessa isn’t going around assassinating people, but Dragon is censoring the multinet.

  13. This is almost exactly how I imagine Madison changed after everything that happened. I’m torn on whether or not I hope she’s a recurring or main member of the cast going forward.

    Looking forward to finding out who Point is. I’m on the New Wave bandwagon as far as guessing goes. I think it’s either Glory Girl or Laserdream.

    That “you c-words ruined this night” thing sounds like Victoria. I hope it’s her.

  14. “I didn’t fucking spit on a girl when she was already having a bad day or make fun of a disabled girl on what should’ve been one of the top ten days of her life but I could probably make a priest’s jaw drop if I were the type to visit a confessional”

    On the one hand, I feel like I’ve beaten up enough on priests. On the other hand, there are a lot of dead and molested kids who might feel otherwise. It’s like I owe it to them to keep on beating a dead horse like nuns at a Magdalene asylum beating their dead patients. Our Lady of Charity apparently felt the best donation to give was a dead body to their mass grave. Which brings us back to the fact that I would think shocking a priest at confession would be much harder than Pointer seems to think. She’d tell it to the priest and he’d be like,

    “…Is that all? I thought you said you did something wrong.”

    “But that dog, Father…”

    “He lived, didn’t he? I gave soldiers the go ahead in Argentina to drug political prisoners and throw their shackled asses off a plane into a river to die. You’re lucky you didn’t get Father Harris; that asshole used to burn crosses with the KKK. Stop wasting my time and come back in here when you’ve killed someone, eaten their head, and then fucked the neck hole.”

  15. Ah man, this is already “fixing” stuff from Worm. Madison never got enough attention IMO, and some fanfiction has focused on her a lot. Hopefully this will put that trend to a rest.

    Some people are saying she’ll be the protagonist, but I disagree. I don’t think plans to be a teacher would be brought up if she was a cape, and I think some hints would have emerged during the conversation that she was.

    I think every chapter has focused on an aspect of the new world, and this one focused on Taylor, or I guess how people in the new world are dealing with her. Madison is only here because of Taylor, not because she’s going to play any part in Worm 2, IMO. I’d be happy to be proven wrong, though.

  16. One of my favorite parts of Madison closing out this pre sequel is that, for anyone that still remembers, Madison is the first peer to be mentioned in Worm. Right after Mr.Gladly, Madison gets mentioned, and one of the things that bugged me is how little we see of her after. I’d be happy if we see more of her in Worm2.

  17. If Point_Me_@_The_Sky is Amelia, then her attending college would mean less time spent healing people. That might be a reason for her to be rejected.

    • I was thinking that because Amelia was a female cape in Brockton Bay whose deeds would make a priest’s jaw drop, but in hindsight she probably did get some jaws dropped when she confessed what she did and requested to be birdcaged. Plus, the name fits Laserdream better.

  18. This was a really interesting chapter; it’s a great show of what’s been happening and how people are effected by recent and not so recent events.

    I’m curious to see how much of the truth becomes known to people since the lack of it was probably one of the major causes of incidents pre-Golden Morning.

  19. I started reading Worm nearly a year ago. I read through the whole thing in a few weeks. Pact took a week. I’m still kind of pushing through Twig with its weaker pacing and it’s stronger character focus, but I’ve read tons of Worm fics, and now I’ve read Glow Worm. This is exciting. This is new, and I’m looking forward to commenting along with everyone else real time. I hope I like the new protagonist. This wasn’t an issue coming into new worlds before, but this time I know Worm, there are characters that I feel a connection to, that feel familiar to me that are on the line. I have high hopes but they could be crushed. Cheers

  20. “She was all of those things and she might have still been a better person than you”

    Fucking BRUTAL I love it omg. Been waiting for this kind of confrontation/discussion for a while now, and boy is it gooooood

  21. So Madison got told. Perhaps she’ll grow into a better person, determined to never let her students make the same mistake she did. Or perhaps not.

    But come on people, Taylor totes saved your ass, and it’s not like Alexandria was a great person there at the end. Taylor should have at least one several hundred foot tall statue of her as Taylor, Skitter, Weaver, and of course Kephri! Possibly shouting “Remember me!”

    • I still maintain that there is no way Khepri doesn’t come out of this without at least one religion dedicated to her. Hell, the bit where no one has any idea what happened to her post-GM makes it even better!

      • Yeah I was going to say, I want my cult of Kephri damn it! I don’t want all Taylor did, the good and the bad swept under the rug. The credit for the good, the blame for the bad, those deserve to be out there.

        And while I’m 99% sure Wildbow is not bringing Taylor back, simply put Taylor was too important to gloss over, at least for us readers. We will be speculating about it non stop. There will be a sub-Genre of Worm fanfictions all about Taylor returning for the sequel. It will happen.

        Granted I probably would have gone with skipping ahead at least a hundred years to make Taylor a moot point, since she’d be dead of old age anyways…

        • …but that might just create the “Taylor was put in stasis for centuries and wakes up just in time for Worm 2” subgenre!

  22. Wow, that was an impressive chapter.

    There are a lot things to say, but most of them already have been said. I guess now we can only wait for Worm 2 to begin.

  23. I realize this may not be answerable due to spoilers and the fact that Work 2 hasn’t been written yet, but should I recommend Worm 2 to someone who is interested in following a new web serial but doesn’t have time to go back and read Worm right now?

  24. “She also joined the Levi fight. She apparently helped against the S9. She joined”
    The incomplete sentence makes me think it was censored.
    The “thread [she] read a few days ago” seems like it was Mangled_Wing’s post about villains at rest, etc.

  25. never commented here before, but curious, how many people think taylor is alive? I read worm’s ending as her pretty clearly being dead or braindead, in fact I’d go as far as to say the ending doesn’t work if she’s alive but apparently it looks like the majority of people think she was surgery’d and thrown in a portal? Did I read this completely wrong?

      • I was under the impression that it was a coma or dream sort of deal, considering Danny was in it, and he explicitly dies in story? Like Taylor has this whole freak out about it, if I recall

        • According to Wildbow, the intention was to be ambiguous whether or not those events did happen or if Taylor was indeed in a comatose state somewhere in one of the parallel realities. However, not many people picked up on that without having Wildbow explicitly pointing that out to them. Kudos for being one of the few that actually did on your own.

        • I definitely can’t remember that, unless you’re speaking about the time she *thought* he died?

          (God, I really need markup)

          • Yeah, he never ‘explicitly’ died, she just assumed he was dead because, well, Brockton Bay, and checking would be too painful.

            • Maybe this is just me, but I kind of don’t think the story works if Taylor gets to live? A theme throughout Worm is that actions have consequences, and that no one is invincible. Taylor gave up her humanity in order to save the day, and she did save the day. For her to survive in a happily ever after universe with her dad and alternate mom…. it kind of sours the narrative for me. It just feels like something out of another book, imo. Does that make sense? It really feels like the narrative suffers if Taylor gets to live

              • That’s one way to look at it, certainly. But Worm has several themes in it, so there’s multiple ways to look at things. I mean you go with consequences have actions, Taylor at the end is better off than 99% of humanity who aren’t on largely untouched earth’s cleaning up the mess. You go with her being dead or comatose, well there’s the saying “Dying is easy. Livings hard”, meaning again she’s not dealing with the mess.

                As for happily ever after… Well Taylor herself states she’s not sure if it’s a punishment or a reward. She’s stuck in a posistion where she’ll never, ever be able to make a difference again, and for her that’s going to be hard (more on that below). As she points out, her life is functionally OVER. She’s gone from one of the most important capes in the world, who saved it, to a one handed high school dropout doomed to anonimity. Assuming she’s actually alive of course.

                Finally there’s kinda the two driving things for Taylor’s character. One is her need to have control after all the bullying. The whole thing that leads her to not be able to trust authority figures to actually do the right thing or be competent. That gives her the need to be involved. The other was her suicidal tendencies. Now Taylor has no choice but to step down, to let things go. And she’s lost the Undersiders, those friends who were so important to her. She’s got a lot of regrets. Taylor had a great response to the “But it worked, so you’d do it all over again right?” bit. No, I’d do it better if I had to do it all over again. And then finally there’s her last lines. She’s thinking that maybe she can learn to be okay. And I think that’s the single biggest thing for Taylor’s whole journey. Learning to be okay.

              • Defiant? Of running a kingdom with his now fully unshackled AI Wife last we saw.

                And let’s not forget Contessa as part of Cauldron did a lot of horrible shit. And she’s getting to live in the end. And then we’ve got Teacher “I’ll screw everyone over to show how smart I am!” still being a thing there at the end. Maybe the moral of Worm was “Life isn’t fair.

        • Comas or dream chapters always feel like a cop out to me. Kind of like Super mario 2’s ending it’s just kinda cheap…

          Also, if its a coma, isn’t there a few people who can surely heal her (since her brain ain’t that damaged, her thinking process is fine in the “dream”).

          The two realistic options I see are either she’s kept “on the ice” by TT and contessa in some coma just in case she’s needed in the future… Likely if the whole removing a power is not possible (perhaps it was a bluff by cauldron to their clients).

          Or it some kind of purgatory…


          Not a fan of that option…

          • Also Taylor being in purgatory means the afterlife is real, and that raises a whole ‘nother can of worms and questions for the setting.

    • For me, the reveal that Danny survived was more importan than Taylor’s survival/health. But if Danny survived and is in Earth-א, so must Taylor. So, I’m one of the people who say that they both survived, are at Aleph, and are safely (safely for the rest of the multiverse, that is) cut off from the rest of the story.

      As for Danny’s death, Taylor does freak out about it, because she realizes that the rest of the gang is hiding a death of someone important from her. The same ending has Tattletale say that it was Brian, though. (Or is that part of the ending also part of the coma dream? I’m not sure how it’s supposed to be according to that theory.)

      Also, giving Taylor the powerectomy and not killing her, but locking her and her father in the world without the powers fits Contessa, in my opinion. She did some ruthless things, but her interlude tells us that it did weigh on her conscience.

      • I’m…. not entirely sure Contessa has the ability to give someone a powerectomy of that sort? Ok yes, PtV tells her exactly the steps she needs to take to do literally anything. But it doesn’t mean she’s incapable of making mistakes? Assuming she was performing BRAIN SURGERY in a world that literally just ended, are we to believe she has the ability to do that, even if she has the knowledge? There’s more to surgery than just knowledge, there’s muscle memory, skill, etc.

        Also, it doesn’t allow her to do impossible things. Panacea fucked up Taylor so bad that she lost the ability to read, write, talk, or even understand ANY behavior that wasn’t aggression, near the end. Are we to believe that unlocking her shard did all that, and that it was reparable damage? The whole point of how tragic the ending arc is that Taylor is broken, she is broken in a way that gives her the ability to save everyone else, but she is absolutely Broken. Even if Bonesaw (Or Contessa, with the help of PtV guiding her) remove the part of her brain that uses powers, are we given any indication that doing so would magically restore Taylor’s mental faculties, and ability to speak, etc? It seems super far fetched.

        The whole idea that Taylor was somehow depowered (really, this honestly feels so far fetched in my opinion) and shoved into an alternate reality and gives to live happy ever after after the events of the final arc… it just feels so out of touch, like from a completely different story. That’s my two cents, at least.

        • I got the impression that at the end, it was her passenger talking instead of her (in the last parts, it actually refers to Taylor as the passenger) – it seems like what Contessa did was blast away the part of the brain that connected to the passenger so that Taylor was able to regain control.

        • I know exactly what you mean. Brandon Sanderson: Mistborn spoilers ahead, if you didn’t read it and plan to, DO NOT read ahead.

          When Mistborn ended with the death of the main protagonists, there were a lot of posts about why was their death necessary, they of all people deserved to live in the world after the series, etc. My opinion was, however, that this new world didn’t need them. The series was also in many ways about action and reaction – that if you wanted to have an effect on the world, you needed to be prepared to have an effect had on yourself by the world.

          The lesson of Worm, however, seems different. Worm to me seems to be about how, if you want a happy ending, you really need to work for it – Über or Leet (I don’t remember which) come to mind – an amazing power, no work put in: an inglorious end. The other lesson seems to also vindicate Taylor above all other characters: That mankind needs to work together, and if they do, they can achieve even the impossible. Of course, I’m not the world’s best literary analyst – far from it – but to me, her survival doesn’t seem quite as jarring, as Vin’s would from Mistborn.

          As for the technical possibility of what Contessa did (in my opinion), well, the way I see her power, is that it shows HER path to victory. It never required her to run 6000 miles in half an hour, for example, it only shows actions that Contessa can physically undertake, or it shows the route which helps her acquire the ability to do so. I’m under the opinion that if it is possible at all (granted, this isn’t proven), than Contessa could feasibly do it. And why would she possibly need two shots to kill Taylor, anyway?

          However, even though my headcanon still has Taylor as living on locked-away Earth-Aleph, I don’t want to “convert” you over to this opinion. I fully expect Taylor to have NO effect whatsoever on the entirety of Worm 2 (except by way of her legacy, of course). I only wished to show how I arrived at my conclusions.

          And, as always, don’t take it as any more than my own, entirely uneducated guess.

          • Contessa’s ability to do this is actually referenced during interlude 12.5 of Worm:

            “For leaks, our usual procedure is to discredit the individual in question and deploy our in-house division of parahumans to drive them into hiding, remove their powers or both.”

            I didn’t catch that until I reread Worm, but IMO it pretty strongly supports the hypothesis that Contessa did take away Taylor’s powers and left her alive.

        • >There’s more to surgery than just knowledge, there’s muscle memory, skill, etc.

          Not to put too fine a point on it, but the same applies to combat. It even applies to non-surgical firearm usage. Contessa would presumably train at least some relevant skills on general principles, and that’s ignoring the role of her passenger. Remember how Taylor’s shard had her move a certain way in combat, unconsciously, using a technique she never learned or thought up?

          Also, most of what you say about Taylor’s brain at the end actually contradicts what we see just before the epilogues. Yes, she still couldn’t speak English, but even if you decide her conversation with Contessa was a dream it still shows her thinking coherently in a Taylor-like way.

        • I don’t think Contessa IS actually capable of making mistakes when she uses her power, regardless of her familiarity with a field. She describes her power to Taylor like this during the Behemoth fight:

          “What I mean is that I can see the paths to victory. I can carry them out without fail.”

          The second sentence seems to cover this. She doesn’t just see what she has to do, she can follow all of those steps perfectly. There are (I think) potentially relevant limits—if the surgery required more strength or physical endurance than she has, I don’t think she’d see a path allowing her to do it herself. I imagine knowing that she will be able to act perfectly with each movement would allow her to perform surgery much more quickly and less stressfully than any normal surgeon. I don’t see her lack of muscle memory, etc., as an issue.

          Of course, that doesn’t answer the question as to whether there actually was a path for Contessa to follow to remove Taylor’s powers this way.

        • But in fact that is the one thing we can count on. Contessa doesn’t make mistakes. Her timing is perfect because her secondary power is the precise timing to follow her precise instructions. Yeah, her power sometimes says it’s not possible, but that just means Contessa doesn’t try to do the impossible thing.

          Whatever happened to Taylor after she got shot, it is what Contessa wanted to happen when she pulled the trigger.

    • I just don’t want the ending to be “oh it’s actually a dying dream/dying coma.” Like, sure, it’s only the one chapter, but it’d still be just the worst.

  26. I’m happy that FlippinMadison felt something about what she did. Someone had to stand there and look at things from there. A lost part of the picture.
    Which, by the way, leaves Emma with the opportunity to be found, too, one day… Although we would not have learned much, if she does not break into pieces and gather back.

    >Point_Me_@_The_Sky: It’s easy enough to keep something moving once it’s already moving, but getting it going in the first place is hard. That’s the thing about second chances and fresh starts. It’s a (re)start. You gotta get things moving all over again, the second time around.
    Point_Me_@_The_Sky: Let’s try to make sure things are moving in the right direction. Alright? Deal?

    And here things go now? Part two?
    We must keep taking carry about this… We must let h… stuff go…
    We should be somewhere between the two.
    Worm is an unhappy compromise every time, is not it? Deal with this. Yeeah, that easy. *sniff-sniff*

      • “No one has seen the body.” Of course in the Worm this is totaly not an argument…
        But for all the simplicity of the denouement, there is incompleteness in this. Yes, this story is not about karmic lessons, correction and awareness of mistakes (maybe). However, this too simply happened.
        “Emma stayed at home, Scion came, she’s dead, the family blames Taylor” – it’s almost like Teacher himself will fall into the elevator shaft in an accident. *Really* fall into shaft and *really* in an accident.
        Yes, such things happen to the best of us. Yes, there is no more suitable guy for that. But… But there will not be an important piece that will turn this into a story!
        If someone is important, you can not just take it and lose it between pages. It’s like the law of conservation. Even the most stupid and ridiculous death of an important character will have cost, clarification or consequences. Emma definitely still had some reserve of words and / or plot on her account.

  27. So I feel this needs it’s own string to start. Let’s do the crazy theories people no doubt have in universe as to what happened to Taylor. I mean even if the general public doesn’t know about it, every single cape knows what “Kephri” means. And I’m amazed no one’s talked yet, honestly.

    “Kephri? Yeah Taylor Hebert, I heard the Wardens have her on ice. I mean like littirally they froze her. She’s their goddamn doomsday device, their nuclear detterent. Shit gets bad enough for them, the new Triumverate thaws her out as one big FUCK YOU to everyone.”

    • Nah man, she’s the new sleeper. You really think he subsumed a world? Nah, he died during the fight and the Warden’ s are using him to hide the fact that Khepri took over a planet.

    • What are y’all talking about? It’s pretty obvious that Khepri never even existed. Those damn capes got mad at Scion for not joining any group and not taking any sort of responsibility, and just decided to go and off him! Even though all he did was help people! What did they *think* would happen?!

    • Khepri is the reason so many people believe the moon landings really happened, man! I’m telling you, it can only be the result of mass mind control, I have some very credible sources on MeTube who back up this theory.

    • God, you people just can’t accept reality. It’s *obvious* that Khepri was the code-name of a secret CIA experiment in mind-control. Something went wrong, Scion freaked out, and then everyone had to clean up all the mess. It’s simple!

    • Khepri was the codename for a project being run by a splinter faction in the CUI, trying to make a hybrid clone of the SImurgh. When GM happened, the splinter group saw an opportunity to use their experiment. Why do you think “she” emerged at the same time as the Yangban were destroyed?

    • Yeah, I know Khepri. She’s the one who controlled Oswald into killing JFK, then made Jack Ruby shoot Oswald to cover her tracks. It was thanks to her that Nixon learned to value bugging things.

  28. Hey, Madison.

    Point_Me_@_The_Sky gave you good advice. Especially the part about not seeking forgiveness. Redemption isn’t about being cleared of guilt for your misdeeds, it’s about becoming the kind of person who pushes the other direction.

      • Poetic as that is, it is dead wrong. Redemption isn’t always accepted by everyone, but it’s by no means rare – it’s basically universal, in fact – and it’s available to everyone. (It can be very costly and very, very difficult. But it is available, and in my opinion it’s worth it.)

        As to why this is so important to me, it’s a religious thing with strong mortal rationale: if we hold grudges instead of evaluating objectively, we’re missing opportunities and fostering enmity. Teaching universal access to repentance and redemption helps.

  29. Holy… Wow, I did not expect Taylor to get mentioned at all. This feels like the perfect way to wrap up the arc, can’t wait to see what kind of team we’ll meet soon.

  30. Never been a regular commenter, and I’ve been absent for most of Twig. Still, I am glad that I have the chance to read Worm 2 as it is written. This prologue arc was pretty sweet, and I felt like each chapter got progressively better than the last one. Great job Wildbow.

    Nonetheless, I have to say that this last chapter, even though it was good and enjoyable, it still felt to me lik… fan service. I mean, it is entirely plausible for Madison to be struck by strong feelings of remorse, but to me, it felt like this interaction of her with a cape was a little forced. I don’t know if it makes that much narrative sense for it to happen, even for a prologue. I wonder if anyone else also felt the same way?

  31. Well, people thinking about the protagonist… I think it is PRETTY CLEAR that the protag is someone from this new group, and somehow they seem to be a… Rag-tag bunch? It’s strange, all fo them seems to have one or other mental problem… After the end of the world, comprehensible, but still part of it. Anyway, my guess be set on stone before the first chapter in here: Point is the protag! Hurrah! \o/

  32. It’s nice to see that people are talking about Taylor. Not many people will know what she did, but some will. That counts for something. Also, it’s nice to see how Madison regrets what she did. Finally, was Julia ever mentioned in Worm 1? Or was she just Browbeat’d?

  33. Read Worm over the course of a month or so. That WAS my media for that time. Made a ‘website’ just so I could read and possibly comment on the developments in Worm 2. This is exciting to the point of anxiety. I dread the lulls involved with chapter output but am willing to read as it comes out rather than read it all once it’s finished. Here we go!!

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